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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULATION

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Rays, 546:there is consequently no risk of over-stimulation, of self-satisfaction or of the emergence ofRays, 554:this time through science) received a tremendous stimulation. Simultaneously, the enteringRays, 557:reveals to him the quality and the type of stimulation to be evoked when brought into contact withRays, 571:"new man." At the first initiation, through the stimulation brought about by seventh ray energy,Rays, 572:activity, both on the material plane through the stimulation of the sex life of all peoples and inRays, 572:all peoples and in the three worlds through the stimulation brought about when soul and form areRays, 574:definitely in the realm of ceremonial magic. The stimulation of this seventh ray will, in relationRays, 579:Initiator, the Christ, and under the focused stimulation of the Hierarchy, pass through theRays, 585:aspirant, under the inspiration and the stimulation of the Hierarchy of which he is becomingRays, 587:subhuman kingdoms of nature is under the energy stimulation of the first Buddha of Activity. EachRays, 617:all disciples and initiates, and the consequent stimulation of their natures and of theirRays, 646:Ray I on Humanity Today Owing to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetary crisis andRays, 648:with Shamballa, will lead finally to the great stimulation of the fifth Principle of manas, theRays, 648:standpoint; nevertheless, through the proposed stimulation, through the efforts of those who haveRays, 651:personality, he is in a position to receive the stimulation which will enable him "to see thatRays, 653:of Himself and of His Ashram to cyclic stimulation from Shamballa, plus certain mysteriousRays, 658:of the divine consciousness through applied stimulation, whereby their vehicles evidence readiness;Rays, 658:the forms in all the four kingdoms to the direct stimulation of His impelling will, you willRays, 667:Group are filled. Today, the opportunity and the stimulation are so great that all servers mustReappearance, 47:move which the Christ would make would be the stimulation of the spiritual consciousness in man,Reappearance, 86:an aspect of Christ's work which involves the stimulation of the consciousness of His disciples asReappearance, 91:energy is a mass energy and is related to the stimulation of the mass intelligence; it is not theReappearance, 128:than would otherwise be the case. The stimulation [129] of the objective Hierarchy will beReappearance, 130:will [130] be obviously blended through the stimulation of the advent of the Hierarchy and of itsReappearance, 174:the one world, and had their objective been the stimulation of right human relations, the mass ofSoul, 37:or the interstitial glands or the adrenals. The stimulation of certain of these glands, or theSoul, 139:the sacral center and the solar plexus go to the stimulation of certain physiological and lowerSoul, 143:with that soul, he may then, through the extra stimulation involved, become aware of the light ofSoul, 157:this creative power, and there ensues an over-stimulation of the thyroid gland. Several such casesTelepathy, 114:of human affairs at this time. The spreading stimulation is of a very intense nature. TheTelepathy, 172:center below the diaphragm and the consequent stimulation of that which lies above that dividing
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