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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STORY

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Astrology, 23:A peculiar note. A directional sound. The whole story of the zodiac can be picturesquely yetAstrology, 54:of duality, therefore, runs through the whole story of man's development. Upon all the three planesAstrology, 81:like to elaborate this theme of the zodiac, its story and symbolism from the more philosophical andAstrology, 116:the One Who sent it forth. Such is the climaxing story of Pisces. The Lords of Will and SacrificeAstrology, 123:can be seen if a study is made of the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale. I have not time toAstrology, 215:and this is responsible for the sorry historical story of Christianity and the dire plight of theAstrology, 260:Capricorn, and this is previsioned for us in the story of Hercules in Scorpio when he raises theAstrology, 278:major world cycle. Some idea of the creative story above indicated can be gained if the tabulationAstrology, 294:at the center of its little universe. The whole story and function of Leo and its influences can beAstrology, 330:of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of the irradiation of matter, of the growth ofAstrology, 336:of the more advanced astrology today. The whole story of astrology is, in reality, one of magneticAstrology, 336:externalization of the inner reality; it is the story of the response of form - vast as in a solarAstrology, 385:is this great truth which lies beyond the sordid story of sex expression, of sex magic and theAstrology, 400:in itself an interesting and progressive story with which I have not at this time the intention toAstrology, 450:held in a "mystery of potencies" the entire story - past, present and future - of human evolution.Astrology, 450:It accounts for the changing emphases of that story, its shifting kaleidoscopic pattern, itsAstrology, 566:has been beautifully given to us in the story of the Last Supper. Christ sent His disciples intoAstrology, 612:aspirant on the verge of discipleship. The whole story of extension from the One into the Many andAstrology, 628:in the Hierarchy. Here you have the whole story of unity, brought about by the life and the will ofAstrology, 631:The major Rays of Aspect embody the entire story; the minor Rays of Attribute contribute the detailAtom, 86:man." There are few these days who believe the story of the fall as it is given in the thirdAtom, 86:What is the occult truth underlying this curious story? Simply that the truth about the fall of theAtom, 91:of all the single men; in such a synthesis the story ends." Here he holds up before us a concept ofAutobiography, 1:of the things that I seek to bring out in this story is the fact of this inner direction of worldAutobiography, 6:group of workers and go on with the job. If the story of my life encourages another ordinary personAutobiography, 7:be good. You can see, therefore, that as a life story mine does not matter much. As a means,Autobiography, 7:must know them too. So here goes for the story of my life. Do not be misled. It is not going to beAutobiography, 9:is of course a bad note upon which to begin the story of one's life. It is what metaphysicians callAutobiography, 91:of self-centeredness. It would also be a sorry story. If I have any wisdom today and if any of usAutobiography, 95:met Theo Schofield and me. She bad heard Theo's story and Theo loved me. She had heard my story -Autobiography, 95:Theo's story and Theo loved me. She had heard my story - the story of a bewildered, martyred saint;Autobiography, 95:and Theo loved me. She had heard my story - the story of a bewildered, martyred saint; at leastAutobiography, 95:been lying for quite a time. I blubbered out my story to Elise and Theo and was then lovinglyAutobiography, 97:knew life and she loved people. I told her the story of Walter Evans, about the Major in London andAutobiography, 100:was. I shall just have to get ahead and tell my story with its sorrows and pain and distress asAutobiography, 130:been people who were under obligation to me, the story would be different, but all this expressedAutobiography, 130:A. Bailey - Chapter III Let me tell one more story which expresses even more fully this attitude ofAutobiography, 131:me in my office in New York. The burden of her story was that she was having an awful time;Autobiography, 145:us. The past history of every nation is a sorry story but it conditions our thinking. GreatAutobiography, 227:no need for me to deal with the details of the story. On all counts Mildred handled a mostAutobiography, 232:implications to astronomical happenings the story is very different. People hear the statement madeAutobiography, 233:scapegoat in Jewish history. We have the Bible story of the ram caught in the thicket and all thisAutobiography, 233:so characteristically through the entire Gospel story. His disciples were largely fishermen. HeBethlehem, 3:has failed and that man does not need the Gospel story with its implications of divinity and itsBethlehem, 3:its urge to service and sacrifice. Is the Gospel story historically true? Is it a mystical tale ofBethlehem, 4:question as to the historical accuracy of His story remains as yet unsolved, though His teachingBethlehem, 7:spend their lives in proving that the whole story is only a myth. It should, however, be pointedBethlehem, 8:is life and truth and vitality in the Gospel story yet to be reapplied by us. There is dynamic andBethlehem, 8:regarded as myth, and the clear outlines of the story have dimmed and have come frequently to beBethlehem, 9:of the Christian. If it can be shown that the story revealed in the Gospels has not only anBethlehem, 9:dealing as it does with the facts of the Gospel story, that fivefold sequential myth which teachesBethlehem, 11:some of the deeper significances of the Gospel story may enable the modern seeker to grasp theBethlehem, 13:which we call the "baptism in Jordan." The story of Christ's birth at Bethlehem can be paralleledBethlehem, 17:gives us the keynote of the entire Gospel story, and constitutes the theme of this book. TheBethlehem, 21:part. Christ enacted for us the dramatic story of the five initiations, and urged us to follow inBethlehem, 22:picture of the entire process in His own life story, built around those major initiations which areBethlehem, 34:and study those episodes related in the Gospel story which vitally concern the individual humanBethlehem, 40:of consciousness. This is apparent in the Gospel story. [41] Bethlehem, 43:of which the details are given us in the Gospel story, the work is carried on which makes the laterBethlehem, 45:of illumination, as portrayed in the Gospel story, is possible to the disciples of the world.Bethlehem, 51:and symbols of the world; he reads and knows the story of the world Saviors; at the same time heBethlehem, 51:same time he himself has to re-enact the same story and make myth a fact in his own personalBethlehem, 55:II, 6, 7.) In these simple words the momentous story begins - a story of such far-reachingBethlehem, 55:simple words the momentous story begins - a story of such far-reaching consequences that only todayBethlehem, 57:and temperament; The uniformity of their life story, the appearance again and again of the VirginBethlehem, 57:Mary), the similarity in detail of the birth story, all indicate to us the constant re-enactment ofBethlehem, 59:In studying these five initiations of the Gospel story, we find that two of them took place in aBethlehem, 60:and the missions are ever identical. "The Jesus-story, it will now be seen, has a greater number ofBethlehem, 64:three there is portrayed for us symbolically the story of the Child which shall be born, suffer andBethlehem, 65:preceding the birth, is also a part of the life-story of other teachers sent from God. ForBethlehem, 65:by T. W. Doane, p. 5. We are told in the Gospel story that the Virgin Mary, with her husband JosephBethlehem, 65:of its hidden meaning. In the study of the Bible story, I have used only the Bible itself andBethlehem, 67:and matter that God stands revealed. That is the story of the divine incarnation. Matter,Bethlehem, 67:mythical and individual. Associated with the story-book of the heavens there are threeBethlehem, 68:place of pain and weariness. This cave or stable story of the New Testament is perhaps as full ofBethlehem, 69:that asses are definitely associated with the story of Mary and her Child. Two asses are foundBethlehem, 69:Two asses are found mentioned in the Gospel story, one coming from the north and bearing Mary toBethlehem, 77:Luke, II, 51, 52.) [77] Frequently in the Gospel story, we find the word "down" occurring. ChristBethlehem, 80:waste of time to go on elaborating this ancient story of the living Christ if it contains for us noBethlehem, 91:the keynote of the best minds of the age. The story of ideas, how they come and how they make theirBethlehem, 91:changing the course of human affairs, is the story of history; but curiously enough, ideasBethlehem, 96:13-17. In these simple words we are told the story of this initiation. The keynote is purification,Bethlehem, 98:that two kinds of baptism are referred to in the story. "John answered, saying unto them all, IBethlehem, 98:and of fire. In these two symbols much of the story of human development is summed up, and theBethlehem, 101:episode - John, Jesus and Christ - the whole story of the consecrated aspirant is summed up: John,Bethlehem, 107:His innermost mind. The following words open the story and are significant: "And lo a voice fromBethlehem, 107:of the devil." (St. Matt., III, 17, IV, 1.) This story of the temptation in the wilderness is mostBethlehem, 108:relation of Christ to evil? Had this wilderness story never been told to us, what would have beenBethlehem, 108:a needed lesson; let us therefore study the story from the angle of Christ's humanity, neverBethlehem, 109:Humanity itself is at stake, in the wilderness story. The whole world of material things, of desireBethlehem, 135:interior crisis, and this time, according to the story, one which He shared with His three favoriteBethlehem, 136:never been written and had we only the Gospel story upon which to base our Christian belief. ThisBethlehem, 137:self-sacrifice. In these five episodes the whole story of initiation is told; birth, subsequentBethlehem, 149:of the revelations. The very simplicity of the story as related in the Gospels has a majesty and aBethlehem, 151:the mountain-top, after six days of work, so the story runs, and could not bear the sight of soBethlehem, 152:study briefly the place of the disciples in the story of this experience. Down through BiblicalBethlehem, 154:us the clue to the meaning of this wonderful story. Peter, as we well know, means "rock." Here isBethlehem, 162:death which makes us sons. Nowhere in the Gospel story does an opposite statement find support.Bethlehem, 164:of real interest to compare a somewhat similar story related in The Bhagavad Gita, wherein ArjunaBethlehem, 176:Initiation - The Crucifixion In considering the story of Jesus upon the Cross, it is essential,
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