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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRAIGHT

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Astrology, 154:single eye are blended and depicted by the long straight horn of the unicorn in the center of theAstrology, 181:for the path between the pairs of opposites runs straight and level, leaving the depths ofAstrology, 251:would serve but to confuse the issue. They speak straight to the heart and without obscurity. ToAstrology, 309:soul (2nd ray) carries its power of expression straight through from its own plane to the plane ofAstrology, 600:of the manifestation." This statement takes you straight back to God [601] the Father, to theAutobiography, 11:the wrongs which we have wrought and to put straight the crooked places for which we areAutobiography, 33:spiritual aspiration and my determination to be straight good? That this determination tookAutobiography, 67:What came over me I do not know but I looked him straight in the eye and said, "I am frightened.Autobiography, 96:stupidity in her. I can see her now - tall and straight in her brown deaconess' uniform, getting upAutobiography, 104:on his stipend and my small income. We went straight from England to Cincinnati, Ohio, where myAutobiography, 109:whom I had [109] done nothing but who was just straight human and kind and I got another peek intoAutobiography, 129:them a kindness in my life, but they were just straight good to me and I have never forgotten it. IAutobiography, 146:think it is largely due to posture. I walk very straight and hold my head high but so would you ifAutobiography, 155:call Them. To my surprise there, looking straight at me, was a picture of my visitor. There was noAutobiography, 162:(which everybody is doing all the time) or straight fraud; or on the other hand, those writingsAutobiography, 223:in beautiful language. I told them baldly and straight just what it was all about, including itsBethlehem, 21:the stage of enquiry to what the Tibetans call "straight knowledge." Upon that path [22] vision andBethlehem, 131:the peaceful lake; The center moved, a circle straight succeeds, Another still, and still anotherBethlehem, 173:rood; And millions who, humble and nameless, The straight, hard pathway plod - Some call itDestiny, 86:and implications, yet essentially the inner straight line of foreseen and planned activity willDiscipleship1, 181:lay stress is alignment. You need to develop a straight and direct contact between soul and brainDiscipleship1, 271:where the need is for a direct appeal and a straight presentation of the facts is warranted. ThisDiscipleship1, 320:the problem which emerges when you have a straight line of contact between the first ray soul, theDiscipleship1, 379:relations, you can most easily put the matter straight, for your second ray soul can come in, inDiscipleship1, 385:dividing the field into two halves, and leading straight to the golden gates. As you advance alongDiscipleship1, 396:life tendency of pushing unemotionally straight ahead will save him here, for he will penetrate theDiscipleship1, 441:your way, and the path of this service leads straight to me, my brother... NOTE: This disciple wasDiscipleship1, 448:feeling leaves them. The initiate walks ever a straight course between the pairs of opposites,Discipleship1, 486:your Taurian tendencies for, as the Bull rushes straight forward seeing only that which liesDiscipleship1, 612:and seek to shield you and to hold you to the straight path of service. They are conscious ofDiscipleship1, 677:Father's disowning, which drives the prodigal straight to the Father's heart; pain is the cross ofDiscipleship1, 683:who are good - so-called. Self-forgetfulness and straight kindness means ever harmlessness and thatDiscipleship2, 215:of the personality and soul fusion. 4. Straight meditation. This is a focused, concentrated mentalDiscipleship2, 388:I would ask you to read them several times straight through with concentrated thought and to noteDiscipleship2, 393:masses of men. You have, therefore: There is a straight line of spiritual descent from the MastersDiscipleship2, 400:is completely [400] aligned and can function straight through from the head center to the highestDiscipleship2, 416:reason; this is what Patanjali describes as "straight knowledge," uncomplicated and, at the sameDiscipleship2, 458:seen. The theory will be comprehended and much straight application will be made. Unity will becomeDiscipleship2, 466:presented by others), and also to blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart ofDiscipleship2, 648:Around me are the thorns. My feet are tired. But straight ahead stretches the Lighted Way and onDiscipleship2, 660:possible. Hold in the mind, imaginatively, the straight line of the spinal column, the head center,Discipleship2, 755:reality the manipulation of radiant solar energy straight from "the heart of the sun," technicallyEducation, 28:physical life, from a point within the brain, straight through to the inner mechanism. This thread,Externalisation, 153:the planetary situation; there has been a straight line along which energy has poured fromExternalisation, 179:thoughts of peace and of love can put the world straight and end the war. Such people, fighting theExternalisation, 225:mediatorship and can then avail itself of the straight line of ascent and descent through the doorsExternalisation, 349:them the channel whereby that demand can reach straight through to Shamballa. This is the point toExternalisation, 536:has been for long the case, and secondly, in a straight line, carrying energy direct to Humanity,Externalisation, 585:principles on to higher levels. This is straight hierarchical work. It affects on broad lines theFire, 97:planes below. The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from the thirdFire, 225:Square the Potentiality of Matter; the Vertical Straight Line the Potency of Spirit, and theFire, 589:planes below. The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from the thirdFire, 760:to the physical plane. The line of force extends straight through from monadic levels to theFire, 760:this being transmitted consciously via the Monad straight through to the physical plane from theFire, 878:by the blazing forth of the central jewel) straight to the central spiritual sun, there to abideFire, 1035:the Bodhisattva, which consists of the straight central serpent with the two others entwined aroundFire, 1271:latest known aids Him to forward grope, and pass straight onward through the veiling clouds; onlyGlamour, 39:left. May strength then be given to you to drive straight forward between these two opponents, whoGlamour, 83:and emotional nature to the effect of hard straight thinking, using the mind as the instrumentGlamour, 101:worlds which stretch on either hand. He travels straight towards his goal. 3. The stage wherein theGlamour, 104:way which leads from the heart of the fog, straight to the door of light." It is with the intentionHealing, 115:to nervous trouble of some kind or another. The straight mystic succumbs more to purelyHealing, 656:would see a golden stream of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodies of theHealing, 711:and energy has fulfiled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced toHercules, 15:twain and handed them, in leash, to Hercules. Straight from the place of waters came they, ofHercules, 21:... But in eighteen we have the vision of the Straight and Narrow Path: the Dot has unfolded intoHercules, 21:to make the twisted line subservient to the straight line" (The Key of Destiny, H. A. and F. H.Hercules, 25:a bow and arrow, symbolizing the capacity to go straight to the goal; symbol, too, of that piercingHercules, 47:have Sagittarius, the Archer on the Horse, going straight for his goal, and in Pisces we find theHercules, 63:is that of Sagittarius, the Archer, who shoots straight and rides unhindered to the goal. noHercules, 82:Now he can be the archer in Sagittarius, going straight for his goal; now he can be the goat inHercules, 98:planted an arrow in the shoulder of the lion. Straight to the mark it flew. Upon the ground theHercules, 139:of the sign are clear and plain: they speak straight to the heart and without obscurity. To theHercules, 141:his arrows in burning pitch, and rained them straight into the yawning cavern where dwelt theHercules, 157:aspirant, the archer on the horse, going straight as an arrow to his goal. It is interesting thatHercules, 162:to Sagittarius. One, Aquila, the eagle flying straight into the face of the sun, the bird out ofHercules, 162:and saying to himself, "I am spirit flying straight for my home"; looking the other side and seeingHercules, 200:connecting the two fishes, one fish headed straight to the north and the other swimming on theInitiation, 83:increased kind, makes his lapses from the straight path to have more powerful effects than is theIntellect, 219:that we should sit erect, with the spine in a straight line; that we should sit relaxed (withoutIntellect, 261:be the controlling factor, and when we think straight, live straight, and raise all thoughts andIntellect, 261:factor, and when we think straight, live straight, and raise all thoughts and energies into theMagic, 85:opposites, the middle path is gained that leads straight to the heart of the citadel. With theseMagic, 349:is over) well done! Let your eyes therefore look straight on. Turn not to the right hand nor to theMagic, 533:Father's disowning, which drives the prodigal straight to the Father's heart; pain is the cross ofMagic, 535:Illumination - what does that lead to? Straight to the summit of achievement, to the fulfilment ofMagic, 632:workers, and much loneliness. Those who are straight Pisceans. These work with much greaterMagic, 637:wanders "down the lanes of life and misses that straight highway which will lead him to his goal."Meditationunobstructed and free from interference, straight through to the physical brain. When the alignmentMeditation, 5:Personality with the body egoic, till the one straight line is achieved and the man becomes theMeditation, 212:some others. These colored rings do not follow a straight unimpeded course, but interweave in aMeditation, 261:He can pass - by the line of least resistance - straight to the "bosom of His Father in Heaven".Problems, 14:needful to make this clear so that there may be straight thinking as we face the world of today andProblems, 120:which runs between the pairs of opposites, straight to the very heart of God; they tread thePsychology1, 276:desire. They may have the virtues of "straight living" eulogized to them, and even the fact thatPsychology1, 345:and there is free interplay of energies and a straight aligned channel between the various aspectsPsychology2, 38:life, the middle, lighted way. It passes straight between the dual worlds. Find thou that narrow,Psychology2, 353:of method takes place, for, instead of moving straight forward, he waits in patience and seeks toPsychology2, 372:The word goes out from soul to form: 'Run not so straight. The path that you are on leads to thePsychology2, 538:soul to the personality, that energy will pass straight down to the sacral center and not be
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