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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRANGE

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Astrology, 597:connected with the brain and not with the heart, strange as that may seem to you. It is in a veryAutobiography, 70:the wonder of the Orient. It was all so new, so strange, so utterly different to anything I hadAutobiography, 70:an occasional elephant with his mahout, strange smells, unfamiliar language, and always the sun,Autobiography, 221:seen a foreign city. Everything looked new and strange to them, from the fiacre in which we went toBethlehem, 69:whatsoe'er it be, Sorrow's thick darkness or strange mystery Of prayer or providence. PersistBethlehem, 209:The work had been completed, and in that strange little country called the Holy Land, a narrowBethlehem, 223:friends who have endured between them some strange and secret sorrow, and are through it united inBethlehem, 234:miracles, healing, and voices, and a strange mastery over Nature itself, and at the end a conquestBethlehem, 237:Meanwhile the man himself was treading first the strange obscure regions called 'the heart of theDestiny, 17:energy of Shamballa is, however, so new and so strange that it is hard for human beings to know itDiscipleship1, 245:and happily at your problem. You are facing strange and new contacts and hence you can, if you soDiscipleship1, 423:focus in the astral body. Does this seem strange to you? Here in the astral body (as you well knowDiscipleship1, 678:"Use pain. Call for the fire, O Pilgrim, in a strange and foreign land. The waters wash away theDiscipleship1, 708:he has to do is (using a strong and perhaps a strange phrase) to blast them wide open, give them aDiscipleship2, 535:day - were brought to the surface? As a result, strange, rare, unknown and beautiful flowers haveExternalisation, 76:which we call money. They constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated worldFire, 1273:have never seen. * * * The third group is the strange mysterious triple group whose name must notGlamour, 83:the instrument whereby glamor can be dispelled. Strange as it may seem, the "calling in of theGlamour, 200:of the new and the possible. These likewise (strange as it may seem) constitute a glamor, for theyHealing, 634:is of major importance and will throw a new and strange light upon the entire subject of disease. IHealing, 661:the physical plane, or as self-imposed. Of this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strangeHealing, 661:this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strange to man's limited point of view), the warHercules, 16:his return, wondering and puzzled over his strange conduct. Back from the wood he came, bearingHercules, 17:was changed to Hercules after he had undergone a strange experience, and before he started forthHercules, 132:the obscure shadows, and the sediment of strange passions therein. He discovers the base methods byHercules, 145:to slay the hydra, should shed light on the strange forces at work in that keg of explosive, theHercules, 163:nor the other. In the chrysalis you have the strange triplicity of the caterpillar, the chrysalisIntellect, 9:and the spirit is eager for the voyage upon strange seas. The familiar world must be left behind.Magic, 359:"Use pain. Call for the fire, oh, Pilgrim in a strange and foreign land. The waters wash away thePsychology1, 97:of the world in the sixteenth century, how strange and impossible it would all have seemed to them!Psychology1, 394:points which will give him light upon their strange history. Because of this third ray influence,Psychology2, 21:lines, and to whom our vocabulary is novel and strange, conveying little meaning, and that usuallyRays, 14:state of the conditioning consciousness, and (strange as this may seem to you and well-nighRays, 47:in the fact that basically (no matter how strange this may seem) love is the line of leastRays, 413:make your imaginative rangings (if I may use so strange a phrase) creatively profitable to you.Rays, 768:the forms for use, and at the culmination what strange event is seen? Tarry, O Pilgrim, at theRays, 768:strange event is seen? Tarry, O Pilgrim, at the strange appearance, with bowed head watch theSoulUntranslated, they make Eastern writing seem a strange jargon either of confused poetizing or of
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