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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STILL

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Rays, 391:decision the Initiate may make; His ray, which still determines Him, His past activities as theyRays, 391:in the Master, but the will is embryonic still, from the [392] standpoint of Those responsible forRays, 392:unfoldment of the will nature of the Masters and still higher Initiates admits Them into His innerRays, 400:the human, for two reasons: Your unfoldment is still such that you do not and cannot yet include orRays, 401:is an integral part of the life expression of a still greater Entity, the solar Logos, and it isRays, 436:the personality, though leading in its turn to a still greater synthesis and higher integration.Rays, 437:to serve and help their fellowmen; they are still, however, surprised when told that the firstRays, 438:and time periods will show these aspects in a still more perfected form. But the relativity ofRays, 445:then to be trodden, leading to a second union of still further importance in that it leads toRays, 448:are now occupied with bringing about a still higher union, with that triple Reality which uses theRays, 455:by consciousness - a consciousness which still preserves identity whilst merged in the whole.Rays, 458:his consciousness into that of the soul, whilst still preserving the consciousness of theRays, 468:activity are firmly established - something still higher and more subtle must be erected on theRays, 471:as regards that greater Life which moves within still other and greater defined limits) - are bothRays, 481:can now consciously work. Here he finds himself still crucified, but on the Cardinal Cross. (SeeRays, 496:so, it is entirely your own affair, and you are still on your way. You are still a constructive andRays, 496:affair, and you are still on your way. You are still a constructive and useful person. I am simplyRays, 507:longer in the love nature. Activity and love are still present in full measure, but the focus ofRays, 509:the mind was held steady in the light. The mind still is held in this manner, but the mind (as theRays, 510:a Word of Power which serves to carry the light still further on and up. When correctly uttered,Rays, 514:ray) which makes appeal to that which is still more subjective; that is what in truth accomplishesRays, 514:is now brought about, resulting in a new and still more dynamic tension. In the completed silenceRays, 522:was His point of achievement, and whether He still had other possibilities. This was perhaps anRays, 523:the Way of the Higher Evolution, the fact of a still greater goal further on ahead - called by theRays, 526:faculty of man but Their work is still thereby remembered, and to this, monuments and traditionRays, 526:by the invocation of the early animal-men - is still more than just a name, even though He hasRays, 527:pass to the Second Initiation. The Buddha, a still greater Figure, the One Who is known as theRays, 537:Path on to the Path of Discipleship. But he is still, however, a long way from his goal, and a longRays, 539:the newly acquired knowledge to direct his steps still further. I am not here speaking in symbols.Rays, 541:which we call Initiations. There are necessarily still higher points of tension, but it is withRays, 549:energy units - held in coherent expression by a still stronger energy, that of integration - thatRays, 561:kingdom of God. In the coming race, which lies still far ahead and of which only initiates ofRays, 563:(through the initiatory process) confronted with still higher fusions, because initiation is aRays, 579:of men into great ideological mass expression, still selfishly expressed and impulsed as yet byRays, 593:and 2-4-6. I would have you remember with still greater emphasis the relation of rays II and V andRays, 610:the conflict are today greatly lessened (but are still present on a small scale in various parts ofRays, 610:is by no means over or yet resolved. It is still being violently waged by advanced human beingsRays, 610:It is essential that the issues become still clearer in the minds of men, prior to any final choiceRays, 611:has engulfed the masses in every land, which is still producing physical conflict, emotional strainRays, 612:needed adjustments. Even the evil forces which still remain active hide their greedy purposesRays, 613:Conflict. This Principle of Sharing, though still divorced from any official sanctions, is underRays, 617:of economics or of the social sciences, then still another locality may prove appropriate. TheRays, 621:central government, the two Axis Powers are still younger, and this has had a definite bearing onRays, 622:- what they should do, read and wear; this, to a still greater extent, is the crime of Russia. TheRays, 628:in the war. Any prospect of internal harmony is still far away but it will come. Forget not what IRays, 632:races - European and Asiatic - and the effort is still largely embryonic. In Russia a worldRays, 636:that they repudiated Him as the Messiah and are still doing so, [637] and of the interpretiveRays, 645:highest known divine quality (there are others still higher). In the word, Goodwill, the secretRays, 649:is coming is a civilization of a different yet still material nature, but animated by a growingRays, 656:ideas about these later initiations; they would still, however, be impossible of application andRays, 665:the light of the mind can be blended with the still greater light of the soul. They have (in pastRays, 671:completed and established. The line of light is still tenuous and unstable, but it is in existence.Rays, 672:the first initiation; the initiate-disciple still works in the dimly lit "cave of the spiritualRays, 677:the control of the astral body and nature; much still remains to be done; old desires, ancientRays, 677:astral reactions and habitual emotions are still powerful, but he has developed a new attitude toRays, 677:misinterpretation and emotional continuity still mean something specific and undesirable to him. HeRays, 678:same. The old physical attitudes and desires may still at times assume control; selfishness mayRays, 681:development of humanity. The world today still remains divided into people of evil intention andRays, 681:who seek to control national destinies. There is still emotional reaction to situations and theRays, 693:on Sirius, our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is still on the Fixed Cross; He mounted the MutableRays, 693:Cross in the first solar system; the Fixed Cross still holds Him in this solar system "fixed in HisRays, 706:living beings. He knows also that He Himself has still to make progress, to move forward, and thatRays, 711:planes of the three worlds. Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of all past events and knowsRays, 717:being attained, but the true objective remains still an obscure mystery - guarded rigidly in theRays, 729:three initiations demonstrate these points still more clearly and definitely, and the light inRays, 735:aid the initiate of the seventh degree; a still larger group of them participate in the activitiesRays, 742:because the plan of love and light and power still lacks positive and worldwide presentation. TheRays, 753:of France and, in our own day, has been opened still wider by evil men in every land. Remember thatRays, 757:Father. The possibility which He there expressed still remains distant, except in connection withRays, 760:events which I listed lie, as you know, still in the future. They are the closer approach of theRays, 763:the great Deva Lords. Hush all earth vibration, still the restless strivings, of lower mind, andReappearance, 8:which the masses of men must work and which still constitute an objective to the greatest minds ofReappearance, 9:the "ideal men" of the ages. Others, greater still, are permitted to be the custodians of someReappearance, 15:it lies nothing unique or different; those who still hold to the idea are regarded tolerantly, orReappearance, 26:the revelation was far greater than that. He saw still further into the meaning of divinity thanReappearance, 27:the initiate-consciousness of the Christ and of still lesser initiates) concerns the certainty ofReappearance, 36:of that life, lived two thousand years ago, is still with us and has lost none of its freshness; itReappearance, 36:and example. The love He demonstrated still holds the thinking world [37] in thrall, even thoughReappearance, 37:and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what is here written is understood andReappearance, 44:From there, it has been transmitted to those still higher spheres where the attention of the LordReappearance, 49:era of love. That expression of divine love is still in the [50] making; the world is not Yet fullReappearance, 55:test and fulfiled His task, He will pass to a still more exalted position in the Father's House orReappearance, 62:what other expressions of the divine nature may still later be revealed it is needless for us toReappearance, 76:began at the close of the world war and is still going on; it is responsible for the trend towardsReappearance, 87:but - in these words - He is referring to still higher states of unfoldment. Through theseReappearance, 90:energy) against all that was new. This, they are still doing. The progressive forces fight only forReappearance, 93:sway countries and shorter periods of time. They still have some consummating work to carryReappearance, 102:The problem of the Hierarchy has been (and still is) how much exact truth humanity can comprehend,Reappearance, 110:what they teach. The bulk of human beings are still too hungry, too devastated psychically, tooReappearance, 125:commercial greed, exploited the theme and are still doing so. [126] The total effect of all theseReappearance, 137:are distressingly true, but the fact still remains that human beings everywhere are searching forReappearance, 139:The same old forms of words and of ideas are still handed out to the enquirer and they do notReappearance, 140:this; unfortunately, these thinking people are still a small minority. Nevertheless, it is thisReappearance, 146:of the churchmen or has any desire to go there. Still less do they accept the "lake that burnethReappearance, 153:moving within the orbit of the Sun and the still greater circle of spiritual influences whichReappearance, 153:and the influences exerted but there is still speculation and much foolish claiming andReappearance, 154:set spiritual events, and the Hindu has still another list of holy days. In the future world, whenReappearance, 163:not of contrition; because the hearts of men are still corroded with [164] a selfishness which theReappearance, 168:self-care into the service of the Hierarchy. Still another alibi, leading to inertia, is the fearReappearance, 182:primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no loss of
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