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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Magic, 375:the higher of the two aspects. Duality however, still persists, for the man is sometimes identifiedMagic, 376:higher realization, and bring into active use a still higher factor, - that of the intuition. InMagic, 377:old. 2. Only four of the original Instigators still remain with us. The work (impulsive andMagic, 382:and the mysteries of the Temple of Ibez are still persisting and are being carried on by theMagic, 383:multiplicity; certain main distinctions will still be found to exist. The will of the soul,Magic, 401:persisted for many generations and are still manifesting. Today we have a similar condition both inMagic, 403:contacts, and this again is a condition which still prevails. The chelas, then as now, possessedMagic, 403:singularly lacking. For that matter, they are still distressingly so. Telepathic sensivity isMagic, 403:of the various grades of hierarchical workers still greatly hinder the work. You might here ask andMagic, 408:French Revolution. The effects of their work are still [409] to be felt, for the modern humanisticMagic, 425:a method of work. Remember that such groups are still greatly needed and are useful. It is not yetMagic, 429:but the key or the secret of identification is still withheld. It lies in the custody of a few inMagic, 439:our earth which tend to complicate the problem still further. Pluto is one of them, and having nowMagic, 456:it is a state of consciousness far higher still. These formulas underlie a world of forms and mustMagic, 465:to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlier solar systems, than the one immediatelyMagic, 470:Not yet the entering into everlasting peace! But still the work, and still the lifting of theMagic, 470:into everlasting peace! But still the work, and still the lifting of the little ones. Here inMagic, 473:terms symbolic, others are necessarily blinds, still others express the truth just as it is. ViewMagic, 479:to that newer creative sound. Humanity was still swept entirely by longing and desire to such anMagic, 479:esoterically "into the waters". Desire for form still forces upon humanity the constant process ofMagic, 483:he free, he would be an adept. All aspirants are still selfish, still prone to temper and toMagic, 483:be an adept. All aspirants are still selfish, still prone to temper and to irritability, stillMagic, 483:still prone to temper and to irritability, still subject to depression and even at times to hatred.Magic, 483:he himself is not entirely harmless; there are still in him the seeds of trouble, for it is a lawMagic, 485:creation. The Master Jesus, for instance, has still to deal with the thought-forms which we callMagic, 485:has much to do. The Christ and the Buddha have still some consummating work to carry through,Magic, 485:principles. With the aspirant, however, who is still learning to think, the problem is different.Magic, 485:to think, the problem is different. He is still prone to use thought matter to embody his mistakenMagic, 485:mistaken apprehension of the real ideas; he is still apt to express his likes and dislikes throughMagic, 485:and dislikes through the power of thought; he is still inclined to use the mind stuff to makeMagic, 486:is built up, one that intervenes and protects. Still another type of thought-form comes forth, -Magic, 497:which conveys the life impulse or urge remains still anchored in the heart. There is life but noMagic, 498:qualified by mentality, leaving the life stream still functioning through the heart but noMagic, 512:fifth ray is passing out, but its influence can still be felt; the third ray is at full meridian,Magic, 514:years; others alter every nine or eleven years. Still others work under shorter cycles and haveMagic, 575:selfish desire. In spiritual man, the hands are still symbols of acquisitiveness but he only graspsMagic, 607:minds of those who have passed over and who are still in mind bodies, and thirdly to the group ofMagic, 616:to the beginner in the magical work. He is still perforce working on the astral plane and he cannotMagic, 616:in air, he maketh progress. All is distortion still. He knows he stands, but where to go and how toMagic, 624:know they have somewhat to contribute. They are still, however, so full of what is calledMeditation, 7:to the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignment may be progressed: - in the alignmentMeditation, 7:solar system with the system of Sirius lies a still more remote goal. It is a point far ahead inMeditation, 25:or Light can be seen slightly more enlarged, but still so small as to be inappreciable. But, if IMeditation, 29:of perfected maturity in the solar system. A still later period comes, corresponding to the agesMeditation, 39:of you now studying expand the consciousness still further, but it is all I can as yet impart, andMeditation, 44:Should scorn and despising be your lot, smile still, for only the look of commendation that comesMeditation, 62:stabilizing the emotional vehicle; and in a still louder tone the final time, acting then upon theMeditation, 69:the effects of meditation, color and sound. Still other groups will deal with child culture, withMeditation, 82:as long to shatter it, and to impose another and still higher rhythm. Growth is one long period ofMeditation, 84:carried on under the guidance of one who knows. Still, I will indicate certain things which, wiselyMeditation, 84:again, and with an effort of the will withdraw still further inwards and link up with the twelveMeditation, 112:attained great powers in Atlantean days they are still more dangerous now. Their control is muchMeditation, 125:itself in childhood and is difficult to cure. A still rarer cause of obsession is definitely theMeditation, 133:may be intellectual, and is consequently still more difficult to penetrate, for in this case theMeditation, 134:this always - brothers, erring and misguided yet still sons of the one Father though straying far,Meditation, 149:naturally [149] on the occult path yet he will still have to find the God within his own beingMeditation, 166:and for the complete vivification of the center. Still other mantrams act upon the hidden fire, butMeditation, 172:all that, he seeks to raise the consciousness still higher till he taps the source of illumination,Meditation, 178:individuals in civilized countries the art is still known and practiced. Secondly, the average man,Meditation, 179:of being naught but a channel, and who abides still within the secret place, can pass through theMeditation, 189:of mantrams connected with fire. There are still a few more which I might briefly enumerate.Meditation, 191:from the physical to the emotional, or still higher to one or other of the mental levels, theMeditation, 192:system. Equally so, it is possible to tap the still greater forces of light and good and to makeMeditation, 192:by a large body of persons. We might enumerate still further for the sake of clarity a fourthMeditation, 200:human race is the Wesak festival. There is one still greater moment in the calendar when a funnelMeditation, 204:in contact with the children's need is better still. One of those maxims I can here give anentMeditation, 220:relationship between blue, red, and violet lies still another mystery. The student, who, by usingMeditation, 223:will be but partially revealed, waiting for the still greater "Day be with us" to flash forth inMeditation, 258:Initiate, Who voiced the words I quote, added still other words of radiant truth: "Then shall weMeditation, 264:meditation does a Master of the Wisdom increase still further His knowledge. Not static is HisMeditation, 264:entire objective solar system. I could enumerate still other definitions, and further elucidate theMeditation, 264:be taken; each initiation achieved but reveals still higher ones to be mastered, and never comesMeditation, 271:shut off. But gradually he purifies himself still more, gradually he develops group consciousnessMeditation, 276:he is subjected to the application of a still higher vibration which - when held - will enable himMeditation, 279:of the Master, and though he may attend still the larger general classes in the Ashram (theMeditation, 291:and the recognition of His vibration. There are still three other ways (out of many, forget not)Meditation, 301:comes with His Masters the work will receive a still further impetus, and will gradually expand andMeditation, 332:body becomes the important unit, and later still comes the ultimate sacrifice of even that, untilMeditation, 337:so train the emotional body that it will become still and clear as a mirror, so that it may reflectMeditation, 338:should describe the emotional body? the words: still, serene, unruffled, quiet, at rest, limpid andMeditation, 340:but a blind leader of the blind. The ability to still the mental body so that thoughts fromMeditation, 346:body that it becomes devoid of color, has a still vibration, and is clear and white, limpid as aMeditation, 346:and is clear and white, limpid as a pool on a still summer's day. In fitting the mental body forPatanjali, 28:study the fish Avatar of Vishnu he will learn still more. The fish swimming in the waters ofPatanjali, 31:understand by the word, yet nevertheless it is still within the lower world of form and will bePatanjali, 31:with) the conditions governing men who are still attached to the world of form. Patanjali, 36:about: The physical brain becomes quiet and still, The mind stuff or the mental body, the chitta,Patanjali, 36:the various modifications and becomes equally still. This is one of the early stages of samadhi butPatanjali, 36:arising from those perceptions which are still more subjective. He becomes aware of a new field ofPatanjali, 37:of knowledge of which he has become aware. He is still confined to the three worlds. All that hePatanjali, 53:of a Mahatma, The Mahatmas are the disciples of still higher initiates, These in turn are thePatanjali, 60:He hears the sound (called sometimes the "still small Voice," or the "Voice of the Silence"), hePatanjali, 74:and the clue to why the adepts are as yet still studying this treatise on yoga. Their understandingPatanjali, 95:This correct [95] use involves the ability to "still the modifications of the mind," reduce thePatanjali, 96:interplay. Having discovered that, he penetrates still further inwards till he touches the cause,Patanjali, 102:practice, and when the mind stuff is utterly still. The Father in Heaven is known, as revealed byPatanjali, 105:translation. The mind stuff, being now perfectly still and the man being polarized in that factorPatanjali, 109:as part, even by the vision of a sage, has still an element of illusion, a thin psychical veil,Patanjali, 112:universe has ceased to be. Yet it existeth still for those who are not yet free. 23. ThePatanjali, 157:which he must eventually be liberated. [157] A still vaster thought is also involved: the
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