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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRENGTHEN

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Astrology, 585:a disaster. It would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name weBethlehem, 102:quiet where reflection and determination can strengthen each other, was the natural outcome of thisBethlehem, 111:no one to help, no hand to aid and no voice to strengthen, that those revelations come and thatDiscipleship1, 12:should be possible for each of you to learn to strengthen and aid each other, avoiding always anyDiscipleship1, 26:in the light of the intuition, disciples can strengthen the hands of those whose task it is toDiscipleship1, 30:group contact and, as a group, you will seek to strengthen the tie between us. This, therefore, isDiscipleship1, 149:How to discipline your physical body and how to strengthen it is your great problem and yourDiscipleship1, 160:accomplish. Use the instructions I give you and strengthen your link with me, for that is for youDiscipleship1, 176:all the aspects of my nature. May that power strengthen my will to serve. 2nd month - The Light ofDiscipleship1, 195:life, and, by means of your loving radiation, strengthen the group structure, and stimulate theDiscipleship1, 271:work to be done during the next few years will strengthen you inwardly and eliminate that fearDiscipleship1, 316:you to do it for the next six months. It will strengthen your fifth ray quality, which is that ofDiscipleship1, 322:diary take for you the place of speech. Strengthen the physical body and learn to avoid the takingDiscipleship1, 375:choice of a field of service, and, secondly, strengthen your will so that you can stand as a towerDiscipleship1, 375:detachment as a disciple should - you need to strengthen your will to be. This I think you know.Discipleship1, 381:than ever before and this definitely tends to strengthen you. Your will nature, however, needs toDiscipleship1, 381:for a while, as it will serve to round out and strengthen your character. I have for you at thisDiscipleship1, 455:with care and with attention. Seek also to strengthen the physical body. For you I suggest also theDiscipleship1, 523:and serve. I gaze upon them free from fear. To strengthen them within their souls, I dedicateDiscipleship1, 527:through you; permit the courage of your soul to strengthen you. This courage is not a fightingDiscipleship1, 551:that he is seeking to help you physically and to strengthen you with life (where'er you live thatDiscipleship1, 561:of the full moon, seek to contact, establish and strengthen your link in relation: To your groupDiscipleship1, 585:aspirants are needed to direct this work and to strengthen the hands of the Builders. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 651:Holy Ones whose pupils we aspire to become so strengthen us that we may give ourselves withoutDiscipleship1, 658:and have much to give. You have strength and can strengthen others when your own strength isDiscipleship1, 669:the similarity of your rays), reinforce and strengthen each other and produce a triple unit ofDiscipleship1, 705:of those the disciple is seeking to help and strengthen. The projected thought-form will embody theDiscipleship2, 96:a realization of possibility which may greatly strengthen each and all of you. This will close ourDiscipleship2, 98:Which ray should control you and how can you strengthen that control? The answering of thisDiscipleship2, 108:out light and love to one and all. This will strengthen the relation of you all to each other andDiscipleship2, 166:Directors of our life. They stand ready to strengthen those with true vision, ready to indicate notDiscipleship2, Here t:as outlined below, the intention of which is to strengthen your pledge through [175] affirmation,Discipleship2, 193:and that for you the need is to complete and strengthen the Rainbow Bridge and then to use it withDiscipleship2, 565:along first ray lines because it would strengthen you greatly and bring the Will aspect moreDiscipleship2, 646:prove of use to you even if it only serves to strengthen your faith and to indicate to you theDiscipleship2, 646:you to meet. Therefore, your major need is to strengthen and preserve the three contacts which formDiscipleship2, 647:thought or of meditation which will deepen and strengthen these attitudes. To this end I am goingDiscipleship2, 702:and render futile all desire. I look to see you strengthen the tie between yourself and me, yourDiscipleship2, 727:planning, or would you have them back you up and strengthen the hold that glamor has upon you? HereDiscipleship2, 728:for you, nothing else to be done but to strengthen your soul contact by practical spiritual livingDiscipleship2, 762:1933. Ponder on them. Act upon them and then strengthen the Ashram and present to the Masters aEducation, 80:the limitations of the present systems. We must strengthen those aspects which are good andExternalisation, 233:the reply comes forth: The Forces of Light will strengthen your arms and turn the tide in yourExternalisation, 256:unable to do much up to date except spiritually strengthen the hands of the workers with the ForcesExternalisation, 270:more probably do three things: Stand behind and strengthen the Rider on the white horse as HeExternalisation, 314:would ask each of you to do three things: First, strengthen - through meditation, prayer and clearExternalisation, 318:here; begin the meditation and endeavor to strengthen your link with your soul and with each other.Externalisation, 329:goodwill. This group must inspire, promote and strengthen wherever and whenever possible. Such aExternalisation, 334:a word of warning. This coming in will greatly strengthen the work but brings with it also greatExternalisation, 346:a disaster. It would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name weExternalisation, 383:any available agencies, and then, when found, strengthen them with the knowledge of your goodwillExternalisation, 402:task of cooperation with the Hierarchy and strengthen you to play your part in world salvage. Externalisation, 420:religious rituals will aid men everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfullyExternalisation, 436:to offset the growing hate in the world, to strengthen the trend towards unity, and to show peopleExternalisation, 446:impelling wisdom and fixed decision in order to strengthen the hands of Their workers in everyExternalisation, 446:of the Masters upon this first Ray of Power to strengthen the hands of all disciples in the fieldExternalisation, 466:opportunity to the Forces of Enlightenment to strengthen Their hold upon the minds of men. TheExternalisation, 505:the astral bodies of all those who are ready to strengthen and redirect their spiritual aspirationExternalisation, 514:The sacraments, properly understood, serve to strengthen this link and realization, and such a oneExternalisation, 514:and knew. Via this strand passes the power to strengthen, to stimulate, to vivify and to bless, andExternalisation, 535:working in alignment through adjustment, is to strengthen and beautify (if I may so express it), toExternalisation, 558:of Humanity which I have written, for they strengthen the hands of those who are already seeking toExternalisation, 641:group of world servers, whenever possible, and strengthen their hands. Look for them in everyExternalisation, 645:of implementing goodwill. It will, nevertheless, strengthen the will of the selfish, ambitious andGlamour, 17:each month at the full moon period, and seek to strengthen your tie with myself and with yourGlamour, 218:the mind process, light [218] and power will strengthen the already powerful glamor. It must beHealing, 326:for a person with a rather weak vital body to strengthen it? May not a so-called weak vital body beInitiation, 202:It is the work, then, of the applicant to strengthen the grip of his Ego upon his personality, soIntellect, 27:special culture provided which will foster and strengthen the finest and the best amongst us, forIntellect, 79:and personal objectives, enhance the body life, strengthen the form or material nature and so serveMagic, 184:stabilize the astral body and so develop and strengthen the thread soul that it can and does becomeMagic, 327:- one doomed eventually to die out, the other to strengthen and grow until it, in its turn, givesMagic, 418:far as I can. The first thing to be done is to strengthen the ties and establish firmly the linkMagic, 474:when spoken and then registered as lies, they strengthen that illusory world in which the speakerMeditation, 127:with this treatment will be the attempt to strengthen the mental body. With the strengthening ofPatanjali, 38:range of vision and its knowledge. He has yet to strengthen his link with the soul (dealt with inProblems, 51:the limitations of the present systems. We must strengthen those aspects which are good andProblems, 119:They must also demonstrate their ability to strengthen the hands of all workers who are strugglingProblems, 162:determined uniformity will aid men everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhancePsychology1, 187:your fellow workers in all the groups and to strengthen their [188] hands. I ask you to seal yourPsychology1, 189:I implore you for the sake of your fellow men to strengthen your contact with your own soul so thatPsychology2, 691:but so organize and mobilize the good, and so strengthen the hands of the workers on the side ofRays, 396:into realms wherein They are needed "to impart, strengthen and enlighten that which is alreadyRays, 707:and what is expected of them - they will strengthen their work, bring [708] in more energy, andRays, 720:of service where They will have to "impart, strengthen and enlighten that which is already fused,Reappearance, 33:Directors of our life. They stand ready to strengthen those with true vision, ready to indicate notReappearance, 92:understanding and can, therefore, reach and strengthen all those who love and serve theirReappearance, 154:religious rituals will aid men everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfullyTelepathy, 37 To:you cultivate a love which will ever seek to strengthen and to help, and a power to supplement orTelepathy, 40:seek to help and will be enabled to suggest, to strengthen and to teach subjectively with no undue
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