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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRENGTH

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Discipleship1, 630:heart upon those who turn to you for light and strength. Men today have need of love. Had I toldDiscipleship1, 634:(and is still learning) to create a tower of strength and of resistance to calls of a lower kind.Discipleship1, 638:used, have in them the seeds of the needed strength and wisdom which your [639] life in the nextDiscipleship1, 647:should cultivate are persistence, expansion, and strength, applied with love. Discipleship1, 655:to all I meet. I stand erect through love and strength divine. I manifest the nature of a Son ofDiscipleship1, 658:in the work and have much to give. You have strength and can strengthen others when your ownDiscipleship1, 658:strength and can strengthen others when your own strength is deflected away from yourself and yourDiscipleship1, 666:Then focus your thought, without effort or strength, in this center. Next sound the O. M.,Discipleship1, 667:Light to the mind. Peace to the astral body. Strength to the physical body. Finally, as the soulDiscipleship1, 668:of discipleship, leading - as it does - to soul strength; it is an essential quality for all thoseDiscipleship1, 668:When, therefore, the need for quiet and poised strength arises and there come those moments whenDiscipleship1, 673:the Master's attention and thus draw on his strength, knowledge and advice. This is anDiscipleship1, 692:or from the angle of time, when physical strength is so given and the gift of all resources isDiscipleship1, 707:They learn also that there is no weakness and no strength in themselves, as individuals, which mayDiscipleship1, 712:the Master's attention and thus draw upon his strength and knowledge and advice. This is anDiscipleship1, 761:quality and of a certain note, vibration, and strength. On the final stages of the Path ofDiscipleship2, XII:Mrs. Bailey gave unsparingly of her life and strength to do this work which was to her an extra andDiscipleship2, 4:I have sought to aid you on the Way. My love and strength are ever yours, but not always my timeDiscipleship2, 6:will of the individual personalities of such strength that it negates the personality relation andDiscipleship2, 10:give her the needed leeway both of time and strength, and of mental detachment. My own sphere ofDiscipleship2, 13:life, and then - from that vantage point of strength - face that Dweller on behalf of humanity andDiscipleship2, 15:is so hard and oft you feel alone. There is strength in all of you or I would not have chosen youDiscipleship2, 15:in all of you which can evoke your brothers' strength and thus you will be strong; there is love inDiscipleship2, 15:As the Hierarchy stands as a center of light and strength to humanity, so do your souls stand toDiscipleship2, 16:stand steady, pouring out upon you my love and strength and endeavoring to lift you up into aDiscipleship2, 24:draw upon all the resources of spiritual strength and light and all the wisdom and directing powerDiscipleship2, 29:the Master and move forward with him and in the strength of your group, irradiated by [30] the lifeDiscipleship2, 30:affiliated with the Hierarchy and the love and strength of the Hierarchy can flow through you, ifDiscipleship2, 31:those who demonstrate that will, and it is the strength of the divine Power which makes that willDiscipleship2, 31:the divine Power which makes that will possible. Strength is to Power what desire is to aspiration,Discipleship2, 33:to prove what he essentially has ever been - a strength and a center of poised peace to his groupDiscipleship2, 41:beaten to the ground, but with enough strength to rise to greater heights than ever before. ForDiscipleship2, 51:the powerhouse of light, the Hierarchy. Store up strength for increased dynamic activity for anDiscipleship2, 78:must remain for this immediate life cycle. The strength of your radiance, your potential as a lightDiscipleship2, 86:aspects of the work. The work will go on in the strength of its own inherent life; it will beDiscipleship2, 135:and that, through the Ashram, will, purpose and strength can pour. This is a relatively newDiscipleship2, 140:channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from the Hierarchy. A statement made by you, theDiscipleship2, 167:- Part VIII On the surface, the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity,Discipleship2, 175:a way by which men may achieve. I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand. I am a beam ofDiscipleship2, 176:channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from the Hierarchy. A statement to theDiscipleship2, 243:that they have neither the time nor the strength to do more than live through the time of trialDiscipleship2, 243:This is not the case. The deeper sources of strength in them have not yet been evoked, and theDiscipleship2, 245:which is in my soul pour forth to them. May the strength which is in me lift and aid them. May theDiscipleship2, 296:the entire planet? Its quality is altering; its strength is increasing; its livingness is producingDiscipleship2, 330:to have you ponder on that phrase. Great united strength can be brought to the service of the Plan,Discipleship2, 330:and the occult significance of the words: "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heartDiscipleship2, 330:of the words: "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure" can be grasped. TheDiscipleship2, 330:my heart is pure" can be grasped. The perfected strength of the Ashram (symbolized by the numberDiscipleship2, 330:entering and to those who are his equals. The strength, availability and usefulness of an Ashram isDiscipleship2, 412:stimulated the intelligence, and intensified the strength of the mind, the mental search light, orDiscipleship2, 450:life in form intact and gaining added beauty as strength develops. My blessing rests ever upon you,Discipleship2, 455:to you in nature, though with more first ray strength. Whether you ever work for and with him onDiscipleship2, 455:what support you can, and receiving from him the strength that you need. Some time, during eachDiscipleship2, 457:ready and worldwide public opinion of such strength and organization that it cannot be ignored.Discipleship2, 466:thinking of you with thoughts of gratitude, of strength, of faith and hope. On this too you mustDiscipleship2, 470:reality or of your spiritual vision; your strength has been such that you have lifted your familyDiscipleship2, 480:the point of future emphasis, which will convey strength and positive assurance, and which willDiscipleship2, 481:He violently affirms the opposite virtue or strength. Yet all the time, this affirmation simplyDiscipleship2, 485:up those relationships which will bring aid and strength to others and thus sustain the work of theDiscipleship2, 499:to be done will clarify. Count on your inner strength and rely on your inner spiritual contacts.Discipleship2, 508:a spiritual reservoir from which they can draw strength and wisdom and understanding. TheDiscipleship2, 510:[510] (symbolically speaking) would give you strength and comfort. There comes a time in theDiscipleship2, 510:light in every land are sorely needed. May the strength of your own soul and the knowledge thatDiscipleship2, 523:to the protecting love of the Ashram. Then the strength of Shamballa to which you so easily respondDiscipleship2, 524:of bringing you some measure of comfort and of strength, and of indicating certain steps which - ifDiscipleship2, 529:will retire into the background. If you have the strength to do this you will - at the close of theDiscipleship2, 543:the worker, the guide, the serene watcher, and a strength to your co-workers - without fear, withDiscipleship2, 544:you and appreciation will not hurt you. My strength and understanding are ever at your service onDiscipleship2, 551:Some years ago you would have wasted time and strength in inner worry, in self-condemnation or inDiscipleship2, 581:can I bring to your attention that will give you strength and understanding? For those are twoDiscipleship2, 587:reactions of disciples who possess sufficient strength of purpose, clarity of intention andDiscipleship2, 591:Joy comes through pain and not alone through strength achieved or in the service wrought. It takesDiscipleship2, 593:full moons. In the coming year let "joy be your strength." This is only possible when power, willDiscipleship2, 593:This is only possible when power, will and strength are blended with love, wisdom and skill inDiscipleship2, 593:love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strength is yours, and the over-shadowing care ofDiscipleship2, 595:the work you are attempting to do. "He stands in strength who sees the Will of God behind the Plan.Discipleship2, 598:and that you will increasingly demonstrate the strength which comes to you from Shamballa, via yourDiscipleship2, 598:you from Shamballa, via your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B. is quite correctDiscipleship2, 618:My love goes with you and you may call on me for strength when the pressures of life seem tooDiscipleship2, 620:of truth in any of this. There is also no soul strength in your expression of life but only theDiscipleship2, 620:of the personality and this you misinterpret as strength. This shows itself in various ways,Discipleship2, 621:(as yet) largely unrealized loneliness. Let the strength of your personality and of your emotionalDiscipleship2, 628:the past two years, I have noted the increased strength of your spiritual links with your own soul,Discipleship2, 634:of pain; then he can return to the Ashram for strength to continue his work outside. What liesDiscipleship2, 636:much in the past five years; you have gone from strength to strength and have passed from pillar toDiscipleship2, 636:past five years; you have gone from strength to strength and have passed from pillar to pillar,Discipleship2, 637:it. You will discover the [637] quality of your strength when the need for decision confronts you.Discipleship2, 640:the same and unaltered; therefore my love, strength and understanding are factors upon which youDiscipleship2, 641:whole life goal at this time is to give loving strength to others through tapping the source of allDiscipleship2, 642:around you; you have stood as a tower of strength to those who are tied to you in the closest linksDiscipleship2, 643:is in itself a glamor. My love and strength is at your service. Discipleship2, 645:also. You have, therefore, only three sources of strength: First and foremost, your contact withDiscipleship2, 645:me, your Master, because through me some of the strength of the world of souls and of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 647:and my self. Naught can stop the flow of strength between me and my soul, between my brothers andDiscipleship2, 648:and every side, there is light and love and strength." When doing the group meditation, begin toDiscipleship2, 648:will produce in you a deepened available strength and poise. It will only take a few seconds atDiscipleship2, 648:will serve as points of crisis and of inpouring strength. Discipleship2, 649:have stood as a shield around you, and the strength of my Ashram has been at your disposal. PeopleDiscipleship2, 649:to realize the nature and the potency of that strength - a strength that comes from a deepDiscipleship2, 649:the nature and the potency of that strength - a strength that comes from a deep impersonal love and
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