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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRENGTHENING

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Bethlehem, 198:(3) To whom God gives an effectual calling, strengthening their wills, and enabling them to acceptBethlehem, 239:some have done so, and their note sounds forth, strengthening our belief, endorsing our hope, andBethlehem, 272:them of the benefits of the kingdom, and the strengthening of them as they tread the difficult pathDiscipleship1, 13:this group within the kingdom of the soul and strengthening all the individuals involved. GroupDiscipleship1, 20:standing together in a closer relationship, thus strengthening each others' hands and, whereDiscipleship1, 61:about an inter-group relation and a consequent strengthening of the individual groups. The thirdDiscipleship1, 223:bring fusion. That fusion will work out in the strengthening of the group relation and theDiscipleship1, 251:Learn to do this by pondering upon the soul, by strengthening your soul contact and by bringingDiscipleship1, 329:disciples in the world. They will need all the strengthening that they can get and the sense ofDiscipleship1, 456:Work, therefore, for the next few months at strengthening your alignment, linking consciouslyDiscipleship1, 464:I still am doing. I remind you of this for the strengthening of your faith, the deepening of yourDiscipleship1, 479:I trust you will remain. I say this for your strengthening and encouragement. You have made a realDiscipleship1, 488:task it is to swing their united effort into the strengthening and helping of groups, occupied withDiscipleship1, 488:strength and love pour through you for your strengthening. Let the restorative forces of light andDiscipleship1, 517:you ever ask yourself the [517] question: Am I strengthening them as souls to handle life andDiscipleship1, 594:around them in coming years, and, also the strengthening of the inner rhythm of the soul as itDiscipleship2, 96:you may find a sudden spiritual deepening and strengthening of your life, your spiritual contactsDiscipleship2, 108:time goes on, restoring those who broke away and strengthening those who unfortunately provedDiscipleship2, 110:and I have seen a deepening of devotion and a strengthening of conviction. Failures, where they mayDiscipleship2, 165:to refrain from questioning; as a prayer for the strengthening of human responsibility, in orderDiscipleship2, 467:and close relation [467] produces healing and strengthening; it also permits of such a clear visionDiscipleship2, 486:that your approach was along the line of strengthening your contact with me, the Ashram and theDiscipleship2, 586:and tracing it to the Ashram, thereby definitely strengthening the inner link. Even those who haveDiscipleship2, 592:of its innate life, and that there should be a strengthening of the integral parts already built.Discipleship2, 593:of organized services for the spiritual strengthening of the world of men, the technique of theirDiscipleship2, 659:is ever the fostering, the interpreting and the strengthening of the ways and the methods whichDiscipleship2, 753:the spiritual life leads to creative appearance, strengthening the will-to-do, directing the desireEducation, 33:this interlinking and interrelation, and the strengthening of the bridge thus constructed, goes onEducation, 67:and energies and the power to use energy for the strengthening, and then for the creative use ofExternalisation, 24:ladder and into greater light. Their hands need strengthening, their work needs helping, and thereExternalisation, 24:Pages 683-688); They will also bring about the strengthening of the new group of world servers soExternalisation, 271:revealed. It is not yet understood. Pour Their strengthening will-to-good into the new group ofExternalisation, 330:"coming together" can thus be planned for united strengthening and advice. Such letters shouldExternalisation, 331:of interpretation of ideals, of unifying and of strengthening other groups. There are also threeExternalisation, 333:of the ideas, that the spiritual training and strengthening of the workers is neglected. In theExternalisation, 351:when He comes to His people in May. It is the strengthening and focusing of the will which theExternalisation, 419:in a lesser degree to the zodiac, will bring a strengthening of the spirit of invocation and theExternalisation, 478:those who follow it. With all these modes of strengthening the Forces of Light and of extricatingExternalisation, 692:certain materialistic tendencies, and strengthening the soul of all that is to be purified and theFire, 549:draw down a continuous supply of energy for the strengthening of their three vehicles, and theirGlamour, 16:was incomplete and the inner cohesion needed strengthening. Now I can do so, as the group membersGlamour, 44:difficulties. He must bear in mind also (for his strengthening and cheer) that every bit of glamorGlamour, 258:thus feeding the lower nature, enriching and strengthening its astral content and thereby enhancingGlamour, 258:stimulation of the etheric body leading to the strengthening of the physical nature; this oftenGlamour, 259:as a great chest development and the muscular strengthening of the diaphragm. Something of this canHealing, 105:every part of your body - healing, soothing, strengthening; and dissipating all that hindersHealing, 174:bring about a major purification, an intensive strengthening and a vital protection of the threeHealing, 703:energies or (where similar rays are present) the strengthening of one energy and a greatly hastenedHercules, 170:voice of the wisdom-goddess, Athena, and the strengthening words of Hermes. At length he came toHercules, 228:the necessary development and experienced the strengthening tests which will enable himInitiation, 45:His work concerns itself with the fostering and strengthening of that relation between spirit andMagic, 62:so that the work to be done must be that of strengthening and stabilizing in order to enable themMagic, 70:of family responsibilities will come that strengthening of our shoulders which will enable us toMagic, 205:for it produces, under these conditions only a strengthening of the shadows in the vale of illusionMagic, 312:tendencies and sex perversions find much strengthening influence from these dying astralMeditation, 67:Groups for the purpose of mental development, of strengthening equilibrium, and the contacting ofMeditation, 127:(the violet devas or devas of the ethers). The strengthening of the etheric web will be aided byMeditation, 127:attempt to strengthen the mental body. With the strengthening of the physical body will come longerMeditation, 202:of the mental bodies of the students, and the strengthening of the channel between higher and lowerPatanjali, 62:its utilization as a vehicle of the soul. The strengthening and refining of the etheric body inPsychology2, 178:for mutual interest and study, for mutual strengthening. This has been [179] their glory, and alsoPsychology2, 459:there is no ego to call into [459] activity by strengthening the will or the physical condition ofPsychology2, 656:[656] can turn, thus pooling their resources, strengthening each other's hands and sounding forthRays, 428:process; this should always be remembered as a strengthening and conditioning reality by all menRays, 451:this interlinking and interrelation, and the strengthening of the bridge thus constructed, goes onRays, 630:spiritual energy and lack all the stiffening and strengthening qualities of the first line of rayRays, 632:be related points, each point distributing strengthening energy to the other [633] points andReappearance, 32:to refrain from questioning; as a prayer for the strengthening of human responsibility in orderReappearance, 154:a lesser degree to the zodiac will bring about a strengthening of the spirit of invocation and theTelepathy, 6:station, the brain. This is possible through the strengthening of a man's own mental reaction by
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