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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRAIN

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Externalisation, 686:been responsible. This subjects Them to a great strain and forces Them to use the will aspect ofGlamour, 7:becomes more rapidly possible. It will put a strain upon certain unawakened areas in the brain andGlamour, 142:must relinquish all sense of tension or of strain and must learn to work with pure faith and love.Healing, 87:of the centers concerned, may put too great a strain upon the nervous system and produce, as aHealing, 107:(again due to the etheric body) leads to mental strain and eventual collapse. From this you can seeHealing, 137:soul ray. This necessarily produces stress and strain in the physical vehicle. Personality life andHealing, 175:by much testing and experiment) naturally put a strain upon the physical body and are the cause ofHealing, 192:this leads inevitably to conflict, increased strain and frequently aggravated disease andHealing, 238:in the other, the heart center opens up and the strain put upon the organ of the heart is tooHealing, 238:plexus to the heart, thus putting an unexpected strain upon it. I am dealing naturally in broadHealing, 239:the heart will be subjected only to a general strain, along with all the other centers. Cancer is aHealing, 313:the physical body is strong enough to stand the strain, it is well to let the fever have its wayHealing, 367:of decrease for some time yet, such is the strain under which man labors today. The present worldHealing, 399:mental disability as the result of war and the strain of war, the observation of pain and agonyHealing, 664:is only very gradually eliminated, without much strain and with small effort on the part of man. ItHercules, 136:flower opens, instead of with stress and anxious strain. Here we might note that Libra representsInitiation, 88:the intellect sufficiently stable to stand the strain of knowing. Before the fourth initiation canMagic, 84:result can be seen in bodies unfitted for any strain such as occultism imposes, and which form aMagic, 135:to long effort in materializing the plan and the strain incident upon high endeavor. They mustMagic, 224:or it may be a long and protracted emotional strain, carried over many years of living. But in theMagic, 224:in the world war and the present world strain. The first initiation of humanity, as an entity, tookMagic, 224:was preceded by a period of fearful stress and strain, dimly sensed by the pioneers into the humanMagic, 228:astral body and work under greater emotional strain than the less highly evolved and the liberatedMagic, 277:ties and affiliations - nor too prolonged and so strain beyond endurance the sorely tried fabric ofMagic, 305:of the other three classes of fears; of the strain which they put upon their astral body, and theMagic, 305:of sedatives and of anesthetics so that undue strain should not be put on an already overworkedMagic, 623:recognized or not recognized at all. He is under strain naturally, and - like a man carrying aMagic, 623:load up a steep hill - he discovers points of strain, and evinces a tendency to break [624] downMagic, 624:to weaknesses. To all this must be added the strain of the period itself, and the general conditionMagic, 624:aspirant to service. He is either, through the strain, learning detachment, and this curiouslyMeditation, 41:by law; instead of economic and political strain and stress will be seen the harmonious working ofMeditation, 89:a certain period of relaxation from the present strain and suspense, it will not be possible toMeditation, 93:results that are to be [93] reached by undue strain, by over-excess of zeal, and by aMeditation, 104:of the blood [104] vessels and a consequent strain upon the delicate brain tissue. This may resultPsychology1, xvii:is to be rightly utilized and the stress and strain in the world relieved. The teaching to be givenPsychology1, 92:man struggled and suffered and relieved the strain of living by constructing a body of thoughtPsychology1, 106:not handicap the Masters at this time of intense strain and danger by attracting Their attentionPsychology1, 173:needless to point out that material stress and strain and the wrecking of old political parties andPsychology1, 343:is gained through battle, through stress and strain. Knowledge, expressing itself eventuallyPsychology1, 400:have been so numerous that there exists no pure strain. Climate and [401] environment arePsychology2, 465:brought into conflict. This necessarily leads to strain and difficulty, and unless there is aPsychology2, 466:or the disruption of the brain cells through the strain to which they have been subjected. Psychology2, 469:for too long a period, it produces mental strain, nervous breakdown and sometimes permanentPsychology2, 517:Workers at this time. In the stress and strain of modern living, men are apt to think that thePsychology2, 545:towards the light? The answer is that the strain put upon the physical vehicle by the shift of thePsychology2, 545:energies are being raised. This clash produces strain, physical discomfort and (as we have seen)Psychology2, 546:the difficulties which tend also to increase the strain is the inability of the average mystic toPsychology2, 550:body all the time will give some idea of the strain under which the individual man labors, and willPsychology2, 579:reaction of any kind and, therefore, no undue strain is put upon the nervous system and the brain.Psychology2, 653:a small measure, is a Herculean task, and will strain the resources of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 714:no conflict; but there is, however, a sense of strain, a pressure which seems past endurance, andPsychology2, 719:the Masters regard it) to lay such an emotional strain and mental stress upon the mechanism ofPsychology2, 719:May, 1937, had to consider the offsetting of the strain. Humanity can get too tired to react, andRays, 70:in the tension produced by the world agony and strain, are the reflections of this, and embody allRays, 125:and seek to express certain ideas which will strain your mental perception, evoke your intuitionRays, 429:and as yet shows little inclination to do so. Strain, economic privations and anxiety may teachRays, 439:possible, but it causes Them no [439] concern or strain, no anxiety or fiery aspiration; They know,Rays, 488:preservation of tension without undue physical strain upon the brain cells. When this has beenRays, 496:balanced and carried forward without much real strain. When this is the case, it may be yourRays, 611:is still producing physical conflict, emotional strain and tremendous mental issues, and which willReappearance, 68:the sense that crises exist for us; there is no strain or stress attached to His point of tension;Soul, 64:part of it, the part which is the region of strain, the receptacle of potential energy, theSoul, 65:and universal ether; its characteristics are strain and stress. Energy is always passing to and froTelepathy, 10:contact when one party is under emotional strain and therefore not responsive, or one party is
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