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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRENGTH

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Invocation:or group but to all humanity. The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in itsAstrology, 191:the main center of physical power and protective strength, and also the sacral center whichAstrology, 206:and triumph. They can also be called struggle, strength and Sagittarian attitudes. Another angle ofAstrology, 210:The disciple has now to demonstrate the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded andAstrology, 315:"The robe, the robe, the beautiful robe of my strength no longer serves" expresses the innerAstrology, 315:directed energy in Scorpio was the source of the strength of Hercules. But the Christ, knowing bothAstrology, 342:aspirant awakens to spiritual opportunity. The strength which comes through conflict and constantAstrology, 342:struggle build up steadily that reserve of strength and power which enables the aspirant to takeAstrology, 392:which streams from Vulcan is fundamentally the strength and potency which sets the worldAstrology, 392:world of men or to his Master whether he has the strength to move forward along the line ofAstrology, 431:on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.) for aid and strength and he responded to their triple call. To thisAstrology, 432:as one and as this beat pulsates with greater strength it blends a lower note (that of the solarAstrology, 477:They are only the points of examination as to strength, purpose, purity and motive and the intentAstrology, 487:of each decanate: Hercules - Scorpio - Strength through testing. Buddha - Taurus - IlluminationAstrology, 487:potency in the initiation process. They express strength, illumination and love in full expression.Astrology, 505:of will and its distinction from determination, strength and fixed intention is only just beginningAstrology, 557:upon the six planes of manifestation in "wisdom, strength and beauty" through the medium of theAstrology, 598:carries the process intelligently forward on the strength of its own momentum. Again I would remindAstrology, 657:from the seven stars of the Great Bear. The strength of these vibrations depends upon the closenessAutobiography, 3:one is rich indeed. He has been to me a tower of strength and "the shadow of a great rock in aAutobiography, 7:will have been gained and if I can give strength and courage and a sense of reality to otherAutobiography, 59:not? I loved her for her beauty, for her mental strength, for her knowledge of the Bible, for herAutobiography, 65:lunch I went to my cabin and prayed hard for strength to do the right thing. At dinner time myAutobiography, 101:knowledge and determination of the soul, the strength to master circumstance is inevitably present.Autobiography, 107:the doctor, but Mrs. Snyder was like a tower of strength and I shall never forget her. Later theAutobiography, 122:any time I could get a divorce from him on the strength of the testimony of the doctor who hadAutobiography, 189:and we were at first hopeful that he would give strength to what we were trying to do. We found,Autobiography, 257:but he does not go to the Master for strength to stand steady. He tries to walk in the light of hisAutobiography, 257:in the light of his own soul and to stand in the strength of his own spiritual Being and thusAutobiography, 263:full of faults, based on the weaknesses and the strength of the teacher who founded them; they are,Autobiography, 271:Ashram with which he is affiliated will be the strength and usefulness of the group with which heBethlehem, 78:accomplish. A test is something which tries our strength to see of what sort it is; it calls forthBethlehem, 119:confronted by maya, with physical forces of such strength that the devil could take advantage ofBethlehem, 128:come to the little-developed, and because of the strength of the character involved they are of theBethlehem, 144:The Transfiguration Elias, whose name means "the strength of the Lord," stood [145] beside JesusBethlehem, 203:unselfish purpose, and be carried forward in the strength of the inner spiritual man, the "hiddenBethlehem, 212:knowledge that one is a son of God gives one the strength to follow the Savior's footsteps fromBethlehem, 212:when He most needed understanding, and all the strength which companionship gives, His nearest andBethlehem, 217:in its essence, for the "joy of the Lord is our strength," and it is the soul, the Christ in everyBethlehem, 217:soul, the Christ in every human being, which is strength and joy and love. He knew also bliss, forBethlehem, 222:the consciousness of the soul itself, with its strength and power, its light and understanding, hadBethlehem, 254:and bands being discarded, as spiritual strength and life pour into the race of men, for this isDestiny, 9:of ideologies have latent in them much beauty, strength and wisdom, and also a profound andDestiny, 39:required and all of Them for centuries - by the strength of Their living love and power - broughtDestiny, 93:through Darjeeling has not yet reached its full strength) produce two triangles of force in theirDiscipleship1, 10:love each other with intelligence and an abiding strength and thus release that light and powerDiscipleship1, 21:is met in the measure of your [21] physical strength, bearing ever in mind that you are equal toDiscipleship1, 30:work inevitably and necessarily has. Thereby strength to grow is gained. As the number of theseDiscipleship1, 58:other lives, as I now do it. The courage and the strength to know all, to realize all and to loveDiscipleship1, 75:and understanding and your group love, plus the strength which you can each bring to the whole. I,Discipleship1, 75:say to you today as a group: First of all, the strength or the weakness of this group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 75:of you, even if you have not met each other. The strength of this situation is found in the factDiscipleship1, 76:be enhanced by the united group stimulation; his strength and effectiveness can be increased by theDiscipleship1, 76:and effectiveness can be increased by the strength, the power and the understanding of the group.Discipleship1, 77:it was in fact a quality which I regarded as a strength and which I hugged to myself as a virtue. IDiscipleship1, 78:humility. The Master poured into me his strength and energy and so stimulated me that what IDiscipleship1, 100:energy and through them pour out the love, the strength and the light which the world needs andDiscipleship1, 101:can pass triumphantly through this and (by the strength of their own souls) surmount this veryDiscipleship1, 135:inner more dynamic and real. Ponder on this. The strength, wisdom and love of every disciple in theDiscipleship1, 140:great souls, and one with them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I claim. MyDiscipleship1, 140:them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I claim. My strength is theirs and this IDiscipleship1, 140:strength is mine. This strength I claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, IDiscipleship1, 140:in the life of every day. Go your own way with strength and silence, and do that which your soulDiscipleship1, 141:condition for the demands upon your time, your strength and your heart which will surely come....Discipleship1, 145:Hierarchy and lean on your experience and soul strength. Attract not to yourself for the work youDiscipleship1, 147:will warrant the expenditure of your time and strength and of your thought and energy - from theDiscipleship1, 149:contact you and who at present drain you of your strength. Ponder on this suggestion. [150] Discipleship1, 154:you, my brother, to whom you have given much strength and teaching and whose tendency is to confuseDiscipleship1, 154:in your teaching and acceptance of your strength for the more difficult task of achieving divineDiscipleship1, 154:divine self-confidence and innate, not borrowed, strength. Let such people go and - standing as aDiscipleship1, 156:I stand behind you with understanding and with strength. I give you my blessing, my brother. NOTE:Discipleship1, 158:must be matured. For B. S. W. it was wisdom, strength and beauty. For you, these other three. YouDiscipleship1, 158:and yet again, "Let the joy of the Lord be your strength." There is much to be done and in manyDiscipleship1, 162:your work, but also a larger measure of physical strength. Your body nature is so constituted thatDiscipleship1, 164:to the Plan is right, and you have wisdom and strength. Conserve, however, your strength andDiscipleship1, 164:wisdom and strength. Conserve, however, your strength and remember that right relaxation is just asDiscipleship1, 164:inconvenient interludes of gaining physical strength. The steady, unbroken, inner push, carriedDiscipleship1, 164:of the outer factors of time and physical strength is essential. It is not possible, unless thereDiscipleship1, 167:group, and I throw behind you the weight of my strength and the stimulation of my love.Discipleship1, 176:I meet may carry. The Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I develop strength in joy for others. 5thDiscipleship1, 176:Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I develop strength in joy for others. 5th month - The Purity ofDiscipleship1, 176:other. That will is love and peace and power and strength to live. It bears me on. It leads me toDiscipleship1, 177:you: I, too, "stand by" you in understanding strength. Discipleship1, 182:many lives hence. You are entering with renewed strength and vigor into the coming winter's work.Discipleship1, 200:made definite progress and are now far more of a strength, inner and stable, to my group than youDiscipleship1, 206:"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength." [207] Discipleship1, 213:the following four words: Stability, Serenity, Strength, [214] Service, taking one each week for aDiscipleship1, 217:to standing steady and that you would have no strength to live joyously - that is a point which IDiscipleship1, 218:from the Lord of Life. Watch your physical strength somewhat and live not at so high a tension.Discipleship1, 240:May the light of your own soul lead you from strength to strength and reveal to you a purity ofDiscipleship1, 240:light of your own soul lead you from strength to strength and reveal to you a purity of motiveDiscipleship1, 246:12 slow counts, during which you ponder on the strength, the wisdom and the love which must beDiscipleship1, 254:tendencies may reveal to you sources of strength and produce clarification. It is of value to knowDiscipleship1, 256:decisive crises in life, the disciple gains the strength to stand alone and detached, and, throughDiscipleship1, 258:and fanatical tendencies into spiritual love and strength; your one-pointedness must be based on anDiscipleship1, 262:In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength and in an all-inclusive love lies yourDiscipleship1, 264:word for you, brother of mine... Go forward in strength (which you have) and in peace (which isDiscipleship1, 268:you may give to the group the measure of your strength is my prayer for you. Discipleship1, 277:future way with courage and no fear. Stand in strength beside your fellow disciples, intent withDiscipleship1, 282:I will give you. He needs your wisdom and your strength , and you can help him through a period of
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