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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRONG

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Magic, 560:emotional substance into activity and so making strong impress upon the brain cells and working outMagic, 589:the deep river of purity and truth is flowing strong. One evidence of the success of the worldMagic, 618:for service. The world aspiration is now so strong and humanity is now so potently orienting itselfMagic, 618:of their own latent possibilities is now so strong that they over-estimate themselves; they giveMeditation, 30:had an emotional or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis for existence, and to guideMeditation, 45:of which (through aggregation of numbers) is so strong that he cannot break away from it even if heMeditation, 65:by a group of people rightly intermingled? A strong current is set up that reaches the disciple orMeditation, 124:affects those with powerful physical bodies and strong astral vibrations, but with weak mentalMeditation, 127:of the cure will be laid first on building up a strong physical body in both its departments,Meditation, 129:law, no danger lurks. The race is possessed of a strong determination to penetrate within the veil,Meditation, 129:intensification of psychic faculty is too strong. They unwarily force matters and dire disasterMeditation, 130:to tamper with the unknown for only the very strong refined physical body, the controlled stableMeditation, 154:necessity there is for the worker to build a strong body before he can accomplish much, and theMeditation, 187:on the Ego. From thence they set up a [187] strong vibration within the higher Triad, and so causeMeditation, 299:when paralleled by emotional stability and a strong healthy body is the aim for all. But now youMeditation, 344:the reality of the Masters of the Wisdom, and a strong inner determination to love, serve, andMeditation, 344:grip of God's plan, coupled with the strong desire to serve the Great Ones, in physical planeMeditation, 346:known. No excessive emotion is permitted, though strong currents of love for all that breathe arePatanjali, 12:active versatile forms has hitherto proved too strong for. the soul (the Christ within, as thePatanjali, 27:before the aspirant will make that sufficiently strong effort which will give him his hold upon thePatanjali, 43:care much light would come. The necessity for a strong energetic will becomes apparent if the pathPatanjali, 43:is studied. Only an iron will, and a steady, strong, unswerving endurance will carry the aspirantPatanjali, 61:of the soul Reality, Fresh aspiration and a strong determination to make that fleeting vision aPatanjali, 67:to fulfil the conditions. His will is not yet strong enough to force him forwards. He permits timePatanjali, 314:walk. This point needs emphasis for there is too strong an inclination among students to search forPatanjali, 357:man stands forth in his own wide world, strong, mighty, wise. He uses divine powers, with a divineProblems, 13:other nations were still too childish to take strong action when the first indications of the warProblems, 18:facing the United Nations will be to find the strong and good leader who can enforce thatProblems, 29:one. The spiritual life of humanity is now so strong that it has disrupted all present forms ofProblems, 69:as they may like to realize it, are not in so strong a position; they have not the same idealism orProblems, 96:in none of these countries has there been any strong anti-Semitic feeling. In every country andProblems, 115:or small? Can world opinion be sufficiently strong in the interests of right human relations thatPsychology1, 10:I - Section One - I. Introductory Remarks Those strong souls who consciously and knowingly enterPsychology1, 13:in personality reactions; the lower life is so strong and vital that a powerful and materialPsychology1, 49:why the morning stars sang together. Joy is the strong basic note of our particular solar system.Psychology1, 111:they so choose and if their united aspiration is strong enough - draw forth the teaching, and soPsychology1, 161:one whose soul force, ray or quality is too strong for the personality to handle. The man thenPsychology1, 161:Where this outer condition and "pull" is over-strong, and when all the personality ray qualitiesPsychology1, 161:you have a thwarted or frustrated complex and a strong sense of inferiority which may divergePsychology1, 173:Racial hatreds and national aspirations are so strong, and the ignorance of the masses is so great,Psychology1, 175:and of national pride are burning intensely strong. Such is the problem before the Great Ones atPsychology1, 201:and governing ray. Those on this ray have strong will power, for either good or evil, for thePsychology1, 201:hardness of nature. The first ray man often has strong feeling and affection, but [202] he does notPsychology1, 202:he does not readily express it; he will love strong contrasts and masses of color, but will rarelyPsychology1, 202:The literary work of a first ray man will be strong and trenchant, but he will care little forPsychology1, 204:essence of a truth; his idealism will often be strong; he is a dreamer and a theorist, and from hisPsychology1, 205:Ray of Harmony through Conflict Special Virtues: Strong affections, sympathy, physical courage,Psychology1, 206:worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral courage, strong passions, indolence, extravagance. Virtues toPsychology1, 246:The link with the vegetable kingdom is then strong, and hence the frequent recognition of "astralPsychology1, 258:and awareness, and the inner urge was adequately strong, the life forced itself into contact withPsychology1, 278:Weak minds then succumb to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victim to their ownPsychology1, 298:of the real nature of his problem will be strong enough to carry him forward into the New Age andPsychology1, 324:individuals assert themselves. The tie is not strong enough to hold, and the motive is too selfishPsychology1, 368:years. The impulse towards synthesis is now too strong to be long delayed. Under this seventh rayPsychology1, 377:of the sons of God to incarnate proved too strong for the opposing forces of matter. Nothing thenPsychology2, 36:Can I return from whence I came? Is the word strong enough to open wide the door? What shall I do?'Psychology2, 53:years of life, there should be an increasingly strong relationship between the soul and itsPsychology2, 71:building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and a reorientation of the mind toPsychology2, 182:activity will emerge when the group vibration is strong enough to make a definite impact on thePsychology2, 444:ray body and brain will enable him to put up a strong fight. At the same time, his first ray soulPsychology2, 460:urge and the dominant mental demand. This, when strong enough, may work out on the physical planePsychology2, 465:he is usually aware. They are intrinsically strong, though not yet apparently the stronger, owingPsychology2, 466:as a result of the contact with a new world, and strong mental stimulation. Depression is asPsychology2, 495:ancient astral illusions and glamors, potent and strong because of ancient origin and racialPsychology2, 532:forms of sexual insanity with (frequently) a strong religious bias at the same time. I would remindPsychology2, 554:with the masses. He frequently also has a strong sexual complex in some form or another. 7. ThePsychology2, 608:you know, of those two centers can become so strong that the two vibrations or their "pulsatingPsychology2, 661:and interplay. They will and should become a strong united body in the outer world. The test willPsychology2, 677:opinion will be possible, and will be so strong that, in every country, acts of cruelty, ofRays, 29:All of them desire to move forward and possess a strong inner spiritual life - hence my finding theRays, 52:a symbol to make my meaning clear, it is like "a strong wind that pins a man against a wall andRays, 155:intuition, and an undeviating intention and strong faith in the future. When these qualities beginRays, 165:through a discharge of the will-energy that is strong enough to bring about the change. Rays, 208:would suffice to hold them together and prove strong enough to offset personality differences,Rays, 209:or disliking. Where there is liking, then too strong a personality relation is established, as farRays, 256:three strands of the "rainbow bridge" are now so strong and so firmly anchored that they not onlyRays, 381:quality - that of active intelligence - was so strong that the second historical phase becameRays, 396:enlighten that which is already fused, already strong and already full of light, but which needsRays, 430:unused to power, somewhat arrogant, with a strong superiority complex, inexperienced and yet at theRays, 446:building. This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and reorientation of the mind toRays, 453:of the individual disciple, and forms a strong closely woven thread upon the mental plane. [454] Rays, 489:visualization process, the more beautiful and strong will be the bridge. Visualization is theRays, 493:lower levels of divine manifestation and becomes strong enough to produce response from the higher.Rays, 494:and its radius of influence are now sufficiently strong to call out a response from the SpiritualRays, 495:until the bridge stands finished, stable and strong and capable of being used. It must perforce beRays, 627:intellect, you have necessarily and naturally a strong materialistic influence and the conflictRays, 633:owing to their fiery temperament and their strong [634] emotional bias and condition. The Poles andRays, 720:enlighten that which is already fused, already strong, and already full of light but which needsRays, 736:appeal for liberation." This appeal is so strong that the Initiate - because His heart is on fireRays, 745:(and the human spirit so basically and divinely strong) that it will eventually defeat itself; whenRays, 763:The empty cup, the steady hand, the firm and strong endeavor lead to a moment's agony and thence toRays, 765:Naught had he held and kept, naught save his strong desire, back on the road he might not go, butReappearance, 97:of this wisdom energy will eventually be so strong that it will need no further distribution orReappearance, 189:so that the sound of humanity's demand may be strong enough to reach the spiritual Hierarchy. ThisSoul, 25:psychologist is, therefore, almost impregnably strong, for it is based upon known truths andTelepathy, 5:of ideas and thought currents which are not strong enough to live by themselves or to make aTelepathy, 5:to live by themselves or to make a sufficiently strong impact upon the human consciousness. InTelepathy, 10:and the more that emotion and feeling [10] and strong desire can be eliminated, the more accurateTelepathy, 10:more accurate will be the work accomplished. The strong desire to achieve success in telepathicTelepathy, 10:rapport. When these streams are adequately strong, they act like a boomerang and return to the
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