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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRETCHES

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Atom, 154:beyond His own analogous to that which stretches between the atom in your body and Him. Here [155]Autobiography, 48:moment of gaining the summit - suddenly there stretches before one a promised land to which oneDiscipleship2, 413:upon that part of the Path of Evolution which stretches across the mental plane into the plane ofDiscipleship2, 634:they constitute no longer any concern. The way stretches clear before you. The hope of freeDiscipleship2, 648:thorns. My feet are tired. But straight ahead stretches the Lighted Way and on that Way I walk.Discipleship2, 651:enhance the light upon the Lighted Way which stretches out before you; they will hold opportunityDiscipleship2, 656:the right of recognition. The [656] Lighted Way stretches ahead in still greater brightness, andEducation, 28:of the man is established and can be used. It stretches, if such a term can be used (my intentExternalisation, 405:and saints. Opening out before aspiring men stretches the Way. The history of the human soul is theFire, 1274:place where fire lies hidden. The serpent stretches forth inert. Its coils smother the lower fireHercules, 91:of consciousness, of spirit and of life. Argo stretches all the way from Cancer to Capricorn and isInitiation, 209:division well nigh mounted; its latter part stretches before me into the darkness of a stormyMagic, 397:at any particular time. Behind each human being stretches a long series of lives and some are nowPatanjali, 301:He says: "This whole well-founded configuration stretches out in the midmost part of the (World)Psychology2, 47:The Whole can stand revealed. The love that stretches from the heart, the life that issues forthRays, 206:as He is upon the Path of Evolution which stretches before the Planetary Logoi - are yet greatly inRays, 302:and merge... The Path comes to an end. The Way stretches before. Sight is attained, and in the
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