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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULATING

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Astrology, 19:planetary energies act either as hindering or as stimulating forces, according to the type ofAstrology, 19:response from the world thinkers, thus stimulating them to earnest effort along ideological linesAstrology, 19:nature. An understanding of these hindering or stimulating effects can be easily grasped by thoseAstrology, 362:prepared for in Scorpio. Taurus pours the energy stimulating desire, via Venus, onto our Earth;Astrology, 411:playing upon our planet, exert a hindering or a stimulating effect. They are either retarding inAstrology, 441:planetary centers at this time, vitalizing and stimulating the planetary triangle ofAstrology, 580:is not determination; it is not whipping up and stimulating desire so that it can be transmutedAutobiography, 225:power which poured through him was the means of stimulating many into renewed consecration in life.Destiny, 14:domestic animals, hastening their evolution, and stimulating them into forms of advancedDestiny, 29:gaining momentum and has for a long time been stimulating and enhancing the activity of all fifthDiscipleship1, 12:your soul ray quality to a fellow disciple, stimulating him to greater courage, to finer purity ofDiscipleship1, 66:on beneath the surface - awakening, arousing and stimulating to a pronounced mental activity, theDiscipleship1, 117:happen to use the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group. My vibration, which isDiscipleship1, 223:but which is of real importance. To this stimulating of the group and of the individual, you canDiscipleship1, 228:of love is pouring through the web of light, stimulating each of the many, many centers intoDiscipleship1, 282:speaking, consists in mentally arresting and stimulating the thinkers and workers in the world, soDiscipleship1, 294:exercise has done much of its work in stimulating the ajna center and in focusing your mind moreDiscipleship1, 332:soul. Yours is buddhic or intuitional reason, stimulating the astral-emotional nature, via theDiscipleship1, 370:I am aware of it. Am I commending you or stimulating you, my brother? Perhaps both. Dwell much inDiscipleship1, 453:ways: By evoking the intuition more potently. By stimulating the mind to greater scope forDiscipleship1, 456:must be the pouring in of mental devotion, thus stimulating the clear shining of the groupDiscipleship1, 547:your astral nature, and invigorating and stimulating your physical body. Do this definitely andDiscipleship2, 124:on the breath of will and love, as capable of stimulating the solar plexus in the right way andDiscipleship2, 389:the personality recognizes it; it is excessively stimulating and the initiate passes through threeDiscipleship2, 438:ask you to remember that this Rod is the Rod of Stimulating Light which is projected by theDiscipleship2, 479:source of spiritual light. A magnetic influence, stimulating a new activity of their soul inDiscipleship2, 529:to assert itself whilst the soul is pouring in a stimulating, energy which is responsible for aDiscipleship2, 620:to for years and it has had its dual effect in stimulating the personality to a measured (butDiscipleship2, 620:inadequate) response to the soul and also by stimulating the personality tendencies to fullerDiscipleship2, 633:the disciple gets at this stage comes from the stimulating effect of the aura of the Ashram. Discipleship2, 683:safe progress. Love is, therefore, guarding, stimulating and protective. But it is not a personalDiscipleship2, 683:recipient of the love and protection. It is the stimulating power of divine love which I seek toDiscipleship2, 684:him to his disciples and to guard against its stimulating [685] unduly their personalities, andEducation, 13:results of the use of the critical faculty. By stimulating their interest, by producing aExternalisation, 85:from all the others. The use each makes of the stimulating energy will be different; the focus ofExternalisation, 99:of the more advanced ideas (which are stimulating in their effects upon the minds which areExternalisation, 119:within the physical body, thus fortifying and stimulating the animal nature and developing theExternalisation, 128:of Light and it is with them that the task of stimulating the free expression of this goodwill mustExternalisation, 275:for right reception of this revitalizing, stimulating and releasing force. Thus Shamballa, theExternalisation, 281:impressing the spiritually minded, and in stimulating humanity to right action without encroachingExternalisation, 343:is not determination; it is not whipping up and stimulating desire so that it can be transmutedExternalisation, 411:potencies poured through and upon the race, stimulating intelligence into wisdom and emotion intoExternalisation, 434:awakening the consciences of the intelligent, stimulating the activity of the humanitarians andExternalisation, 447:itself; they are necessarily responsive to the stimulating and energizing results of that impact,Externalisation, 506:is actively occupied in the field of America, stimulating the intuitive perception of its people.Externalisation, 654:in mind that I am here referring to the use of stimulating, vivifying, fructifying and mutableExternalisation, 655:producing basic changes upon all sides, stimulating desire (both good and bad), and governing, viaExternalisation, 660:the Master K.H. is already assuming an increased stimulating potency, but it will nevertheless beExternalisation, 661:the third great planetary center, Humanity, stimulating the aura of that mass of living units soFire, 76:worldly contact, in molding and influencing, in stimulating or retarding. We have to remember thatFire, 78:These effects might be considered as definitely stimulating and constructive, and (through theirFire, 97:assimilated and radiated; fire vivifying, stimulating and destroying; fire transmitted, reflected,Fire, 171:flame in the vortex shoots back and forth, stimulating the glow of the center itself, till a muchFire, 202:astral plane and are therefore largely under the stimulating action of the solar plexus - thatFire, 202:point in the center of the body which is the stimulating agent for most of the human family at thisFire, 335:in animal-man, and which simply needed the stimulating vibration which emanated from the Earth'sFire, 443:beyond His own periphery as active energy and stimulating activity - being literally one of theFire, 449:of the man himself, purifying its grossness, stimulating its psychic powers out of the normal stateFire, 463:advancement of the lesser, by the means of the stimulating power of the greater, should be studied.Fire, 465:and that he may be totally unaware of the subtle stimulating emanation which proceeds from him mayFire, 649:logoic body is at the height of its activity in stimulating His physical body - our lower threeFire, 950:work is carried on by the Nirmanakayas, (4) By stimulating the egoic bodies of men so that theFire, 975:do not, of course, employ the third eye for the stimulating of their thought-forms. The energy usedFire, 1045:or constructive impulses. Devitalizing or stimulating impulses. Energizing or disintegratingFire, 1076:unified the three aspects. The process of stimulating through the medium of Venusian energy wasFire, 1116:stimulation of power in two directions. One stimulating influence comes from the Will Aspect of theGlamour, 259:is a process of qualifying, vitalizing and stimulating the reaction of the personality - via theHealing, 67:inflow to a greater [67] or less degree of the stimulating force of the soul. Subsidiary to theHealing, 101:power of the disease and its intensification by stimulating the atoms and cells involved in theHealing, 285:Liabilities The whole process is one of either stimulating activity or of withdrawing energy, ofHealing, 287:as a system of flushing, with a purificatory and stimulating effect. It is only possible in theseHealing, 304:energies play, carrying life, disease or death, stimulating the imperfections in the body orHealing, 315:stages falls therefore into two parts: [315] The stimulating of the healthy tissue. The building inHealing, 513:action on the rays of the threefold lower man, stimulating them, awakening them, and conditioningHealing, 583:started its agelong task of influencing and stimulating the human consciousness - but informationHealing, 605:treatment requires an expulsive technique or a stimulating one. He has therefore to ascertainHealing, 647:establish rapport would probably only succeed in stimulating the lunar lords of his own littleInitiation, 53:withhold his energy, and thus cease from stimulating that which had better die. Forms may come andInitiation, 55:To him is given the work very largely of stimulating the love manifestation which is latent in theInitiation, 59:is the energy which, through his disciples, is stimulating the Psychical Research groupsInitiation, 123:of force through any two schemes, thus aiding. stimulating and complementing each other, andInitiation, 144:working definitely on his mental body, and thus stimulating all the atoms, through the unitedInitiation, 178:and come into full activity, other methods of stimulating the cells in his body (the deva and humanInitiation, 205:an orgy of license under the specious plea of "stimulating the centers," and thus furthering astralMagic, 62:there is ever a flowing in, a vitalizing and a stimulating which is followed by a flowing out asMagic, 99:material states is primarily fourfold. 1. The stimulating of the spiritual aspect, expressingMagic, 379:objective was to stimulate mysticism and the stimulating of the kingdom of God within the humanMagic, 434:kingdom in nature, acting as a retrograding or a stimulating force. They carry one type of energyMagic, 570:go to the throat center. From the ego itself, stimulating primarily the head and heart centers."Magic, 619:old forms of the Piscean age, and is stimulating the creative faculties, as they express themselvesMeditation, 72:indications. Few people have the faculty of stimulating [73] it through the use of the Word, nor isMeditation, 80:who can judiciously work with the pupils, stimulating through scientific knowledge and methods theMeditation, 89:them the protection of His aura and its stimulating vibration, and until such time as worldMeditation, 102:force, burning the tissue of the body and stimulating centers of an undesirable character, or be aMeditation, 103:or be a vivifying factor, acting as a [103] stimulating and awakening agent. When directed alongMeditation, 179:not in the sense of shutting oneself off from stimulating force but of receiving that force,Meditation, 189:the submerging of lands. By the Bodhisattva, in stimulating the inner flame in each human being. ByMeditation, 192:I might so express it - or acting directly in a stimulating sense on the centers of the body. TheseMeditation, 199:tapped, and its exhilarating, vivifying and stimulating effects will be closely watched. TheMeditation, 200:to be the sick member in their midst. By the stimulating power of that force, by its rebuilding
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