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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULATED

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Astrology, 202:which is latent in all disciples and which, when stimulated, will enable them to proceed moreAstrology, 274:and is one of the characteristics imparted or stimulated by energies pouring from Vulcan. You canAstrology, 295:of the same sensitive factor but augmented or stimulated by the principle of self-awareness or ofAstrology, 447:for the human soul, and this is today stimulated by the Shamballa force now flowing into the centerAstrology, 521:centers are being abnormally and deliberately stimulated and vitalized. The energy which flows fromAstrology, 563:to the substance of the seven planes. These are stimulated and enhanced by the twelve forms ofAstrology, 573:now organize. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulated to move off the Mutable Cross on to theAstrology, 668:the Earth and to Saturn whilst Uranus is being stimulated." (C F. 357) "Occultism must win the dayAstrology, 672:(S.D. Vol. III, 330) "Uranus is now being stimulated." (C. F. 357) "Is one of the threeAstrology, 686:the Venusian was such that an entire chain was stimulated. This was brought about through theBethlehem, 14:by the Buddha, and the message which He sounded, stimulated intelligence into wisdom. Wisdom is aBethlehem, 231:of His expressed divinity, Christ had so stimulated their inner vision that they saw clairvoyantly,Destiny, 96:energy, are being abnormally and deliberately stimulated and vitalized. The energy which flows fromDestiny, 123:not to the form itself, that then the soul, thus stimulated, will do its own work of destruction,Discipleship1, 78:poured into me his strength and energy and so stimulated me that what I thought was a virtue andDiscipleship1, 87:that I have assigned certain meditations which stimulated the heart into action, linking the heartDiscipleship1, 114:centers, therefore, when being developed or stimulated, carry far less physiological danger thanDiscipleship1, 461:is over-active whilst the head center should be stimulated into increased aliveness. This, as itDiscipleship1, 705:be noted and (up to a certain point) offset or stimulated by the group potency. This is one of theDiscipleship2, 19:so that together the group may profit by them, stimulated by each presented idea and thus evokeDiscipleship2, 90:and the development of a disciple (usually stimulated by some senior disciple) has enabled him inDiscipleship2, 115:directed, controlled aspiration - deliberately stimulated, mentally appreciated, and emotionallyDiscipleship2, 412:and invariably of a mental nature, and stimulated the intelligence, and intensified the strength ofDiscipleship2, 461:with care so that the solar plexus is not unduly stimulated, and thus your difficulty increased. IDiscipleship2, 715:and not as means whereby your own nature is stimulated and refreshed. You can take part in theDiscipleship2, 719:energies and you will not then be unduly stimulated. The mind, when awake and active, is the greatEducation, 45:spirit, which has fostered racial hatred and stimulated national prides? The first historical dateEducation, 72:be safeguarded and not punished; they will be stimulated and not held back; they will be occultlyExternalisationthe New Age tendencies are, in their turn, being stimulated and their vibratory activity increased.Externalisation, 48:stage of any conscious aspiration) was suddenly stimulated or vitalized by the coming intoExternalisation, 50:education of the second group so that it may be stimulated by the inflow of the light of wisdom andExternalisation, 108:somewhat dangerous experiment as it necessarily stimulated the personalities of men, particularlyExternalisation, 111:generated within the center itself and also stimulated by Forces emanating from the hierarchicalExternalisation, 128:through the medium of form activity). This is stimulated by the inflow of the Shamballa energy.Externalisation, 299:The Buddha, because He achieved illumination, stimulated the light in the world, in humanity and inExternalisation, 338:be organized. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulated to move forward into light, and the newExternalisation, 393:spiritual centers of love and life and has been stimulated to make spiritual [394] progress, toExternalisation, 494:values and to save humanity were simultaneously stimulated to the point of success. In these veryExternalisation, 529:Itself. The secondary Ashrams are being stimulated; new ones are being gradually formed, for thereExternalisation, 644:foster goodwill in themselves and others will be stimulated into wise action. You can see,Externalisation, 645:with the United Nations, become strengthened, stimulated and focused on goodwill, the union of theFire, 136:with the Ego is completed when it is fully stimulated, and combustion then ensues; this isFire, 322:the action of manas, these negative atoms become stimulated and either dissipate back into theFire, 340:mind has blended with the fire of matter and has stimulated it to such an extent that it hasFire, 372:vitalized, and the logoic kundalini will have stimulated, and aroused to perfection His systemicFire, 378:the Venusian was such that an entire chain was stimulated. This was brought about through theFire, 394:[394] the Heavenly Men of these two schemes) stimulated Them to take initiation, and led theFire, 438:Divine Hermaphrodite, or Heavenly Man. They are stimulated in both aspects of their Being by theFire, 459:animal units, leaving their consciousness to be stimulated on astral lines. Owing to thisFire, 463:devas of the ethers, the lesser builders will be stimulated to build, with greater facility, bodiesFire, 464:of seven) is active. The consciousness of man is stimulated and developed when - at a certain stageFire, 490:fire which animates the atom, form or man is stimulated, fanned and strengthened till it (throughFire, 651:beings. The fourth spirilla was tremendously stimulated, and its evolution hastened [652] to anFire, 713:the Hierophant - under the Law - sees should be stimulated. He stabilizes the force, and regulatesFire, 718:in the bodies logoic and planetary are also stimulated and the Rays (if it might be so expressed)Fire, 763:Rod of Power, the three fires are suddenly stimulated by a downflow of electric, or positive force,Fire, 776:the force is directed, the petals concerned are stimulated into activity, and the lunar PitrisFire, 796:It comes as the result of the intuition and is stimulated at initiation. All that has here beenFire, 809:of [809] scientists have been greatly stimulated by the discovery of radium, which is an electricalFire, 828:terms: The two outer rings of petals are stimulated in a new and special sense through theFire, 866:of his brothers and his own body are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased, and theirFire, 1051:effects. The activity or motion initiated and stimulated by the life of any of the three lowerFire, 1075:until its own internal rhythm has been stimulated to a point where the positive central life isFire, 1075:radiation or "release" is being artificially stimulated through the method which we callFire, 1122:radiant, and all the fires of the body are so stimulated that the atoms which form the physicalFire, 1154:BE SAID," these three schemes are simultaneously stimulated and the fires pass from one to anotherFire, 1213:should be negative in the human kingdom was stimulated into a positive agency through the power ofFire, 1226:is love pouring itself out into forms which are stimulated and aided thereby; it is the fulfilmentHealing, 25:force, leaving him in some way depleted, or over-stimulated, or in such a condition that DeathHealing, 38:about, and the diseased condition might be stimulated also and increased, instead of dissipated orHealing, 129:force. The disciple becomes, for instance, over-stimulated, and therefore over-active; he becomesHealing, 198:with some centers unawakened, others over-stimulated, and with the centers below the diaphragmHealing, 201:and the total brain tissue are receptive to, stimulated by, or non-receptive to these energies inHealing, 307:will be definitely affected, and either be over-stimulated by the non-rhythmic flow orHealing, 311:existing factors, and these, when related and stimulated, produce the appearance of disease. ItHealing, 314:the cancer itself, the cancerous condition will stimulated and the trouble many times increased.Healing, 341:swept by uncontrolled desire, are hindered, over-stimulated, and psychically upset by these sameHealing, 605:ascertain whether the patient's center is over-stimulated and if some of the surplus energy shouldHealing, 605:For the expulsion of surplus energy in an over-stimulated center. [606] For definite processes ofHealing, 606:or by the stimulation of a center already over-stimulated and over-active. In the last analysis theHealing, 626:been applied and the action of a gland has been stimulated or retarded (with good or bad effects)Hercules, 199:how dangerous it would be if people were over-stimulated before they were ready? All teachers knowInitiation, 31:slow. The germ of mind in animal man was stimulated. The fourfold lower man, The physical body inInitiation, 31:The incipient germ of mind. was coordinated and stimulated, and became a fit receptacle for theInitiation, 37:by their profound wisdom and experience, they stimulated earth's evolutions and brought theInitiation, 79:of his brother and his own body, are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased and theirInitiation, 87:Great White Lodge, and his psychic faculties are stimulated by the vivification of the headInitiation, 95:planet will - according to ray type - be easily stimulated or not as the case may be, according toInitiation, 95:different points of light (or human sparks) are stimulated, their radiance and temperatureInitiation, 101:etheric centers. These centers will be greatly stimulated, and will, through their increasedInitiation, 121:have learned to work together, and have thus stimulated each other; they can now proceed to aInitiation, 134:easily eliminated. The fires of the body are stimulated, and the total energy of the threefoldInitiation, 140:the Hierophant - under the law - sees should be stimulated. The Initiator stabilizes the force andInitiation, 197:by the energy pouring through the newly stimulated centers, and dire danger to the brain, theInitiation, 200:the seven physical centers which are inevitably stimulated when the etheric centers approach theirIntellect, 147:available to the hallucinations of the over-stimulated mystic or to [148] the psychopathic casesIntellect, 244:and is not the result of a vivid and over-stimulated imagination. The power of the creativeIntellect, 254:as well as heretofore. They are, in fact, over-stimulated. The nervous system is being affectedIntellect, 256:it is the brain cells which become [256] over-stimulated, leading to headaches, to sleeplessness,Intellect, 257:that their sex life has been tremendously stimulated and is giving them much trouble. [258] We have
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