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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRAIN

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Astrology, 159:the individual man or with the initiate. Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forces nativeAstrology, 357:- are focused upon our planet. This produces strain, action and reaction, and that condition ofAstrology, 397:needed in these serious days of readjustment and strain. Astrology, 413:I would add here a sixth reason for the present strain and stress in the response of the humanAstrology, 499:Once there is a measure of nervous release from strain and once the swing of the world-movement hasAutobiographywhich she sought strenuously to offset, the strain of inadequate finances for the expansion of theAutobiography, 9:peace and happiness. Our hours of stress and strain appear to affect our consciousness (thatAutobiography, 204:deeply rooted situation which eliminates all strain and enables us to pick up the threads of aDestiny, 26:under the pressure of modern life, under the strain of the imposed present conditions andDestiny, 35:which is inducing the present stress and strain is due to the fact that so many millions of peopleDestiny, 64:achievement, for they do not start with any pure strain. This tendency towards racial segregationDestiny, 71:powerful nations but are so no longer, but the strain is there, and of these, India and the JewishDestiny, 71:as for instance the German nation, yet the strain is very ancient. Strains, types, races, nations,Discipleship1, 6:out, likewise, in the midst of the stress and strain of Western civilization. This imposes on allDiscipleship1, 21:that you are equal to more effort and to greater strain than ever before. Discipleship1, 74:penetrating. . . . In this time of stress and strain, my brothers, I would remind you that there isDiscipleship1, 76:which prevail at this time. In the stress and strain of your group work let each of you bear inDiscipleship1, 148:F.C.D. June 1936 BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLD: The strain of the past six months has been great. ButDiscipleship1, 165:be laid. This cyclic rhythm will release from strain and yet enable the workers in the Group toDiscipleship1, 173:is no inner contact. These disciples offer no strain to the inner teacher and, in the lastDiscipleship1, 174:time you only do under strong mental stress and strain, for it is not yet a life habit My blessingDiscipleship1, 181:of our modern world. You have had a year of strain, interior strain predominantly. I believe youDiscipleship1, 181:world. You have had a year of strain, interior strain predominantly. I believe you realize that youDiscipleship1, 181:may show but little relief or lessening of the strain but you are (interiorly again) far betterDiscipleship1, 208:July 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: You have had much of strain, difficulty and mental readjustment duringDiscipleship1, 208:but then who has not in these days of world strain, world difficulty and world adjustment. I wouldDiscipleship1, 217:anxiety. Of this, there is no fear. But that the strain could become so heavy that all your powersDiscipleship1, 223:your health but principally - in these days of strain and of difficulty - your astral health. WillDiscipleship1, 241:reopen it again if you were subjected to undue strain. It was through this rent that the glamorDiscipleship1, 264:and you must now remember that all periods of strain are but preparatory to the handling of stillDiscipleship1, 279:to be definitely rendered. Emotional stress and strain and your intense love of beauty have beenDiscipleship1, 292:with ease and eliminate the consciousness of strain and the sense of pressure. You belong to theDiscipleship1, 294:have brought to you three things: First, much strain, both in connection with your own immediateDiscipleship1, 296:not so, my brother?) and mental difficulty and strain. This latter has been the worst and is partlyDiscipleship1, 328:powerful dynamic intensity which imposes ever a strain upon the brain cells. Your work must lieDiscipleship1, 329:year of crisis and, therefore, a year of intense strain upon all the disciples in the world. TheyDiscipleship1, 353:consciousness and there - without any sense of strain or pressure - it will be graduallyDiscipleship1, 393:February 1936 MY BROTHER: You have had a year of strain and of much anxiety. But you have grownDiscipleship1, 395:Another has been subjected to the strain of constant and, at times, serious ill health, with itsDiscipleship1, 395:had a long period (extending over many years) of strain, incident to environing conditions, muchDiscipleship1, 417:prime endeavor. Also, my brother, work not under strain or with effort. Bring ease and effortlessDiscipleship1, 434:of the fight and the fatigue incident to the strain of active service for the Hierarchy, let themDiscipleship1, 456:you sufficient or adequate motive to warrant the strain and effort. But usefulness to the group andDiscipleship1, 456:motive, and this must be borne in mind when the strain and effort is at its height. You are at theDiscipleship1, 457:AND FELLOW WORKER: All periods of stress and strain end when the experiencing soul learns to liveDiscipleship1, 477:You have stood steady under several years of strain and difficulty and you have not deviated fromDiscipleship1, 489:and more than adequate compensation for any strain and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hourDiscipleship1, 538:balanced and carried forward without much real strain. When this is the case, it may be yourDiscipleship1, 594:will understand whereof I speak. The period of strain and stress now lies behind you. Your place inDiscipleship1, 619:to work under the liability of the present strain, and under the pressure of a deep spiritualDiscipleship1, 623:This past year has been one of testing and of strain for you and of consistent, faithful, innerDiscipleship1, 642:the Full Moon Approach (owing to the tension and strain which my suggestion may evoke in yourDiscipleship1, 668:today. People everywhere are living under great strain. Forget not that it is the few in every landDiscipleship2, 13:passed through a cycle of real difficulty and strain. This is true of all disciples. The pastDiscipleship2, 14:of the [14] personality to undue pressure and strain, to world conditions and clearer vision.Discipleship2, 14:a problem of fellow disciples, adding to their strain and necessitating an effort upon their partDiscipleship2, 35:greater his power to include, the greater his strain and pain; the further on he is upon the Way,Discipleship2, 43:regulated life program, an the nervousness and strain which are the common lot today; it takesDiscipleship2, 65:dualism of existence is apt to produce violent strain. The extreme psychical tension affecting theDiscipleship2, 65:tension affecting the Hierarchy puts an undue strain upon the emotions and the mental mechanism ofDiscipleship2, 66:and the Masters bear this ever in mind. Also the strain of the world cataclysm has increased theseDiscipleship2, 66:has increased these difficulties, and that strain is far more wide-reaching than is generallyDiscipleship2, 66:generally believed. Do you realize wherein the strain consists, apart from the physical disastersDiscipleship2, 74:and during a particular time of stress and strain. Of this I am not unmindful. I am disbanding thisDiscipleship2, 81:of the world were under great and peculiar strain, many of them working off and handling severeDiscipleship2, 82:service of those disciples who can stand the strain and face themselves with truth and sincerity.Discipleship2, 180:The world of men has been subjected to such strain and suffering that hundreds of thousands inDiscipleship2, 330:present in a disciple's life, it places a real strain upon his co-disciples. They have to share theDiscipleship2, 464:country and in your sensitive reaction to racial strain, the import of his conversation with you aDiscipleship2, 470:The task today proffered you, and its incidental strain and suffering, will be of another kind andDiscipleship2, 471:and they have been years of great stress and strain for you. Every disciple in these troubled timesDiscipleship2, 484:at interior unfoldment; [484] you need to strain after outer ability to contact, to influence andDiscipleship2, 488:one or two threads as yet to gather up. Undue strain upon the physical vehicle - no matter whetherDiscipleship2, 529:nervous effects upon the constitution, its strain upon the astral body as well as the physical, andDiscipleship2, 588:not the pressure of work at this time and world strain overcome you in any way. The task of worldDiscipleship2, 641:Take seven long breaths, slowly and without strain and as you do so visualize yourself as mountingDiscipleship2, 641:the head by an act of the will but without any strain or pressure. The retention of energy is not aDiscipleship2, 651:into light. Work not under such a sense of inner strain and effort. I refer not to the outerDiscipleship2, 683:on this. These are days of terrific stress and strain, far greater and more far reaching than youDiscipleship2, 703:which lies open before you, has entailed much strain. To these factors must be added another oneDiscipleship2, 735:decisions. This ray produces the "harmonizing" strain and stress on any of the planes (using theseDiscipleship2, 739:BROTHER: I have been concerned about you. The strain under which you work and live is not good, andExternalisation, 4:(1914-1918), and through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetary populace, the web ofExternalisation, 6:back to the over-stimulation and the undue strain placed upon the mechanism of the bodies, whichExternalisation, 7:mass of human vehicles to meet the newly imposed strain and some idea of the problem can beExternalisation, 18:and every day. This perforce puts an undue strain on the brain cells for it brings quiescent cellsExternalisation, 62:you can do to help. In this time of stress and strain, my brothers, I would remind all aspirantsExternalisation, 208:Patience will be required, because the nervous strain of war and pain and anxiety, fear andExternalisation, 222:affairs and inaugurating - under the stress and strain of the times - the new and needed freshExternalisation, 251:it is hard to attain in a time of stress and strain. The present time is peculiarly hard. Perhaps aExternalisation, 270:to the fact that mankind is so weakened by pain, strain and suffering, the probability is that itExternalisation, 327:psychological integration as the result of nerve strain, an acute fear of what the future may holdExternalisation, 333:objectively, and with reality; immediately the strain is terrific. This is one of the difficultiesExternalisation, 333:are synonymous. This necessarily involves a strain - the strain of prolonged inner contact andExternalisation, 333:This necessarily involves a strain - the strain of prolonged inner contact and realization, plusExternalisation, 334:quality - but simply through world pressure and strain. In the unfoldment of goodwill in the worldExternalisation, 335:the exclusion of others, for that will produce strain, lack of balance and sometimes [336] a senseExternalisation, 336:that its progress will be irresistible. The strain of the past three years has been long and great.Externalisation, 336:and the need for love and strength is great. The strain ahead will be no lighter, though it willExternalisation, 457:of the war and to the physical and psychological strain under which mankind has labored for so many
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