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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STRUCTURE

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Astrology, 427:will demonstrate that there will be found a structure therein of many triangles of force; some ofAstrology, 445:and the rebuilding of the shattered world structure. The seventh ray has sometimes been called aAstrology, 496:of Triangles. I have hinted at the entire structure of living, moving, focusing and transmittingAstrology, 498:name for this science is the Science of Etheric Structure or Substance. That being so, that scienceAstrology, 499:he will perceive intuitively the underlying structure of ideas and sense the basic synthesis whichAstrology, 499:portray and the validity of the inner spiritual structure. This structure has always been presentAstrology, 499:validity of the inner spiritual structure. This structure has always been present but it has beenAstrology, 541:for direction and guidance. Thus the nebulous structure and the dim outlines of the New AgeAtom, 61:in all the kingdoms of nature are of a similar structure, differing only in degree of consciousnessAtom, 99:I shall be able to lay another stone upon the structure I am endeavoring to build. The wordAutobiography, 303:but entirely adequate for the building of the structure thereon which is necessary for the futureBethlehem, 15:and right concentration. He provided a structure of truth, of dogma and of doctrine which hasBethlehem, 69:unmistakably symbolized for us. In the rocky structure of the cave, the mineral kingdom appears.Bethlehem, 93:Either these words express a truth, or the whole structure of our belief falls to the ground. ThereBethlehem, 135:it was His mission to found, and whose inner structure and skeleton outline were built upon theBethlehem, 136:by St. Paul has perhaps over-balanced the structure of the presentation of Christ as we were meantBethlehem, 175:dramatic episode upon which the entire structure of Christian theology has been founded. Upon thisBethlehem, 176:outlines of a new and more nearly ideal social structure, based on perfected humanity, areBethlehem, 279:of the sons of God. The building of that inner structure which is the spiritual body is carried onDestiny, 58:then the pattern which underlies the structure of the States may be seen in lines of light and weDestiny, 110:lessons learnt in the past and must base his new structure of truth upon the foundations and theDiscipleship1, 30:supplied, the skeleton framework of a future structure will slowly emerge. How that structure [31]Discipleship1, 30:a future structure will slowly emerge. How that structure [31] will appear when completed is knownDiscipleship1, 33:spiritual kingdom. The forming of the skeleton structure of the new groups of disciples, theDiscipleship1, 46:This is necessary in order that the internal structure of the group may be more firmly and closelyDiscipleship1, 99:Hierarchy to prevent a complete collapse of the structure of human civilization, as it exists atDiscipleship1, 99:this time. The sound foundations of part of the structure must be saved; all else may have to go.Discipleship1, 106:that accumulated knowledge of years, a fresh structure of knowledge may be erected and a new andDiscipleship1, 145:You must refrain from welding them into any structure which you may build for the Great Ones. TheyDiscipleship1, 172:too much of the Shamballa force for the delicate structure with which you are dealing. Precede allDiscipleship1, 195:of your loving radiation, strengthen the group structure, and stimulate the group love. This isDiscipleship1, 410:early in the day for your soul contact. The structure of your daily living will not break down if,Discipleship1, 681:skeleton outline and simply an underlying basic structure. It was the steel scaffolding of the newDiscipleship1, 764:the entire process, you have a hint as to the structure and activity of the Heart of the Sun, theDiscipleship2, 57:the fifth kingdom in nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the new religious ceremonial [58] canDiscipleship2, 164:The Plan is not yet so developed that its structure is universally admitted. Evil has been drivenDiscipleship2, 177:followed an exercise on, alignment, so that the structure or the "set-up" (if I may use such aDiscipleship2, 221:they all so admirably demonstrate will come the structure of the new civilization. Discipleship2, 314:by humanity itself) there is developing a structure of truth and a paralleling responsiveness ofDiscipleship2, 403:rearranging what can be called "the doctrinal structure underlying the relation between knowledgeDiscipleship2, 414:is presented at this stage with a vast body or structure of truth; his mental appreciation of theseDiscipleship2, 449:form for meditation, but I am giving you a loose structure of thought which I would like to seeDiscipleship2, 456:the general progress, the growth of the general structure of service which the disciple is creatingDiscipleship2, 519:the blueprint which "substands" the outer structure of creation, of living, of loving and ofDiscipleship2, 587:and disciples associated with it. The initial structure and consolidation is now concluded and IDiscipleship2, 674:meditation during future years, build up its structure yourself, laying emphasis upon three points:Discipleship2, 745:let your creative imagination build for you a structure for your service. I have spoken to you withEducation, 42:existed upon old Atlantis. Upon all this basic structure the exact opposite is being imposed today,Education, 49:done. They should beautify and complete the structure already erected and should deal more directlyEducation, 105:has led to the undermining of the hierarchical structure of the social order. This hierarchicalEducation, 105:structure of the social order. This hierarchical structure is a basic and eternal reality, but theEducation, 107:be any permanent evasion of the hierarchical structure which underlies our planetary life. ThisEducation, 111:to weigh, not evidence this time, but an inner structure of esoteric happening of more import thanEducation, 115:great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of theEducation, 115:the truth of that which I predict. The world structure emerges from and is built upon certain innerEducation, 126:principles of the entire human and planetary structure. This structure is that of an all-embracingEducation, 126:the entire human and planetary structure. This structure is that of an all-embracing Hierarchy. InEducation, 126:existence, and with that hierarchical structure which is found immediately above the human in theEducation, 128:the following factors - underlying the very structure of existence itself - [129] are preserved andEducation, 137:light aspect of the world and its underlying structure. Externalisation, 223:of thought substance, that the weakness of the structure of this thought-form becomes apparent. ItExternalisation, 285:and ideologies. What then is the true inner structure of reality which will provide the neededExternalisation, 322:in its implications, and which will provide that structure of living interrelation which willExternalisation, 327:or indirectly - and the breaking down of the structure of well-established financial relations,Externalisation, 366:heal the wounds of war, and build a new world structure adequate to the intelligent demands of theExternalisation, 378:to make a start. The outline of the future world structure can already be dimly seen; the failure -Externalisation, 383:and reflection. Behind the world pattern and structure stands its Originator, its Planner, itsExternalisation, 405:capacity at any given time. They are the inner structure of the One Truth upon which all the worldExternalisation, 411:Four Truths. His group of disciples erected a structure of truth which (by the power of collectiveExternalisation, 416:of tomorrow and begin [416] to question what structure the faith of humanity should assume and whatExternalisation, 498:and bring about an entirely new economic world structure. It lies in the hands of the UnitedExternalisation, 518:form may no longer serve the intent, when the structure atrophies, crystallizes, and becomesExternalisation, 533:tones, drawing out into the reflected worlds the structure of the Plan. And thus the note, theExternalisation, 580:years; these will indicate the general structure of the new world of culture, will emphasize asExternalisation, 581:initiates above mentioned, will build the new structure of material relationships - a mostExternalisation, 662:it) of the foundations upon which the new structure of the coming civilization must be founded - itExternalisation, 685:under impression from me; the more detailed structure and the sweep of the hierarchical intentionFire, 134:counterpart of the spine, and not with the bony structure which we call the spine or spinal column.Fire, 173:or foundation facts, upon which may be erected a structure of conjecture, and of logical reasoning,Fire, 224:the scaffolding on which to erect the intended structure of knowledge. If a student of the WisdomFire, 309:quaternary. Manas is the pivot of the human structure, or the center on which the spiritual andFire, 594:of the system, and in the rearing of the structure that shelters the Spirit, and love works throughFire, 693:of the permanent atoms to the rest of the structure. Apart [694] from the permanent atom, the humanFire, 734:primitive substance, and dissipating its atomic structure. The energy of the second aspect (that ofFire, 859:fact that the major head center is twofold in structure, and consists of a lotus of ninety-sixFire, 892:which can be objectively seen is the etheric structure, and these little busy lives frequentlyFire, 934:or the construction of the more permanent structure is the work of the Supervising Architect. OneFire, 1018:in the formation of the physical plane structure. The magician has to know the following facts: TheFire, 1022:this Ray it will be possible to build a new structure for the rapidly decaying civilization, and toFire, 1219:body, and, therefore, has built into its structure a larger number of atomic units, so a groupFire, 1265:cosmic third [1265] EYE. In the physical plane structure of the eye lies hid the secret and in itsGlamour, 23:arhats formulated those four great truths into a structure of dogma and doctrine that - by theGlamour, 105:or pattern, and to outline and determine the structure of the kingdoms into which science dividesHealing, 44:time concerned. I am here simply laying down the structure of fact upon which we can later base ourHealing, 46:have to say will have the following synthesis of structure behind it: The soul. The subtler bodiesHealing, 56:connected as they are with the framework and structure, the organs, nerves, brain tissue andHealing, 68:that it will take time for even this first inner structure of ideas and this somewhat newHealing, 79:is weakness in the relation between this inner structure and the outer form, it will be immediatelyHealing, 116:and also have a specific effect upon the organic structure within the range of their vibratoryHealing, 164:which is the sum total of the life of its atomic structure, and is also animated by the unified
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