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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIMULUS

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Discipleship2, 79:second ray Ashram - they have had an imperative stimulus given to their love nature, and theirFire, 538:the nine petals, and when he has received the stimulus which is imparted at initiation, throughFire, 539:of the Heavenly Man, and are connected with the stimulus which He receives Himself in contactingFire, 1115:their mutual interplay provides the necessary stimulus, and results in the opening of the bud andInitiation, 85:life. At this period of the world's history such stimulus has been given to evolution that aspiringInitiation, 94:of the next round. At that time the needed stimulus will have been imparted, and as three fifths ofMagic, 171:to assume when they contact a high vibration and stimulus, that it is their own soul contactingMagic, 396:of the personality equipment under the above stimulus. The stage of influence, selfishly used andRays, 660:behind civilization after civilization under the stimulus of the evolving purpose of Sanat KumaraSoul, 47:he arrives more quickly at the stage when the stimulus damages his nerve apparatus." - Ibid., p.Telepathy, 62:whose field of experience and aura need the stimulus of his practiced assurance. Finally, it mightTelepathy, 114:is of great value in [114] promoting an added stimulus and an increased vitalization of the normal
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