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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Psychology2, 443:same time a growing awareness of the need for a still higher or more inclusive fusion and thePsychology2, 470:divine and, therefore, essential. Because he is still in the dramatic center of his ownPsychology2, 470:the dramatic center of his own consciousness and still - even if unconsciously - full of [471]Psychology2, 478:life of mental attention and mental living is still so difficult to the vast majority, whyPsychology2, 500:etc., etc. of the waking [500] hours are still agitating the brain cells, but the recognition andPsychology2, 503:in the second category of dreams above) will still have some effect. This condition of mixedPsychology2, 525:conscious. As yet, however, his reactions are still selfishly motivated though - at the same time -Psychology2, 526:out development. It is only temporary, for still the mystic sleeps beneath the outer activity andPsychology2, 531:of human relations. But this whole subject is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is stillPsychology2, 531:is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is still imaginatively in his consciousness and isPsychology2, 543:- a union of which the marriage relation remains still the best symbol and illustration as thePsychology2, 543:and nationalities will testify, and which still preserves the consciousness of the two identities.Psychology2, 556:and part of the evolutionary urge. This it still remains, but the process can be hastened (andPsychology2, 557:He is, however, enveloped in and part of a still greater macrocosm, and of this greater Whole hePsychology2, 570:those who are constantly in his thoughts though still alive, and also a kaleidoscopic and changingPsychology2, 570:be of a very high order. Nevertheless they are still astral, for they concern happenings andPsychology2, 571:reflections on those levels of that Hierarchy (a still more potent group of thought forms) and havePsychology2, 583:to the personality of the medium is perhaps still more undesirable. So completely is the mediumPsychology2, 593:it has been in incarnation and how long it will still continue to "appear". The state of the pranicPsychology2, 596:their way into an esoteric or mystery school still holds good. All I can do - as I have done - isPsychology2, 606:safely proceed. The children of the race who are still Atlantean in consciousness will continuePsychology2, 606:and the beauty of that contribution will still be the heritage of the race. But the cycle of thePsychology2, 615:here to his integration in the group. People are still so insulated in their personalities thatPsychology2, 617:owing to the fact of voiced direction - it hurts still more the one who is criticized. Where therePsychology2, 630:High. There is only suffering, erring humanity, still half-awakened, dimly sensing the vision, andPsychology2, 658:up its tempo. They are thus preparing us for the still more revolutionary changes of the new age.Psychology2, 665:ambition and national and religious prejudices, still govern [666] their minds, their reactions andPsychology2, 686:these extra-planetary energies can pour, it still remains for the disciples of the world and forPsychology2, 701:essentially unchanged. The divine impulses are still there and the soul is but gathering itself forRays, 18:not to accepted disciples. They must and will still remain the character and purificatoryRays, 29:approach; and others have it but know it not; still others are well intentioned and hard drivingRays, 29:to work with them. But the group antahkarana is still incomplete and the aspect of pure reason andRays, 37:in terms of their real meaning. But that still remains an individual reaction. The aspirant who isRays, 45:humanity - remains untouched by the limitations, still existent, of the personal lower self. IntoRays, 63:with which that "substantial divine Reality" still awaits identification. It is this thought whichRays, 75:There will come to humanity at some moment still a long way ahead a period of realization,Rays, 95:distinction between groups and organizations is still very deep seated; the coming of the ChristRays, 102:the evidence of persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, a recognition of theRays, 102:to persist and the sense of continuity still rest, even to the most determined believer, uponRays, 109:therefore, that this could well bring about a still more dangerous situation, because a group wouldRays, 109:by group selfishness, which will be consequently still more potent in its evil dedication, focusRays, 110:techniques of will which would render their still selfish will effective. The main difficulty wouldRays, 117:and only God, the living One, be left." There is still another set of phrases dealing with thatRays, 118:and the future of the individual, so this still greater light reveals to the initiate a horizon soRays, 127:should be functioning in the Hall of Wisdom are still fanatically working in the Hall of KnowledgeRays, 127:working in the Hall of Knowledge and are still so earnest over the physical disciplines that theRays, 132:moves onward freed from all form yet subject still to limitations "within the circle of influenceRays, 132:that circle, that divine ring-pass-not. There is still the broad confining sweep of the purpose andRays, 145:and two world wars occurred, one of which is still raging (written October 1943). Paralleling thisRays, 146:down. The next two rules will reveal the issues still more clearly and will outline for you whenRays, 153:that it is only a part, a small fraction, of a still greater whole, within which he must also learnRays, 156:initiation and the third. Prior to that, he is still regarded as a potential hazard and asRays, 161:our planetary Life is Itself a center within a still greater Life, and is today one of the threeRays, 162:Council Chamber of the Lord of the World, and still others pass out of our planetary ring-pass-notRays, 167:of my words. The difficulty becomes still greater as we arrive at the study of Rule IX. It was ofRays, 168:and initiates, this will be found to be still more the case and the results are brought about by aRays, 174:proved his right to be initiated, the process is still a group proceeding; it is undergone in theRays, 177:relatively few and for Those Who can take even still higher initiations within the ring-pass-not ofRays, 185:this mass effect increased, but there was still but little thinking or direction connected with it;Rays, 194:moment of Their triumph. A fourth great rent still remains to be made as a result of the energiesRays, 198:darkness. For the initiate, this blindness is still more esoteric; there remains for him absolutelyRays, 198:prepared for initiation. It relates also to the still higher identification of the Christ withRays, 199:another area of darkness, veiling and hiding a still more supernal glory. The above paragraph isRays, 203:(such as the Buddha or the Christ) free for still higher and more important conditioningRays, 205:Church in all its many aspects in the world; a still smaller analogy can be seen in the influenceRays, 214:which distinguish the Hierarchy as a whole. Still another important factor in the group preparationRays, 214:inner banking up and will lead eventually to a still more violent display of words at a later date;Rays, 215:given free play within the group ring-pass-not; still others are of a more mundane nature andRays, 221:the Christ upon the Cross. Yet He died not, and still lives, and by His life are all souls saved.Rays, 229:power of Taurus, with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces. You have,Rays, 240:primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no less ofRays, 255:of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run. The remainder of thisRays, 259:in group formation and as part of a group, he is still centered in the personality. ThisRays, 259:of group reactions and aspirations, but he is still himself; he is still passing through a stage ofRays, 259:and aspirations, but he is still himself; he is still passing through a stage of inner adjustmentRays, 266:indeed attainment and liberation. But more must still be learnt if the Way of the Higher EvolutionRays, 267:refer to the three Buddhas of Activity Who still remain actively cooperating with the Lord of theRays, 283:penetrated into another cosmic level, but He is still within the aura of the One Life. Now theRays, 288:which we call the soul in form. Putting this in still another way, I might point out that theRays, 290:soul (not on His mind, but on His soul). He saw still further into the significance of divinityRays, 291:Word of many voices. Great is the confusion but still the listening must go on. Listening is theRays, 299:methods of making this fundamental truth still more apparent. You can here see why - as aRays, 300:unity and leading to expressed synthesis, is still absent. The vision of it is, however, upon theRays, 303:but know it not? They are myself and thou, and still they are myself and still are all I meet. ItRays, 303:myself and thou, and still they are myself and still are all I meet. It is the one in every formRays, 308:forth - their destruction is brought about from still higher sources than the three worlds in whichRays, 313:here referred to concerns something higher still - the Self-identification of the soul on its ownRays, 317:the initiate is animated by Purpose, but faces still greater evolutionary developments; of these IRays, 325:some final achievement which mankind faces; still others have accepted this teaching and have comeRays, 339:that the substance aspect of his nature may still be conditioned by the forces flowing through themRays, 345:in physical consciousness; the emphasis was still (during the training period) upon individualRays, 355:Church was committed to Him; that destiny still lies in His hands. But in the Gospel story, it isRays, 360:into cosmic levels of awareness with which he is still unfamiliar. Bear, therefore, continually inRays, 365:when the third initiation is taken, and still another is realized at the time of the seventhRays, 366:leading Life of our entire planet. He is to a still greater Being, the One referred to elsewhere asRays, 375:transfers it to the souls of men. There is still another point upon which I would like to touch.Rays, 385:initiations, the soul was present but was still only occasionally in control; constant failure inRays, 385:constant failure in the three worlds was still possible, and the relation between the man in theRays, 385:not in constant control; a great struggle is still being waged to achieve purification on all threeRays, 390:the Master earlier. The Masters and the still higher initiates, such as the Christ, can choose any
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