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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STIR

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Astrology, 434:the threshold of the waking consciousness. They stir the threads of memory; they draw backward theDiscipleship1, 56:and free from those reactions which stir the astral or emotional body into organized activity,Discipleship1, 653:personality and not of the soul; your power to stir others and to move them forward is futile. ItsDiscipleship2, 37:of effort, and of training. May I, in order to stir you to fresh decisive living, remind you that:Externalisation, 77:and of hate, to use the Jewish race to stir up world difficulty, and thus bring to a crisis theExternalisation, 160:endeavoring to function as souls can now stir these reservoirs of force and light upon ethericExternalisation, 239:lays no [239] emphasis upon that which could stir up hate, and the lying information from BerlinFire, 175:of life will again reunite the atom, and it will stir again in the inert planet when the timeHercules, 145:raise his problem to a higher dimension, not to stir endlessly in the slough of the subconscious.Intellect, 128:[128] the 'numinous' in him perforce begins to stir, to start into life and into consciousness." -Intellect, 209:twos. That time has now come. In the stress and stir of modern living, in the jungles of our greatMagic, 315:upon us, either for good or evil. They either stir up our emotional nature in a good and highPatanjali, 208:disappear. The seven, hitherto quiescent, stir to life. The ten portals, sealed and closed orPsychology2, 483:in the second group there is an attempt to stir the subjective man into the acceptance of aPsychology2, 636:reach and educate the general public, and thus stir up the bourgeoisie to activity, and arouse,Psychology2, 721:of the planetary entity who is beginning to stir in his long sleep, and is therefore causing muchRays, 54:to the consciousness of the disciple and to stir his imagination (the seed of the intuition), soRays, 230:present darkness, and - as can already be seen - stir into new understanding the present PiscineRays, 650:but they were brief and passing, serving only to stir the aspiration into activity. With the
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