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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STONE

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Astrology, 385:the light of resurrection streams when the stone at the entrance is rolled away. From life in theAtom, 33:scientist of the Victorian era "the foundation stone of the [34] universe"; they considered theyAtom, 99:said earlier, I shall be able to lay another stone upon the structure I am endeavoring to build.Autobiography, 21:futile so I decided that if I bumped down the stone kitchen steps from top to bottom (and they wereAutobiography, 34:who were heathen and bowed down to images of stone and worshipped them. The Buddha was a stone [35]Autobiography, 34:of stone and worshipped them. The Buddha was a stone [35] image; and it never dawned on me thenBethlehem, 6:as the fulfilment of the past and as a stepping-stone to the future, is often forgotten, and thisBethlehem, 7:of a newer revelation, and that it is a stepping-stone to the next truth. A myth is a valid andBethlehem, 68:a worker in the building trade, one who adds stone to stone, or beam to beam. He is the symbol ofBethlehem, 68:in the building trade, one who adds stone to stone, or beam to beam. He is the symbol of theBethlehem, 123:lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, ThouBethlehem, 237:on a cross of wood, sometimes merely on the stone floor, in the posture of a crucified man. He wasBethlehem, 237:The body was placed in a sarcophagus of stone, and there left, carefully guarded. Meanwhile the manDestiny, 118:many forms plus its search for the Philosopher's Stone and the teaching as to the three basicDestiny, 119:When to these elements the Philosopher's [119] Stone is added and has done its magical work, thenDestiny, 119:this desirable consummation, the Philosopher's Stone is the emblem. I said "emblem," and I did notDiscipleship1, 195:to your progress; it is in the nature of a stone or rock over which you might stumble as you treadDiscipleship1, 231:good and not so good. First month - A barrier of stone. A flood of cleansing water, and then theDiscipleship1, 528:Above these grilled arches, supported upon short stone beams projecting from the wall, are twoDiscipleship1, 528:beams projecting from the wall, are two narrow, stone-and-wood Chinese-curved bridges, backing onDiscipleship1, 529:wall, so that one, standing on the curved stone bridge (at either end of which are feathery clumpsDiscipleship1, 530:bush not being very far away), is a circular stone seat, called the Disciples' Seat. It has a smallDiscipleship1, 717:of ages. This is the peace of death, the age of stone, the tomb of life." The stage of "Chela inDiscipleship2, 721:the sun. Before the door lie rocks and bits of stone. A path winds towards that door, and o'er itsExternalisation, 403:I know that He has no pleasure in the great stone temples which man has built whilst His people areExternalisation, 470:dark cave of materialism will be opened and the stone rolled from the door of the sepulchre whichExternalisation, 471:political power or possessions, emphasizing stone buildings and cathedrals whilst neglecting "theFire, 15:depth of Flame, took from its heart the sacred Stone of Fire, and proceeded to the next. In turningFire, 15:the flame burst forth, took to its heart the Stone and proceeded in revolution. The Sons of GodFire, 15:grew the formless mass, and deeper sank the Stone. To the heart of inmost fire the sacred StoneFire, 15:Stone. To the heart of inmost fire the sacred Stone went down. This time the work was better done,Fire, 15:revolution, the third wheel rendered back the Stone. Triple the form, rosy the light, and sevenfoldFire, 16:the inmost point of death They flung the sacred Stone. The plaudits of the Chohans rose. The workFire, 16:pit of outer darkness, They gathered forth the Stone, translucent now and unalloyed, of color roseFire, 16:turning of the fifth wheel and its action on the Stone rendered it still more fit. Yellow theFire, 16:wheels with the greater worked thus upon the Stone till all the Sons of God acclaimed, and said:Fire, 17:the lesser two but wrought with detail. The Stone had gathered fire, lambent with flame it shone.Fire, 17:the sevenfold work, and stated it was good. The Stone was set alone. In dual revolution moved theFire, 17:fire. "It is not fit," He said, "merge thou this Stone within the wheel which started revolution."Fire, 17:The lords of the greater seven plunged the Stone within the moving wheel. The lords of the greaterFire, 17:greater fifth and sixth likewise plunged their Stone. Within the fire, deep at the inmost sphere,Fire, 20:Around the fourfold one lieth the vault of stone; beneath him menaceth the root of blackness, ofFire, 307:comes the legend of the Philosopher's Stone, which is literally the application of the Rod ofFire, 476:alchemist [476] searches for the Philosopher's Stone, that effective transmuting agent which willFire, 775:It stops in the first, and is a metal and a stone; it passes into the second and behold - a plant;Fire, 775:S. D., I, 266. Note the kabalistic aphorism: "A stone becomes a plant; a plant, a beast; a beast, aFire, 892:a mineral, a drop of water, or a precious stone, are in themselves elemental lives constructed ofFire, 995:realms of comprehension. It is the foundation stone whence the higher expansion can be initiated.Fire, 1087:in process of transmutation; and the living stone with four shells." All this can be seen at oneGlamour, 187:are not interested in building great churches of stone and marble and in gathering together theHealing, 354:in those wider terms. It serves as a stepping stone away from the consciousness of the isolatedHealing, 403:heathen "in their blindness bow down to wood and stone," to quote one of your fundamentalist hymns.Hercules, 33:achieve freedom from the form, to roll away the stone from the door of the sepulchre of the soul,Hercules, 135:that yielding water will outlast implacable stone and rigid steel. When the Libran has assimilatedHercules, 171:went on, and found Prometheus. Upon a slab of stone he lay, in agonizing pain. Quickly HerculesIntellect, 9:The angels keep their ancient places; Turn but a stone and start a wing! 'Tis ye, 'tis yourMagic, 131:to public use and can be employed as a stepping-stone to higher things. Secondly: In this sensingMeditation, 32:rapidly. The structure has been reared, and each stone quarried in the personal life. On the Path,Meditation, 261:the Quaternary, has used it as the foundation stone upon which to erect the Temple of Solomon. HeMeditation, 300:reality and that the lower is but the stepping stone to the higher. This subjective reality beingMeditation, 301:of the plan. H. P. B. laid the foundation stone of the first school in this particular lesser cycleMeditation, 306:the mental equipment of the nation as a stepping stone for further expansion, and to use it as aPatanjali, 401:silent and remote. The point of fire and stone unite, and harmony and union on the downward pathProblems, 40:who are engaged in raising funds to rebuild stone churches and restore ancient buildings, thusProblems, 129:objectives with pomp and ceremony, with great stone structures, with power and an imposed authorityProblems, 130:attitude. The Church of Rome stands for great stone structures - cathedrals, churches,Problems, 139:and pomp, on authority and the building of stone edifices in these days of man's extremity, hisPsychology1, 67:the force which will produce the shining living stone that fits into the temple's plan with rightPsychology1, 67:right exactitude. Let him prepare the corner stone and wisely place it in the north, under the eyePsychology1, 86:Carve deep. Construct and shape the living stone. Quality - power to create. Choose well thyPsychology1, 225:through that of the crystal, semi-precious stone and precious stone to that of the radioactivePsychology1, 225:of the crystal, semi-precious stone and precious stone to that of the radioactive substance. In thePsychology1, 227:radiant beauty stored in the color of a precious stone. In miniature and at the lowest point ofPsychology2, 58:which might be stated symbolically to be A stone placed in the foundations, typical of thePsychology2, 169:"Deep in a pyramid, on all sides built around by stone, in the deep dark of that stupendous place,Rays, 263:we are told that the initiate is given a white stone, and in the stone "a new name" is foundRays, 263:the initiate is given a white stone, and in the stone "a new name" is found written; this is theRays, 621:the heroes of the race - perpetuated in history, stone and human thinking - have been the warriors,Reappearance, 66:crowded market places of the world, but not some stone edifice and not the pomp and ceremony of anyReappearance, 140:church today is the tomb of the Christ and the stone of theology has been rolled to the door of theReappearance, 140:possible that He has any pleasure in the great stone temples which churchmen have built, whilst HisReappearance, 141:ability in raising funds for the building of stone edifices whilst God's children everywhere wentReappearance, 141:upon pomp and ceremonies, on great churches and stone cathedrals, upon gold and silver communion
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