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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRIVE

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Astrology, 421:to be [421] interested in the presentation, to strive to see the general picture I am seeking toAutobiography, 297:meanings which lie behind world events and strive to so live as to increasingly exemplify essentialDestiny, 111:highest goal towards which they could possibly strive. All the world religions have been thus builtDiscipleship1, 11:Having achieved that high point, you should strive to preserve it and should learn thus to functionDiscipleship1, 125:should bar out insularity. For this you must strive, and for you the keynote is the conviction thatDiscipleship1, 136:synthesis and understanding is achieved. Strive not to understand what mean by this work as yet.Discipleship1, 187:only two: First, that as you work and serve and strive to train yourself, you must learn to "goDiscipleship1, 265:follows: "I know the Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way.Discipleship1, 346:- a process of identification for which you must strive. This is what the mystics of the CatholicDiscipleship1, 391:It is soul activity towards which you should strive. You are a sannyasin and as such must workDiscipleship1, 495:Relax. Identify yourself with the soul and strive to eliminate the personal consciousness. HereinDiscipleship1, 548:soul. This, I would ask you to remember and strive to realize. You have two things, my brother andDiscipleship2, 19:for you to grasp, but for which you must strive and which will necessitate the consciously acquiredDiscipleship2, 22:aspirants with an open mind. For this you must strive. This program is an ambitious one, myDiscipleship2, 32:initiation. Other goals will emerge as you strive, study and serve; the simplicity, however, of theDiscipleship2, 126:able to give you another meditation unless you strive afresh, and together, at the daily processDiscipleship2, 139:you will say with purpose and determination; "I strive towards comprehension. Thy will, not mine,Discipleship2, 140:Then you will say with love and aspiration: "I strive towards understanding. Let wisdom take theDiscipleship2, 140:the Service Activities. You will then say: "I strive towards cooperation. Let the Master of myDiscipleship2, 226:"Forgetting the things which lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. IDiscipleship2, 272:of initiates are aware, and towards it they strive. Discipleship2, 651:last year: "I now can serve by Being." Do not strive so much, my brother. Accept life conditions asDiscipleship2, 695:service to you and also to your group brothers. Strive to cultivate a happy spirit. Let not life,Discipleship2, 737:in what I am here telling you and I beg you to strive to understand my meaning. I would ask you (inEducation, 103:modern youth is taught that he must work and strive and, if necessary, fight. It is thereforeEducation, 114:in nature. It is the power to appreciate and to strive after the apparently unattainable good. LetEducation, 142:nature that you do not already know and strive to attain? Shall I increase your presentExternalisation, 81:and distress in the world can overwhelm you. Strive to stand in spiritual being. Each morning, inExternalisation, 506:lie with all those who, with unselfish intent, strive after the ideal, and who live for the helpingFire, 31:work, seeking to merge the whole. Upward they strive, who in their myriad forms revolve within theFire, 863:between the Ego and the physical brain. He must strive to bring about a stabilization of both theFire, 983:the ideal towards which occult students should strive. We must also consider the work of the wiseFire, 1192:[1192] of a planetary Logos, and thus strive to cast the horoscope of the planetary Logos. TheyHealing, 552:not so highly developed, the healer will have to strive for a spirit of hopeful acquiescence in theHealing, 594:that the intelligent man and the aspirant must strive. Healing, 604:and for the ability to do this the healer must strive. It is here that the healer distinguishesInitiation, 73:at the building of the physical body. He must so strive that he will produce in each incarnation aInitiation, 213:I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; IIntellect, 91:out from our eternal home in God that we might strive and suffer amid the illusions of time andIntellect, 92:We sense a certainty which ever eludes us; we strive for a goal which seems outside ourselves andMagic, 66:to remain quiescent as life unrolls, work, toil, strive, aspire, and hold the inner calm. WithdrawMagic, 140:that endures does not come to those who strive for place and power nor for those who have theirMagic, 140:of those earlier thrown out. Students should strive to have these two activities in their minds asMagic, 323:to the causal body. The aspirant should also strive after that self-forgetfulness which mergesMagic, 368:Present Age and the Future To those who wrestle, strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled when theMagic, 404:stable in their endeavor, all can therefore strive towards achieving continuity of consciousnessMeditation, 121:then a center of the attention of those who strive against the Brothers of Light. The first twoMeditation, 136:to seek; it is Their region, to which all must strive and aspire. The Dark Brother impresses hisMeditation, 258:The future holds for each and all who duly strive, who unselfishly serve and occultly meditate, theMeditation, 310:from the center to the periphery. Struggle, strive, discipline, and rejoicingly serve with noProblems, 132:are aware of conditions and they struggle and strive to present sound [133] Christian and religiousPsychology2, 18:aim. For this, in truth and sincerity, we should strive. [19] We have thus touched upon the threePsychology2, 106:and for this all disciples must struggle and strive. On the outer plane, owing to the separativePsychology2, 125:activity towards which people must strenuously strive, nor is it a method of world salvage. ThisPsychology2, 135:I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; IPsychology2, 172:stand? Do we realize what we have to do? As we strive to enter into light, let us count no pricePsychology2, 748:where their lot may be cast. They must strive after harmlessness in speech and in life in relationRays, 173:embraces the goal towards which the Masters strive, and which the Christ Himself is only nowRays, 209:non-success. That at which you strenuously strive and which assumes undue place in your thinking,Rays, 212:recognize the scope of the endeavor and unitedly strive for complete absorption in service - anRays, 220:a Word to be given to it; it does not search and strive to discover a Word; it does not take someRays, 223:But groups must have their goals and must strive towards the vision, just as the individual must; IRays, 225:consciousness towards which the higher initiates strive and which is related in a peculiar way toRays, 463:of solar awareness upon the same plane. As we strive to arrive at some dim comprehension of theSoul, 144:course the greatness of that which we vainly strive to grasp... By continually seeking to know and
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