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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULATED

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Intellect, 260:The weak point is always discovered and stimulated. The cure for this situation can be summed up inMagic, 80:represent it. By its intense activity and stimulated action it hinders the downflow of inspirationMagic, 277:that the pituitary body of cell lives may be stimulated and thus a close interplay be broughtMagic, 277:resulting in the streaming upward of many stimulated lives to take the places of those who areMagic, 347:aspirations and synchronous high vibrations are stimulated and, secondly, all that we term "evil"Magic, 347:secondly, all that we term "evil" is likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bear this carefully inMeditation, 99:levels is deflected, the wrong centers are over-stimulated, and disaster results. Another danger toMeditation, 280:bring them to a point where they can be safely stimulated by the Rod of Initiation. More on thisPatanjali, 60:in response to the vibration or breath and are stimulated thereby, The brain which can be trainedPatanjali, 385:in His body are correspondingly influenced, stimulated and developed. Problems, 43:spirit, which has fostered racial hatreds and stimulated national prides? The first historical dateProblems, 107:acquisitive white nations. Contact with them has stimulated his intellectual perception; the whitePsychology1, 280:the sex life of mankind is temporarily over-stimulated, and hence also the present over-emphasisPsychology1, 282:Both the good and the evil man will be stimulated; both material desire and spiritual aspirationPsychology2, 240:to the divine principle of coherence, so that (stimulated by their group relation) they canPsychology2, 315:of experience, are over-developed and over-stimulated without adequate conscious control by thePsychology2, 369:(the Self) and the form nature - may be equally stimulated. This statement means, for instance,Psychology2, 377:intellectual nature. When all these three are stimulated, the disciple is often for a time swungPsychology2, 474:himself. This stimulation by the mind (itself stimulated in meditation) as it turns downward on toPsychology2, 529:knows that the adrenal glands, when stimulated, produce (as a psychological result of a physicalPsychology2, 536:increased and this higher creative center unduly stimulated and rendered a danger instead of an aidPsychology2, 538:or the sexual imagination can be dangerously stimulated, leading to lack of control and to many ofPsychology2, 539:(once a center is awakening and is subjectively stimulated) immediately find the utilization of thePsychology2, 541:so frequently succumb. The heart becomes over-stimulated by the impact of the energies pouring inPsychology2, 553:of the body be affected. The solar plexus can be stimulated from that center with [554] disastrousPsychology2, 571:the over-activity of the solar plexus center, stimulated by the energy pouring in from the heightsPsychology2, 694:of man's efforts to brotherhood can be stimulated into fresh and increased activity. Rays, 68:that the "acquiescent waiting center" may be stimulated to move forward upon the ladder ofRays, 78:this, two things are happening: Men are being stimulated and brought to that point of necessaryRays, 223:body. The life within the causal body has been stimulated and vitalized and is now seeking to breakRays, 335:There the life aspect is being almost violently stimulated through the action of the Lords ofRays, 458:carried forward, primarily by the soul, as it stimulated the personality [459] to effort, visionRays, 565:producing effects in that which is thus stimulated; in the other case, the cause is to be found inRays, 689:(the center between the eyebrows) which is stimulated. This is a fact of great interest, because itReappearance, 83:is, therefore, being constantly stimulated. By His physical Presence, He will become the "DispenserSoul, 49:times of danger or anger, and their secretion is stimulated in times of emergency. Pain, rage andSoul, 49:acted like a red rag waved at a bull - it had stimulated a flow of the secretion of the adrenalSoul, 87:the sense of sight and sense of hearing are stimulated at the same time, their effects somehowSoul, 143:Now, any one of these 92 kinds of atoms when stimulated in certain ways well known to science canTelepathy, 18:that I have assigned certain meditations which stimulated the heart center into action, linking theTelepathy, 172:the disciple seeks to aid. These impacts can be stimulated or vitalized at need, or they can be
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