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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRICTLY

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Healing, 649:method is employed when the diseased area is strictly localized. The hands are laid on the centerHealing, 685:from a realm of consciousness which is more strictly human and not so predominantly animal as isHercules, 61:early creature, which was neither animal nor strictly human. With the coming of mind came also theHercules, 65:cycle in which the Lemurian race, the first strictly human race, came into being; where the mindHercules, 93:as those other qualities which we regard as more strictly spiritual. But man is also a human being;Hercules, 192:and aspect of consciousness which we can call strictly human. That is the position of the humanist,Initiation, 102:with the initiate himself. Initiation is a strictly personal matter with a universal application.Initiation, 105:Hierarchy concern themselves with that which is strictly their own business; the Mahachohan, beingInitiation, 110:between. Body Spirit Soul. [110] Or, in words strictly dealing with self-conscious realization:Initiation, 113:directs, and controls. This covers the period of strictly normal evolution. Touch - response toInitiation, 196:trite instruction to each disciple that he be strictly vegetarian. The lower nature becomes cloggedIntellect, 26:thinking principle (as the Hindu calls it) as strictly human, relegating man's instinctualIntellect, 53:International Dictionary, Edition of 1923. The strictly Oriental position is given us by Dr.Intellect, 61:in the eastern sense is, as we shall see, a strictly mental process, leading to soul knowledge andIntellect, 81:should be noted that this realization ought not strictly to be regarded as an 'achievement,' or asMagic, 31:a life of their own and a consciousness which is strictly individual and identified. This aspect ofMagic, 38:as "an animal plus a God". Later it is more strictly human, neither purely animal nor entirelyMagic, 45:the cohesive force of manifestation, from the strictly physical sense. This web of life is theMagic, 46:the concretion of ideas on the physical plane. Strictly spiritual energy, or force from the planeMagic, 50:to the solid, liquid and gaseous aspects of the strictly physical body of man) to the higher planesMagic, 202:is centered in [202] his animal nature, or is strictly material in his outlook on life, whilstMagic, 331:be noted that this band is not confined to the strictly religious types. Men and women in everyMagic, 334:power to see the next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. Increasingly will peopleMagic, 335:be the last probably to take place, will be more strictly in the realm of what the occultists callMagic, 452:a life of their own and a consciousness which is strictly individual and identified. This aspect ofMagic, 488:love. We have here three methods, none strictly occult, for those later shall be imparted, butPatanjali, 31:the three worlds, c. Organized his Christ body. Strictly speaking those adepts who have achievedPatanjali, 139:of previous incarnations. Egoic energy is not strictly outgoing, but is directed more literally toPatanjali, 274:thought-forms left by the second of the three strictly human races, Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan.Patanjali, 275:of a knowledge of past experience. This basis is strictly mental, and only those mentally polarizedPatanjali, 389:in connection with the law of karma in such a strictly oriental manner as to confuse the westernProblems, 20:conditions, particularly if those conditions are strictly British. All these characteristics haveProblems, 62:glory and not just those aspects of it which are strictly national. It consists in the fact thatProblems, 97:and has worked with money; they [97] are a strictly commercial and urban people and have shownProblems, 130:and poor alike. The Roman Catholic Church is a strictly capitalistic church. The money gatheredPsychology1, 125:the ethers will be recognized as being strictly physical plane matter. Therefore when in sicknessPsychology1, 207:The Fifth Ray of Lower Mind Special Virtues: Strictly accurate statements, justice (without mercy),Psychology1, 263:two earlier and intangible races which are not strictly human at all, and beginning with the firstPsychology1, 306:from all physical relations and to live a strictly celibate life, in order to demonstrate toPsychology2, 7:with the following three points: With the strictly human consciousness as it begins with thePsychology2, 209:stages whereby expression is developed in the strictly human races, beginning with the LemurianPsychology2, 223:in nature, higher than the human, which is strictly that of the soul, and will produce thePsychology2, 411:of a definitely self-conscious entity, and a strictly human being, characterized by intelligence,Psychology2, 442:reached there will frequently be much conflict, strictly within the realm of character and withinPsychology2, 446:as a personality and, as a result, becoming more strictly human. [447] Developed as a mystic andRays, 272:to the three races which have been or are strictly human: these are the third, the fourth and theRays, 281:plane, his own work and hierarchical activity is strictly triadal and monadic, with a steadilyRays, 297:Group Initiation 3. Reveal The objective of the strictly human evolution in this planetary cycle isRays, 335:reached humanity at all and was not intended for strictly human use, but which was retained by theRays, 410:produced problems, and among them the strictly hierarchical problem of the passage of the initiateRays, 423:is not written for the general public; it is strictly a presentation of truth for the initiatedRays, 423:of truth for the initiated disciple. Its line is strictly a first ray and third ray presentation,Rays, 423:third ray presentation, whilst this Treatise is strictly a second ray approach. This is a statementRays, 438:third initiation, he demonstrates his livingness strictly in relation to the soul and theRays, 438:to the soul and the personality, and therefore strictly to the phenomenal world and to the variousRays, 473:for the third initiation; and in this third strictly human race, the Aryan (using this term in itsRays, 561:indicated to you, therefore, that the Cross is strictly the symbol of Aryan unfoldment. The symbolRays, 598:Initiation - the culminating point of strictly human unfoldment - the three types of energy whichRays, 603:nature, the human kingdom in the three worlds of strictly human evolution. It is the dominantRays, 611:of conflict on all the three levels of strictly human evolution. It is a conflict which hasRays, 622:crime of Russia. The mass of the people in the strictly Catholic countries are not as free in theirRays, 635:to the Prodigal Son in the Gospel story is a strictly material one, and we have here an outstandingRays, 637:are, from the angle of evolution, the most strictly human beings to be found in the fourth kingdomRays, 668:prefer to speak of the "new man" rather than the strictly Christian phrase "the birth of the ChristRays, 675:this age is kama-manasic and not simply kamic or strictly astral. Remember therefore as you readRays, 720:initiate who has taken the five initiations of strictly human evolution) in a position where atReappearance, 6:originating from some source higher than the strictly human. Always the appropriate mechanism isReappearance, 161:which can be asked - the answers to which are strictly individual. These are: How can I personallySoul, 21:of inorganic nature; namely mechanistic, or strictly determined, and therefore strictlySoul, 21:or strictly determined, and therefore strictly predictable, events." - McDougall, William,Soul, 47:given in connection with the pancreas is strictly physiological, and, therefore, out of place here.Telepathy, 111:an astral-buddhic consciousness but which are strictly carried on within mental [112] substance.Telepathy, 116:to four major centers. When the individual is strictly low grade and is predominantly animal inTelepathy, 124:their own contacts and relationships, which are strictly limited and are not expressed in terms of
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