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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STORY

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Hercules, 61:This is a symbolic method of telling us the story of the appearance of mind, and of how it began toHercules, 63:we are told in the wonderful consummation of the story, that Atlas, freed from his burden, goes toHercules, 65:the decreasing power of the personal self. The story of man's growth to maturity and the history ofHercules, 68:with Hercules, the aspirant, the whole story of the human being is again most strikingly portrayed.Hercules, 69:at night and locate Sirius, the Dog Star, the story of our past, present and future is dramaticallyHercules, 69:and future is dramatically pictured. We have the story of our past in Lepus, the Hare, fleet ofHercules, 69:"The Coming Prince". In Canis Minor, we have the story of the aspirant, of our present lot.Hercules, 70:left to us except the starry heavens, the story of the zodiac and the significance of the names ofHercules, 70:Part 2 The Lesson of the Labor The whole of this story really signifies the lesson which is theHercules, 81:unit. Where the aspirant is concerned, the story is somewhat different, for in these four signs, heHercules, 83:of Hercules - Labor IV - Part 1 Meaning of the Story Eurystheus, therefore, sent Hercules toHercules, 87:inspiration, are the four words that express the story of the cardinal cross in the heavens. (TheHercules, 89:tails, and these again link up the gospel story with the story of the manger. In connection withHercules, 89:these again link up the gospel story with the story of the manger. In connection with the birth ofHercules, 91:and the constant holding before our eyes of the story of the evolution of matter in form, ofHercules, 103:the Lord has been grasped in Cancer. [103] The Story of the Myth After a relatively simple labor inHercules, 105:and thus in this grouping of stars we have the story of man, of the personality, the initiate andHercules, 116:the present. Interpretations of the Myth The story of the myth related that the great Presiding OneHercules, 117:are small [117] but important points in the story not to be overlooked. What did HippolyteHercules, 138:man working in Libra. The symbol is based on the story of Ariadne, the mother aspect, who was givenHercules, 140:best available material for the details of the story casting it in the iambic cadence of The OldHercules, 142:myth statement by the Tibetan to guide us. The story that the ninth head was the immortal headHercules, 151:for selfish ends. To sum up the whole story, in the sign Scorpio, the Self is determined to killHercules, 153:the true or the illusion. That is the underlying story of Scorpio. The Constellations and the StarsHercules, 158:Labors of Hercules - Labor IX Let us narrow the story down to Hercules, the aspirant, and what heHercules, 159:rid of the sense of "I am". That is the whole story of the life of the aspirant. You must become soHercules, 159:half human and half divine - you have the whole story. A white horse is always the symbol ofHercules, 167:about it. I have omitted so much. Details of the Story We read that the marshes of Acadia wereHercules, 167:and shot them with his arrows. It is a wonderful story. Marshes are a symbol of the mind plusHercules, 176:The Climbing of the Mountain Capricorn tells the story of the climbing of the mountain and of theHercules, 177:to do if there is need to help. That is the story of the initiate always, because it is based onHercules, 184:human being in incarnation. There you have the story. Having traced that wonderful, idealistic,Hercules, 197:of Hercules - Labor XII Interpretation of the Story There are several variations of the mythHercules, 197:red cattle. Here is the beautiful part of the story: Hercules placed all of the cattle in theHercules, 207:individual and racial, that is revealed in the story of this ancient Son of God. We are given aHercules, 208:of those who see God. A point is reached in the story where intelligent cooperation with soulHercules, 208:as we are striving. Through the reading of this story, fresh interest in the spiritual life may beHercules, 208:of the stages upon the Path of Divinity. In the story of Hercules, we have portrayed for us theHercules, 209:of Initiation. In the case of the Buddha, the story starts later than that of Hercules and we seeHercules, 210:which Hercules brings to us. This is also the story of the cosmic Christ, crucified from theHercules, 210:upon the fixed cross of the heavens. This is the story of the historical Christ, given us in theHercules, 210:of the historical Christ, given us in the gospel story and enacted for us two thousand years ago inHercules, 210:the sign of Pisces, the fishes. This is the story of every individual man, crucified upon the crossHercules, 210:being. God, incarnate in matter. Such is the story of the solar system, the story of our planet,Hercules, 210:Such is the story of the solar system, the story of our planet, the story of every man. As we lookHercules, 210:the solar system, the story of our planet, the story of every man. As we look at the starry heavensHercules, 219:have, therefore, the emphasis laid in the Gospel story upon the fish symbology. Christ choseHercules, 223:its use. In these three crosses is summed up the story of the Cosmic Christ, God crucified inHercules, 223:means the twisting and struggling ram. Note the story of Abraham and the ram caught in the thicket.Initiation, 44:related with approximate accuracy in the Bible story (though with much error in detail) has heInitiation, 56:book of Zechariah, as Joshua, and in the Gospel story he is known for two great sacrifices, that inIntellect, 91:of the Rev. R.J. Campbell state succinctly our story and our task. He says: "For the purpose ofIntellect, 94:beautifully pictured for us in the Bible in the story of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego. We readIntellect, 242:and of right use of energy, the whole story of the meditation work is summed up. It becomesMagic, 429:teaches us the yoga of the mind. In the Gospel story we have the portrayal of realization, but theMagic, 439:in it and we know little about Pluto. So the story will run. Yet Pluto has always been revolvingMagic, 497:- living, moving and being - we have the entire story. Being is awareness, self-consciousness andMagic, 551:In those three words lies the entire story. They sum up the history of the Creator and the lifeMagic, 551:sum up the history of the Creator and the life story and environing conditions of every humanMagic, 581:words - type, quality, strength and speed - the story of the work of a White Magician is told. ButMagic, 605:and in the interplay of these three threads the story of evolution is to be found. One threadMeditation, 266:John, the beloved disciple, held in the Bible story. All these stages are governed by two things:Problems, 74:maximum output at the minimum cost. It is no new story. In the Middle Ages, the exploited workmen,Problems, 95:(rightly or wrongly) their just rights. The story of the little nations would take years to writeProblems, 95:to write and years to read. It would be the story of humanity. All we can do is to recognize thatProblems, 102:of the Jews is a grievous and ghastly story, only paralleled by the Jewish treatment of theirProblems, 104:of this, one must place the long and sorry story of the persecution of the Jews by the Gentiles -Problems, 104:persons in Europe after the war. This same sorry story of Gentile cruelty includes also the growingProblems, 106:the Italians in Eastern Africa. It is a sorry story of cruelty, theft and exploitation on the partProblems, 106:good also came out of it for the black race. The story of these relationships is still unfinished,Problems, 111:the western hemisphere constitutes a very ugly story, seriously implicates the white man andProblems, 137:they - like the rich young man in the Gospel story - turn sadly away? Will they spend the availablePsychology1, 14:extinguishes, duality. Remember that the entire story of evolution is the story of consciousness,Psychology1, 14:that the entire story of evolution is the story of consciousness, and of a growing expansion of thePsychology1, 18:form is made most clearly apparent to us in the story of the Christ of Galilee. He was constantlyPsychology1, 21:in form. This statement covers also the life story and the qualified appearance of any one of thePsychology1, 47:these are synthetic symbols, conveying a cosmic story in terms of constructive brevity. Thus thePsychology1, 80:to man, it has produced the corrupt and awful story of man's cruelty to man. In the above mantram.Psychology1, 227:or lead, you would see revealed the complete story of evolution. If you could study the hiddenPsychology1, 285:sentient universe. Of this relation the Gospel story is a dramatic symbol, and the historicalPsychology1, 286:was revealed. The drama of creation and the story of revelation are depicted for us, if we couldPsychology1, 288:the use of esoteric students, so that the great story of sex may be comprehended in its spiritualPsychology1, 396:world, is to be found the secret of the Masonic story and of the slaying of the Master by the threePsychology1, 398:day when they might have entered into light, the story of the search for light. Because they hadPsychology2, 5:on the emerging Plan of Deity, and the whole story of the creative process becomes the story ofPsychology2, 5:whole story of the creative process becomes the story of God's realized purpose. In the firstPsychology2, 53:higher vision. One of the ways in which the life story of a soul is charted in the archives of thePsychology2, 53:crises of importance are charted. The entire story of the relationship of a soul with [54] itsPsychology2, 54:of expression in the three worlds, is the story of the various types of energy which are beingPsychology2, 54:of the initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, the story of man, the aspirant, is the story of hisPsychology2, 54:Wisdom, the story of man, the aspirant, is the story of his response to, or repulse of, appliedPsychology2, 57:must be studied by the human intellect) is the story of the evolution of consciousness and not thePsychology2, 57:of the evolution of consciousness and not the story of the evolution of form. This latter evolutionPsychology2, 96:to return again whence he came. Such is the life story of all the [97] sons of God who came intoPsychology2, 97:eventually to gain, - such is the underlying story of evolution. This needs psychologicalPsychology2, 156:nature, and then further demands. This is the story of the race. Experience, steadily sought andPsychology2, 157:Such, briefly and inadequately stated, is the story of man as he searches for happiness, for joyPsychology2, 164:remember that, when Christ was relating this story, He made it abundantly clear that there was noPsychology2, 166:his will to wander or to desire. A study of this story will be found revealing. In no Scripture isPsychology2, 188:in these last three words is summed up the whole story. These groups are intended to facilitate
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