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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Hercules, 125:hand, of fear and terror. Higher and higher still he climbed. And then he met a friend. Upon theHercules, 126:on, and one by one the stars came out, and still the boar outdistanced him. Hercules pondered onHercules, 126:of the boar. And hour by hour went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near. Out from itsHercules, 127:of true balance hath been learnt. A lesson still remains. At the ninth Gate again, the centaur mustHercules, 142:off the hydra's one immortal head and buried it, still fiercely hissing, beneath a rock. Returning,Hercules, 142:The use of the fire, in the preliminary effort, still keeps that symbol in the picture. While sex,Hercules, 144:the concentrated energy which creates a problem still remains, purified, redirected, and increasedHercules, 144:to be redirected and transmuted. Men today are still striving to achieve what Hercules succeeded inHercules, 145:love of comfort, luxury and outer possessions still grows apace. The pursuit of money as an endHercules, 147:No matter how much a person may have, he still avidly craves more. A crippling effect of this formHercules, 150:energy of cruelty into that of active compassion still remains. In two tests Hercules "killed" whenHercules, 163:know it. But the three aspects of divinity are still there in the fluid; and they will work and theHercules, 167:and he may have triumphed in Scorpio, he still possesses an emotional nature, and he finds that theHercules, 175:one. The path of the initiate is more lonely still. The path of a world savior is the most lonelyHercules, 198:why Hercules spared the shepherd. The mind can still be the shepherd of the cattle but theHercules, 198:they were deprived of any power. The shepherd still had power and I can conceive of no time inInitiation, 18:personality and the Ego, and on higher levels still, with the Monad. The whole evolution of theInitiation, 22:adept becomes something more. He enters into a still higher consciousness than that of the group,Initiation, 30:years ago, was stupendous, and its effects are still being felt. Those effects might be enumeratedInitiation, 32:Brotherhood. This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on. TheyInitiation, 34:door is called the Portal of Initiation, and still remains open upon the same terms as laid down byInitiation, 35:this for the helping of humanity. The struggle still persists, and the World War through which weInitiation, 37:certain crises which have occurred, and which still affect events in the present time. In dealingInitiation, 58:he was the Comte de St. Germain, and earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, FrancisInitiation, 88:the Christ stand! But when the initiate has made still further progress, and has taken twoInitiation, 92:it is possible to take in this solar system, a still higher type of energy in expression of the oneInitiation, 96:by us, then we shall aid in the stimulation of still another group of planetary Egos; we shallInitiation, 99:forms the Heart center (for God is Love) of a still greater Entity. The consummation of all forInitiation, 102:above is true in connection with the work, it is still more true in connection with the initiateInitiation, 103:one to tread, and the Path of Initiation harder still; an initiate is but a battlescarred warrior,Initiation, 108:enumeration is needless. Sanat Kumara is still the Hierophant, yet in a [109] very esoteric mannerInitiation, 116:fourth initiation the initiate stands before a still greater revelation, and learns the secret ofInitiation, 116:other two, inasmuch as through the power of a still more exalted Hierophant than the Bodhisattva,Initiation, 118:the Monad, is brought (via his "Father") into a still vaster recognition, and becomes aware of thatInitiation, 123:the fifth Initiation the vision brings to him a still more extended outlook and a third planetaryInitiation, 123:for the sixth Initiation, which admits him to still higher conclaves. He becomes a participant inInitiation, 123:Logos is involved in the plans and purposes of a still greater Existence, and that the solar systemInitiation, 136:of being built into a form and utilized by a still higher aspect of existence. Similarly, in theInitiation, 152:or Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. This sound is still going forth; the interplay and interblending ofInitiation, 189:The remaining two can only be touched upon still more briefly, for they hold but a very few of theInitiation, 191:the Logos, forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos. [192] Initiation, 194:intervening space between it and the portal; to still the restless waters of the emotional life, soInitiation, 194:of the emotional life, so that in their limpid, still expanse, that portal may be reflected, andIntellect, 11:into which he cannot look. He cannot stand still. He must go forward, and the vast educational,Intellect, 16:and neurotics may be equally true; but there still remains a residue of testimony and a sufficientIntellect, 24:formerly did. The pioneering individual has still as much difficulty in making himself felt in theIntellect, 39:means whereby the rounded out human being can be still further developed, and led forth into a newIntellect, 39:and holding within itself again the seeds of still greater unfoldment. Intellect, 79:of awareness which we call that of the mind. Still another group, much fewer in number, are passingIntellect, 97:first makes His presence felt through the "still small voice" of conscience, prompting us to higherIntellect, 97:Each of us is a Word made flesh. Later still, we call it the awakened intuition. The student ofIntellect, 134:it contains more of meditation, because it still makes use of reasoning; ...because having acquiredIntellect, 137:lower or personal self is entirely quiescent and still, whilst the true spiritual Entity entersIntellect, 138:physical brain, via the mind. In contemplation a still higher stage is entered upon and we endeavorIntellect, 147:of development and can then be superseded by a still higher faculty, that of the intuition. WeIntellect, 155:visioning the door and passing through it. And still, throughout all this transcendental process,Intellect, 168:in persons but little advanced in the Way, and still full of selfhood; either by the force of aIntellect, 173:for Him And thus to spread the fire on further still." Then we shall have evidenced the final stageIntellect, 178:at its origin and its cause. More deeply seated still can be found the feeling, suffering,Intellect, 205:and [205] always will be, not something that has still to be achieved, or is to follow, forIntellect, 211:turn is controlled by the mind, and is rendered still and untroubled, and, therefore, presents noIntellect, 219:The cross-legged attitude [219] has been, and still is, much used in the Orient, and many booksIntellect, 225:the "lifeline" of other schools of thought. Still others prefer to preserve the thought of aIntellect, 231:chosen by well-meaning beginners) as "be still, and know that I am God," can be safely carried intoIntellect, 231:letter. "I believe that such meditations as 'be still and know I am God,' if strenuously indulgedIntellect, 232:our own concepts in our own way. But the "Be still" attitude is not for us. We inhibit other mentalIntellect, 245:nothing has since been heard of them. The world still awaits them. Of their sincerity there isIntellect, 260:living and yet have aspects of his nature still uncontrolled. The energy that pours in duringMagic, 27:conditions dealt with in that book there follows still another expansion when the spirit aspect,Magic, 27:awareness into something more synthetic still, and gradually develops the consciousness of theMagic, 34:but the solution of the problem of life itself still eludes the wisest, and until the understandingMagic, 68:at a certain position cases arise where choice still remains in which neither common sense norMagic, 69:and not with petty personal affairs. If you are still a man centered in the personality, recognizeMagic, 119:- Rule Three - Principles and Personalities c. Still higher principles are those comprehended byMagic, 133:has an astral body that is clear, uncolored and still, he who also has a physical body with steadyMagic, 145:turned together, and later separated, but still the life moved on. "Mankind, hiding the Son of God,Magic, 145:are but one, God in his Fatherhood is known. Yet still that lighted life moved on to a dread pointMagic, 166:in view of transferring his consciousness higher still, into the wider and inclusive awareness ofMagic, 167:the physical apparatus. Now through the use of a still higher faculty, which is a characteristic ofMagic, 169:then used in the three worlds by those who are still tied by the Law of Rebirth to those worlds.Magic, 174:heart." [174] There is a later stage of a still closer identification, where there is a blending ofMagic, 200:too psychic. A third is primarily physical, and still another is too mystical. One man isMagic, 224:of the world Arjuna, and the outcome is still in the balance. Let this not be forgotten. There isMagic, 249:"midway spot" in early Atlantean times, and is still the midway point in the transmutationMagic, 263:body to fulfil the desire of the astral. Higher still may be the form of his devotion, - love ofMagic, 275:solar Logoi. Bringing the analogy down closer still, the human kingdom itself is an analogous stateMagic, 288:world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: "I still persist!" Second Ray: - Let all the life beMagic, 294:whole which in its turn is incorporated into a still vaster vehicle, is the meeting ground ofMagic, 306:which he deplores and thus renders himself still more inadequate to the task. It is a viciousMagic, 312:planets which are to be seen by the initiate, still revolving around our sun, but which areMagic, 312:astral emanations. In ancient days they were still more potent, being closer to our earth than now;Magic, 319:and for them I speak. Another method is still more advanced and is utilized by the initiate.Magic, 345:times. Later just once will suffice, and later still the whole process may be needless, for youMagic, 346:Here again a definite method must be followed: Still the physical body. Quiet by temporaryMagic, 347:whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up, if possible, with theMagic, 354:by the blue and rose. Back of them stand the still more advanced - the aspirants, probationers andMagic, 355:the ability to face what the light reveals and still go his way with serenity, sure of the ultimateMagic, 362:and personal, and recognizing any karma that still may cling, touches the center or centers whichMagic, 366:developed idealism, he must progress even deeper still, until he enters the realm of pureMagic, 368:the disciple who can bring the vision nearer still to humanity, and work it into existence on the
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