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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STORE

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Autobiography, 76:sold more packages of cigarettes than a tobacco store. I had a grand time leading the hymns atAutobiography, 117:kindness of the man who owned the grocery store in the little town where I was living and whereAutobiography, 117:the telephone rang and it was the grocery store. The owner was a Jew and a very ordinary lookingAutobiography, 208:- Chapter V Twice a year she would go to a store and buy me eight or nine dresses, knowing exactlyDiscipleship1, 435:man, the water of life that nourishes, I, too, store that which is needed by others. I store notDiscipleship1, 435:I, too, store that which is needed by others. I store not for myself. Power is needed for theirDiscipleship1, 435:is needed for their work; therefore I gather and store, seeking the source of supply. 5th month -Discipleship2, 51:with the powerhouse of light, the Hierarchy. Store up strength for increased dynamic activity forFire, 57:known, the vehicle of prana. Its function is to store up the rays of radiatory light and heat whichFire, 312:a gigantic ball of electro-magnetic Forces, the store-house of universal Life and Motion, fromFire, 339:accumulative side of manas and its ability to store and acquire knowledge and information is beingFire, 472:as seeds to grow the countless births; the store of former actions preserved. Ibid., question 35).Fire, 715:it as energy to the world which he serves. To store up a certain amount of it for a twofoldInitiation, 96:made on our planet. No planet increases its store of force, and consequently its sphere ofIntellect, 43:certain uniform knowledge, a certain stereotyped store of facts and a smattering of information.Magic, 364:when the years of instruction have increased the store. To return to our theme: - The heart centerMeditation, 150:to work at his mental body and bring it to the store house of facts before he can proceed muchMeditation, 310:to equip throughout the mental vehicle and to store within it the facts upon which extendedMeditation, 326:vision, and builds into his mental body a vast store of scientific data. During the six weeks'Problems, 18:to think and act for himself and to set great store by his own ideas, and all in a spirit ofProblems, 134:everyone is questioning what that future has in store and there is no surety anywhere. The voice ofProblems, 141:to precipitate the wonders which God holds in store for those who know the meaning of love. It isRays, 429:soul of this great people - much suffering in store for the United States. The selfishness of
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