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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULATE

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Astrology, 32:energies which play through, traverse, return, stimulate and energize every part of our solarAstrology, 64:the Hierarchy began its Approach in order to stimulate the forms of life upon our planet.Astrology, 202:to indicate the way of living process and to stimulate that divine curiosity and that sense ofAstrology, 297:Sun and its influences which affect the man, stimulate the bodily cells and sustain the formAstrology, 297:its energies through Neptune upon man. These stimulate and affect the heart, the throat and theAstrology, 306:Plan. Reflect on this definition, for it will stimulate you to understanding. The peculiarAstrology, 411:on to that which is old and of the past, or they stimulate and produce fluidity, enlargement andAstrology, 520:but its first and primary effect has been to stimulate the will-to-power and the will-to-have ofAstrology, 523:effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is to stimulate the will-to-power of all dictators, whetherBethlehem, 284:vitality and the quality of our service, stimulate all we meet so that they too can serve and loveDestiny, 98:effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is to stimulate the will-to-power of all dictators, whetherDestiny, 142:intensified application of these forces so as to stimulate even the "lowest of the sons of men."Destiny, 144:item of information might well be placed) can stimulate your imagination and widen your horizon;Discipleship1, 127:all disciples must inevitably suffer. t will stimulate your brain cells and swing into activityDiscipleship1, 161:and not for me, your Oriental brother. I can but stimulate your soul to clarity of perception, toDiscipleship1, 173:for development and teaching; we have also to stimulate those disciples, who are slow and cautiousDiscipleship1, 183:for initiation is laid for future use. Stimulate you to such an extent that the inner urge toDiscipleship1, 191:will work. Will you be mentally magnetic, and stimulate the mental bodies of those you serve, orDiscipleship1, 195:radiation, strengthen the group structure, and stimulate the group love. This is something I askDiscipleship1, 214:as an individual is not so much to teach as to stimulate. My blessing rests upon you. Discipleship1, 230:it is through the right use of the aura that we stimulate others to renewed effort, or slow themDiscipleship1, 239:you gather, will you remember that this will not stimulate your nervous body at this time but canDiscipleship1, 270:to world aid that you can make and to stimulate you, as a group, to avail yourselves of the worldDiscipleship1, 342:There are always those whom you can aid and stimulate and whose consciousness you can assist toDiscipleship1, 387:to a deep and vibrant rose. This will serve to stimulate the astral aura. This constitutes theDiscipleship1, 417:know and ascertain the best way to help him and stimulate him to renewed self-effort. He needs alsoDiscipleship1, 417:has to do in relation to his fellow men is to stimulate the light that is in them, leaving themDiscipleship1, 701:watch carefully to see that he does not unduly stimulate the disciples' vehicles through the veryDiscipleship1, 711:crisis or tension. The task of the Master is to stimulate the disciple to be at all times what heDiscipleship1, 729:dedicated. [729] The task of the Master is to stimulate as many as possible in his group to workDiscipleship1, 733:question which warrants his thought and then to stimulate his abstract mind so that he canDiscipleship2, XIII:given us we could not know which center to stimulate next nor how much. Moreover Djwhal Khul hasDiscipleship2, 113:you for your group meditation a form which will stimulate the heart into action, linking the heartDiscipleship2, 432:precipitation of energy in order to energize, stimulate and create that which is needed in anyDiscipleship2, 474:if, however, he seeks to aid spiritually and to stimulate divinely those whom he meets in his dailyDiscipleship2, 621:in ascertaining the situation in order to aid, stimulate and love with wisdom. These, my brother,Discipleship2, 760:for such an approach and an eagerness to stimulate "the process of absorption," as it is called.Externalisation, 18:the centers of force in the etheric body and stimulate into activity that mysterious stream ofExternalisation, 44:link and love which must heal and lift and stimulate all that it may contact. In the comingExternalisation, 108:unresponsive to it, though it might greatly stimulate and intensify the mental and more potent typeExternalisation, 113:forecast what mankind will do. It can and does stimulate to right action; it can and does indicateExternalisation, 126:to pour into the world. The objective was to stimulate the free will of the masses; the result uponExternalisation, 127:of this inflow of the will-to-power has been to stimulate a certain group of outstandingExternalisation, 146:who have used the Great Invocation has served to stimulate the selfish purposes of the forces ofExternalisation, 169:struggled alone to help and lift humanity and to stimulate the potency of the human planetaryExternalisation, 217:of their task now lies ahead, and that is so to stimulate the vision of men everywhere that -Externalisation, 232:till the dust and clamor of battle settle, to stimulate in men's minds the vision of a new worldExternalisation, 271:the purposes of the Rider from the secret place. Stimulate and integrate into the minds of certainExternalisation, 275:Love is expressed. The Lord of Civilization will stimulate and prepare the center which we callExternalisation, 299:in Them in an extra-planetary sense - could stimulate the deeply hidden and latent correspondingExternalisation, 349:comes this year, embodying the force which can stimulate men everywhere to focus their "massedExternalisation, 424:and the self-interest of man; just as good can stimulate the latent goodness in mankind intoExternalisation, 425:of good and the promulgation of evil. They stimulate the brains of men through the extent of theirExternalisation, 440:process of rebuilding. The will-to-love will stimulate the men of goodwill everywhere so thatExternalisation, 514:this strand passes the power to strengthen, to stimulate, to vivify and to bless, and this is theExternalisation, 644:of human being in the world. Its effect is to stimulate the tendency towards goodwill and toExternalisation, 647:of only secondary importance - will greatly stimulate the hearts and minds of men. It is the taskExternalisation, 649:on which Christ and His disciples labor. To stimulate the aspiration in the hearts of men so thatExternalisation, 697:of humanity. I have also done much to stimulate from latency to potency the instinctual goodwill ofFire, 82:for certain radiatory emanations, which vivify, stimulate and produce the rotary action of matter.Fire, 101:its system. We have dwelt on facts which might stimulate interest and emphasize the utility of thisFire, 413:flowing through three centers and beginning to stimulate a fourth, hence four globes are involvedFire, 490:in days to come will in every ease seek to stimulate the radioactivity of the element or atom withFire, 496:marvelous results within that kingdom, and to stimulate the activities of those devas who work withFire, 606:energizing power of Agni, and in His ability to stimulate. He is life itself, and the driving forceFire, 686:the forms prepared through their endeavor, and stimulate them into self-conscious life andFire, 719:animal men as in the previous round, but will stimulate the mental germ in those members of theFire, 829:certain processes of training in order to stimulate His centers. This fact is being taken advantageFire, 867:effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brainFire, 928:it. Uttered by an ordinary man it serves to stimulate the good within his bodies, to protect him,Fire, 1011:of directed energy currents He can help and stimulate His disciples or groups of men in any placeFire, 1037:made during the last quarter of each century to stimulate the evolution of men through a furtherFire, 1054:which affect its progress cyclically, and which stimulate it, or retard its activity according toFire, 1123:the nature of those they contact. They heal, stimulate and increase the vibration of their fellowGlamour, 61:when disciples meet together and thus stimulate each others' minds and centralize each others'Glamour, 249:and of his rising sign as it seeks to stimulate that personality into soul responsiveness, thusHealing, 7:Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the desired activity. ThisHealing, 7:to radiate, for the radiation of the soul will stimulate to activity the soul of the one to beHealing, 62:the processes of individualization, served to stimulate the lowest centers. Hence, forbiddenHealing, 99:the trouble instead of curing it. It can stimulate the disease itself to dangerous proportions andHealing, 206:is not permitted (during the healing process) to stimulate or affect the healer's own relatedHealing, 283:and real difficulty will arise. They can stimulate a center higher than the one controlling aHealing, 299:cohering potency, was and is the power to over-stimulate, to produce accretion, to pile together,Healing, 314:follow thought, under the ancient law, and so stimulate the area surrounding the cancer (that is,Healing, 325:it possible by certain types of meditation to stimulate either one of the post or ante lobes of theHealing, 328:passing through the healer's body. These stimulate the patient sufficiently so that he is enabledHealing, 368:all the teachers in this transition period is to stimulate them and fertilize their minds withHealing, 529:power of a particular type of radiated energy to stimulate the patient to heal himself - throughHealing, 538:destiny of the patient permits, or they may so stimulate the area of the disease that the diseaseHealing, 541:the mental plane and through his head center) to stimulate the point of soul life in the ethericHealing, 547:to those who live focused in the head. They will stimulate the soul, there anchored, into effectiveHealing, 549:with the nadis through which they affect and stimulate (apart from radiation) the nervous system;Healing, 703:planetary prana; the effect of this will be to stimulate the natural processes of the physical bodyInitiation, 79:effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brainInitiation, 98:effect upon the causal body, and serves to stimulate the heart center. A third type of energy isInitiation, 132:no Rod of Power, he has methods whereby he can stimulate and cause to cohere the little endeavor ofMagic, 187:and controlled, these forces will serve but to stimulate undesirable conditions, to foster thatMagic, 189:it is the object of the Guides of the race to stimulate into functioning activity at this time. WeMagic, 204:the bringing in of energies which but serve to stimulate the undesirable aspects of his life, justMagic, 205:use and finding no outlet - will tend to over-stimulate the centers, and produce conditions
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