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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STOP

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Atom, 116:we have done the necessary work, and nothing can stop it coming. It is our right. Those who haveAutobiography, 54:large dormitory where soldiers and sailors could stop for the night if out on pass, and also aAutobiography, 55:that night. The explosion was like a full stop. Several weeks later I returned. This time I hadAutobiography, 55:remember what came next. I had to come to a dead stop, red to the roots of my hair and feelingAutobiography, 93:cried ceaselessly and hopelessly and I could not stop however hard I tried. I only rememberAutobiography, 95:including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun to stop crying and was contented to be with her. I canAutobiography, 101:me away. I went immediately after the wedding to stop with Walter Evan's people in the north ofAutobiography, 122:that it would be the part of wisdom for him to stop knocking me about. I told him that any time IAutobiography, 129:If you need a man to stick up for you and to stop anybody being rude to you, just remember I'mAutobiography, 131:was gossiping about her; she did not know how to stop it. She cried and she wept; the world wasAutobiography, 210:He constantly went down with Foster and me to stop at Valmy for a few days. All of us had long,Destiny, 10:rays to which I have referred above. Nothing can stop or truly impede their united effect. This isDestiny, 110:for the sincere aspirant is at this point to stop for a moment to enquire and discover whether heDiscipleship1, 29:as already facts in manifestation. Nothing can stop the eventual success of the Plan; it is simplyDiscipleship1, 112:center. Should headache or tension supervene, stop the work for a day or two and then resume.Discipleship1, 140:and difficulty and to win through. Nothing can stop you... I would like to give you a specialDiscipleship1, 419:difficulties or to make your grade. Nothing can stop you. Your work in the group and your power inDiscipleship1, 472:hurting as you go. This you know full well. You stop not to right or to adjust wrong action, e'enDiscipleship1, 523:that which can heal and [523] bless. Nothing can stop this blessing; it speeds forth upon the wingsDiscipleship1, 560:I know well your determination that naught shall stop you. Remember, my brother, that we are oftDiscipleship1, 661:self-commiseration under all circumstances, and stop visualizing yourself at all times as in theDiscipleship1, 720:be countered by fire, as well you know, and to stop the raging inferno of fire which is todayDiscipleship2, 48:of the world to restore this flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facingDiscipleship2, 174:through right human desire. Nothing can possibly stop it. Thus the original Plan will be restoredDiscipleship2, 341:also. It is with these thoughts that I must stop my present exegesis, because language has not yetDiscipleship2, 647:come between my brothers and my self. Naught can stop the flow of strength between me and my soul,Discipleship2, 715:have never used. I am asking you, therefore, to stop all meditation, even the group meditation. YouEducation, 33:fusing can then go on. It is necessary for me to stop at this point and indicate that all the aboveEducation, 121:a profound and convinced optimism; nothing can stop the effect - growing, stabilizing and final -Externalisation, 234:are today seeking by every possible method to stop Germany. Externalisation, 240:throughout the world. What shall be done to stop the progress of aggression, of selfish nationalismExternalisation, 242:of every disciple and aspirant, then the next stop will be to study the factors which are hinderingExternalisation, 279:[279] are slowly precipitating and naught can stop them. They can, however, be delayed by theExternalisation, 309:Earth of the lesser Avatar? Some say nothing can stop it. Prophecy, expectation and the presentExternalisation, 469:of reconstruction which lies ahead. They cannot stop this work, but the churches could be ignoredExternalisation, 646:to bear upon their goal, and naught can stop them. Many of them are purely selfish; some regardGlamour, 257:consciousness of the disciple, nothing can then stop their emergence in due time into the light ofHealing, 270:This is an appropriate point at which to stop and meet this contention. Karma is necessarily aHealing, 353:in making needed adjustments. Nothing should stop your service along this line, not even theHealing, 652:and the healer, the healer has not need to stop his work. By continuing it, he may increase theHercules, 27:wild and evil horses. "Capture these mares, and stop these evil deeds," was the command which fellHercules, 103:There was nothing for it, therefore, but to stop the chase and to block one of the openings to theHercules, 109:a cave that had two openings? [109] Why did he stop up one opening and enter in through the other?Hercules, 160:not cutting away the ground under your feet, but stop thinking so much about what to do and learnHercules, 161:that should not have been said, the moment we stop thinking things about people that we should notIntellect, 222:and sounds which are not physical. I cannot stop them and I fear for my mind. Won't you please tellMagic, 389:by heat and you will bring our civilization to a stop; you will bring all means of transportationMagic, 447:plane. Nothing, it should be noted, can now stop its emergence into objectivity except theMeditation, 43:Great Lord comes in under the law and naught can stop His approach. Just now the great need of theMeditation, 95:thought-forms within the mental ovoid, he will stop circulation and may bring about results of aMeditation, 104:meditation when any fatigue is felt, and should stop at the first indications of trouble. All thesePatanjali, 394:one life. Nothing can prevent it, nothing can stop it. Charles Johnston expresses it in hisPatanjali, 398:in the past exists and nothing can arrest or stop those seeds from coming to fruition. They mustProblems, 7:of the world to restore this flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facingProblems, 78:movements all over the world, nothing today can stop their progress. The major asset which laborProblems, 83:of the materialistic systems of the past, can stop the re-emerging of the old ideas and conceptsPsychology1, 177:for, and when these conditions exist nothing can stop the appearance of the ultimate physical formPsychology1, 345:be achieved. He cannot then arrest the life and stop its flow. "The Middle Four, rested now fromPsychology1, 377:opposing forces of matter. Nothing then could stop the coming into tangible existence of thePsychology2, 36:great. I will destroy all obstacles. Nothing can stop my progress to my goal. Around me lies thatPsychology2, 105:them prisoners in the lower worlds. They do not stop to recognize that their love is primarily lovePsychology2, 128:at this time thus express itself. Nothing can stop or arrest the potency of this life of natural,Psychology2, 431:eventually to Integration. [431] I would like to stop here and point out that the foundation of thePsychology2, 583:upon the physical and astral planes. He cannot stop himself seeing and hearing and his life becomesPsychology2, 641:of many hundreds of men and women have failed to stop war, solve the economic problem and releasePsychology2, 724:and considered that nothing whatever can stop its materializing through the medium of somePsychology2, 737:by all the great world religions. Nothing can stop the emergence of that kingdom. I have brieflyRays, 500:arrest the progress of the human spirit and to stop the onward march of the good, the true and theRays, 619:then the Christ will come. Nothing can stop His appearance and - under law - He may not turn HisRays, 620:long-awaited Christ into our midst. Nothing can stop or prevent His return today; the evidence ofReappearance, 62:preparing. The continuity of revelation may not stop; and upon what other expressions of the divine
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