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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRICTLY

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Astrology, 91:of the Zodiacal Constellations Aries, the Ram Strictly speaking, what I have to say now concernsAstrology, 150:of the other nine signs which are fundamentally strictly human signs and synthesize the results ofAstrology, 175:The Archer on the white horse, which is the more strictly Aryan symbol for this sign, signifies theAstrology, 228:These five stages are paralleled in the five strictly human signs of the zodiac: Leo -Astrology, 242:importance is that Gemini and Libra are the two strictly human signs; they are the signs of theAstrology, 294:the unfoldment of consciousness, and if for the strictly human being self-consciousness is theAstrology, 320:of the initiated disciple. These nine signs are strictly expressive of human unfoldment - consciousAstrology, 344:effect and subjective influence than their strictly phenomenal and physical effects would lead oneAstrology, 368:Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio Are strictly human signs with their recognition of duality,Astrology, 443:[443] and suffering, and, therefore, to the more strictly physical forms of help. The service toAstrology, 557:stages of the lower experiences of humanity, the strictly human stages, and the integratingAstrology, 557:"the five worlds of human attainment" the three strictly human levels of activity and the twoAstrology, 638:Thus astrology came into existence and has a strictly scientific basis. (S.D. Vol. III, 482) AllAtom, 126:a talk such [126] as I gave ten years ago, along strictly evangelical or Gospel lines, and meetAutobiography, 110:calls upon her time. I was introduced to the strictly feminine aspect of congregations. I had toAutobiography, 120:of persecution. It is claimed that the Jew is strictly material, that the all-mighty dollar mattersAutobiography, 152:accepted the responsibility. It was, of course, strictly vegetarian, [153] and I had been aAutobiography, 166:Tibetan that I would work with Him. I have been strictly his amanuensis and secretary and am not aAutobiography, 176:profoundly convinced that the T.S. was run strictly on personality lines, with the emphasis uponAutobiography, 229:we find ourselves rejecting students who are strictly on the emotional level and emphasizing theAutobiography, 234:of the men and women of goodwill. These are not strictly speaking spiritual aspirants. They are notAutobiography, 289:the superhuman lives which stretch beyond the strictly human into the very light of eternityBethlehem, 139:so strikingly synthesized in Himself, is the strictly human problem. The secondary self, inBethlehem, 191:has been one in which men have become strictly human. Up till that Incarnation there had alwaysBethlehem, 204:halves of man's nature - the spiritual and the strictly human. When we turn the light of ourBethlehem, 267:of love and the expression of love are strictly personal matters. Love can remain indefinitely aDestiny, 138:race - the Aryan, as it expresses the first strictly human race, the Lemurian. The third plane -Discipleship1, XIV:exercises, except in a few cases. They were strictly individual and suited to the person and hisDiscipleship1, 44:the intellectual Knowers. Theirs is the more strictly occult way and it has become increasingly theDiscipleship2, 89:to aid a phase of the work to be done which is strictly the project of the Hierarchy as a whole. IDiscipleship2, 200:that I refer not here to religious meditation, strictly understood, or to those invocative appealsDiscipleship2, 216:world of subtler and of higher values than the strictly material. The other three stages of humanDiscipleship2, 220:today emerging. As man leaves the animal, the strictly physical and the highly emotional andDiscipleship2, 221:will be gradually led forward from a strictly philanthropic activity to an activity which isDiscipleship2, 223:he decided to create this planet of ours for strictly redemptive purposes. The whole creation isDiscipleship2, 223:of these cycles is one of the mysteries which is strictly guarded in the Council Chamber of theDiscipleship2, 232:with the esoteric angle or approach to truth but strictly with the angle of the betterment of humanDiscipleship2, 237:in relation to these laws from the mystical and strictly Christian angle that the terms used areDiscipleship2, 310:It is training, brother of mine, not strictly education. Educational processes, concerningDiscipleship2, 345:forgotten that all that is here communicated is strictly in relation to initiation. The revelationsDiscipleship2, 368:that we are here dealing, because they are strictly aspirational developments and are available asDiscipleship2, 382:esotericism which is not spiritual, but which is strictly related to black magic); his innerDiscipleship2, 402:divine aspect - that of Love-Wisdom. It is strictly connected with that of the first aspect ofDiscipleship2, 407:fully and successfully into the three worlds of strictly human endeavor. There have always beenDiscipleship2, 720:of which you are the victim. Adhere strictly to this injunction. One of the factors in ashramicEducation, 41:[41] produced our modern world and this has been strictly materialistic. A nation today is regardedEducation, 61:forces; he must learn to differentiate between strictly physical energy, which is automatic in itsEducation, 126:animal kingdom. The aspect of himself which is strictly and specifically human is the mind orExternalisation, 28:I - Introductory Remarks The first method was strictly mental, and even today remains so; theExternalisation, 29:of them - down the ages. The other method is strictly emotional and so more easily colors the massExternalisation, 49:slowly evolving people; all three groups are now strictly human and not simply the first two. TheExternalisation, 49:humanity divides itself, so that they can become strictly and consciously human. This was theExternalisation, 50:group between the other two, being - as it is - strictly human and self-conscious. This processExternalisation, 56:with a most practical physical purpose. It is strictly magical in its technique, and this techniqueExternalisation, 58:the work will be lifted out of the realm of the strictly human and will concern itself with widerExternalisation, 86:that force which we regard as emanating from the strictly human center, the third ray type ofExternalisation, 215:attitudes, and that is why this conflict is a strictly human conflict and not a European war. EveryExternalisation, 497:be the last probably to take place, will be more strictly in the realm of what the occultists callExternalisation, 531:telepathic rapport and a more intimate (though strictly impersonal) relationship with TheirExternalisation, 569:the senses, has entirely superseded the more strictly human method. Except in the case of MastersExternalisation, 569:Masters Who still use these senses, the use is strictly limited; Their work is still almostExternalisation, 569:knowledge, besides specializing in certain strictly mundane approaches to worldly affairs. ForExternalisation, 586:are his major life incentives. The disciple is strictly humanitarian in his outlook. He works forExternalisation, 683:nil, and where it existed was usually of a strictly military or commercial nature, with a somewhatFire, xii:as to the nature of those energies which are strictly confined to the physical plane. Thirdly, toFire, 93:action of the three Logoi, and comprise the strictly deva and human forms. There is also the stillFire, 95:the other forms are made. This matter [95] is strictly speaking the atomic and molecular matter,Fire, 98:The second function - that of assimilation - is strictly balanced or internal. As stated earlier,Fire, 129:which we call death or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing the textbook style in this treatise, weFire, 135:unit enclosing these three. Therefore, we must strictly remember that we are dealing with TheFire, 151:Logos. We will now endeavor to confine ourselves strictly to the subject of fire in matter, and itsFire, 202:Fire because they concern the material form. Strictly speaking the five senses, as we know them,Fire, 398:manifestation in etheric matter, the fourth, or strictly human hierarchy, and the fifth and sixthFire, 498:- The human. The fourth round - The first strictly human round. The four Kumaras - Embodiers ofFire, 506:ways - one along the old lines and the other strictly along the lines of occult electricalFire, 605:it often is when considering it as the field of strictly human evolution), that the third plane -Fire, 699:to see, to hear and to speak (or sound) in the strictly occult sense. A hint may here be given toFire, 722:from the five planes of human endeavor. In a strictly technical and lower sense, a Master inFire, 831:becomes identified with its sheaths. This is the strictly personal stage. Second. The stage whereinFire, 840:there are therefore no unopened "buds" strictly speaking. All the egoic lotuses have at least oneFire, 944:gaseous elementals. The liquid elementals. The strictly dense elementals. One group concerns itselfFire, 991:It should be borne in mind here that this means strictly in connection with the fourth kingdom andFire, 1122:accomplished, the three centers which are of a strictly physical nature - the pineal gland, theFire, 1125:on to the cosmic path of fohatic energy, the strictly mahatic. When on that Path two directions areFire, 1166:paramount law for this solar system. It might strictly be called the Law of Adjustment or ofFire, 1167:Law of Attraction is but a subsidiary branch. Strictly speaking, the Law of Attraction is a genericGlamour, 116:produce those glamorous which are strictly initiated and produced by the man himself. They are: TheHealing, 221:originate upon the mental Plane; these are more strictly Aryan and involve also the ills to whichHealing, 224:Life Whether the conservative and the so-called strictly "moral" people dislike this worldwideHealing, 252:produce certain typical diseases which remain strictly local and are not found elsewhere in theHealing, 254:added a whole group of diseases which are more strictly mental in their effect - the cleavages, theHealing, 286:the same risks assumed. The safeguard from the strictly legal and human angle will be that theHealing, 400:well known to all thinking people. They are: The strictly materialistic solution, which posits theHealing, 417:which we call death or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing the text book style in this treatise,Healing, 430:is of course most obscure, and for those on strictly human levels, as yet unverifiable. However, anHealing, 491:man, in his astral body, is now free from the strictly animal impulses which, upon the physicalHealing, 525:of action, therefore, of the spiritual healer is strictly limited to those who have faith. Faith,Healing, 552:from his efforts to heal. When the patient is a strictly mental type, and the approach to theHealing, 570:leads to a concentration of energy (in this case strictly personality energy) in the ethericHealing, 578:control - muscular control primarily) were strictly emphasized. This achieved, so-called purity
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