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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENT

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Magic, 51:I want briefly to state. Firstly, that the student is sincere in his aspiration, and is determinedMagic, 57:incarnation, which is all that concerns the student here. This meditation is rhythmic and cyclic inMagic, 58:a very clear summation is given and that the student is started in his study of magic with a briefMagic, 61:purpose and the plan. It may be of use to the student if he here remembers that the ego (as well asMagic, 62:The above thoughts can also be applied by the student of humanity to the great racial cycles andMagic, 64:and not a field of sensuous perception. Let the student ponder upon this last sentence. Let him aimMagic, 74:In the above lies a hint for the more advanced student (and he is the one who hesitates so toMagic, 74:too numerous to be mentioned here but which the student will find it useful to consider. Let himMagic, 76:like here to point out the advisability of each student arriving at an understanding of his ethericMagic, 81:unusual way, and one that is not realized by the student who attempts, at first, to tread theMagic, 82:the preceding or succeeding similar period a student can approximate the trend of affairs and guideMagic, 82:When the point in evolution is reached where the student can contrast preceding lives, and gainMagic, 82:lives can be likewise apprehended by the student, and their coloring seen and known, then karma (asMagic, 84:of men, and not for the would-be earnest occult student. For long centuries food that has beenMagic, 85:paramountly controlling his views on life, the student may hope, by strenuous endeavor, to overcomeMagic, 86:these relations carries much information to the student, and is part of the teaching given inMagic, 105:four proceedeth." What of this lower light? The student should remember that for the presentMagic, 109:be approached in the form of a question. The student might well enquire into the matter as follows:Magic, 130:at this juncture to the careful thoughtful student of men and of motives. First: That idealism andMagic, 152:of the form. In the training of the occidental student, blind unquestioning [153] obedience isMagic, 158:aspirant in the daily meditation process. If the student would remember that every time lie sitsMagic, 179:Master to pupil; from disciple to disciple; from student to student. From Master or disciple to theMagic, 179:from disciple to disciple; from student to student. From Master or disciple to the ego and thenceMagic, 182:of the goal." How often does one find a student more occupied with the Master and what He will doMagic, 187:or ill-equipped are all dangerous to the student unless straightened out and perfected. A chela isMagic, 190:work on the subtler planes. I am assuming in the student an elementary knowledge of the vital bodyMagic, 190:immaterial at present from the standpoint of the student, for much that has been given out isMagic, 190:Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye Next, let the student remember two important facts, which may beMagic, 194:as well as the spiritual nature. The average student starts with the knowledge that he has centers,Magic, 203:Path of Probation. On reading this the earnest student can begin to sum up his energy assets; heMagic, 235:of Astral Force It would be advisable for the student to read with care the commentary on this ruleMagic, 235:in the book from the standpoint of the average student. It cannot be understood where there is noMagic, 237:line with divine purpose. It is of value for the student to know where he stands and what hisMagic, 237:the organizing of his physical plane life. The student on the probationary path is learning aMagic, 237:body, its focus, its desires and its work. The student on the path of accepted discipleship has toMagic, 243:Cosmic Fire would be found of real value by the student. There is also an ebb and flow in soulMagic, 247:and understood in terms of the centers. As every student knows, there are two centers in the head.Magic, 248:subplanes is gradually made possible as the student in his meditation work develops facility inMagic, 261:in all groups. It would be of value if each student would link up every day at five o'clock by anMagic, 323:imposition of the Law of Periodicity and if the student develops as desired, each pralayic periodMagic, 359:Perhaps one of the first things that every student has to learn, as he seeks to grasp the natureMagic, 366:is, is modeled and molded. He becomes then a student-symbolist, and from being an idolater heMagic, 366:This goes forward through meditation. Every true student knows that this involves concentration inMagic, 370:Such however is the case, and it is for this the student must aim. Some people are happy becauseMagic, 373:violent change. From the standpoint of the human student the rate of increase is apparently so slowMagic, 383:intuition may begin to play its part, and the student learns the meaning of illumination. UntilMagic, 406:of their endeavor, and leave to some illumined student of history the delineation of the goldenMagic, 412:energy or vitality, - what the oriental student calls pranic energy. It is a concretization ofMagic, 422:between the eyebrows, called by the oriental student, the ajna center. The subordinating then ofMagic, 449:or aspirant. The first reaction of the average student on reading the above is to think immediatelyMagic, 467:of judgment evinced by those we teach. Say to a student: Practice with steadfastness the law ofMagic, 467:deemed, at best, a needed platitude. Say to the student: I will give you some occult phrases orMagic, 486:matter from the desire in the heart of the student to verify, corroborate, and share with the groupMagic, 502:phenomenal aspects of the death process. If the student is thinking clearly, it will be apparent toMagic, 513:- Interludes and Cycles What does concern the student of these Instructions however is how he canMagic, 515:during the meditation process. With this the student must familiarize himself, for otherwise heMagic, 518:make it impossible for any but a deeply learned student to arrive at the necessary correlationsMagic, 541:who are entitled to this knowledge so that the student can begin to develop in himself that whichMagic, 555:talking pictorially and symbolically. If the student will bear in mind that such an attempt toMagic, 559:for silent detachment and the work before every student who reads these Instructions must consistMagic, 570:egoic levels." Finally we read: "It may help the student if he realizes that the right control ofMagic, 573:so oft to be abstruse and difficult. Let the student inquire [574] of himself whether the positionMagic, 579:in the reactions which people show to what the student may say or do. In the type there is aMagic, 590:and I do so in order to demonstrate to the eager student that at this period of our history thereMagic, 592:has always had an esoteric significance for the student, and indicates a point in racial evolution.Magic, 601:a definite procedure should be adopted. The student should first of all read the textbook as aMagic, 601:fix the knowledge it contains firmly in the student's memory. One of the main teachings which canMagic, 601:esoteric character concerns the attitude of the student of the occult. He is supposed to be dealingMagic, 612:is only possible to suggest to the intelligent student that the light of his soul (reflected in hisMagic, 620:that they are so prominent will appear, if the student will take the trouble to consider theMagic, 620:years. This is far enough ahead for the average student to look and to plan, and in theirMagic, 626:from the thralldom of age-old fear concepts. The student finds himself becoming steadily detachedMagic, 629:table should be carefully studied by the student: Instinct Correspondence Mode 1. Self-preservationMagic, 638:speedily made. I would like to point out to the student that, having with steadfastness goneMagic, 638:of truth is so close that not one earnest student goes totally unrecognized. In the press of theMeditation, 9:follows naturally upon the realization by the student of the absolute necessity for the dominationMeditation, 59:solar system, the note of love and wisdom, the student will make the necessary communicationMeditation, 59:find liberation from the three worlds. The student must remember, nevertheless, that he has firstMeditation, 60:hints; the rest must be threshed out by the student of meditation for himself. [61] Meditation, 64:This is all that is possible until the student has reached a point where he may be allowed to soundMeditation, 75:Word in Meditation I seek to point out that the student must ever remember that hereMeditation, 76:type of work to be done. The application of the student. Hence you can see for yourself that it isMeditation, 84:little can be indicated is of small value to the student apart from the wise attempt to experiment,Meditation, 88:- that knowledge which instills into the wise student the desire to submit to the necessary rules,Meditation, 88:certain dangerous possibilities, and to put the student on his guard against an enthusiasm that mayMeditation, 88:are mainly applicable to the groups to which the student is attached; they can only be given inMeditation, 90:personality. This can only be permitted when the student can be silent, selfless and stable. Who asMeditation, 90:stability and on mental equilibrium before the student passes on to greater knowledge. Only [91] asMeditation, 91:not out the higher one of the Spirit can the student be trusted to acquire powers that, wronglyMeditation, 91:so great and the perils that beset the unwary student so many that before I proceed further I haveMeditation, 92:planes who are non-human; later on, when the student is of sufficient importance to attract notice,Meditation, 92:July 24, 1920 The dangers that beset the student of meditation are dependent upon many factors, andMeditation, 93:bring out the absolute necessity for the occult student to have a virile common sense for one ofMeditation, 94:the effects and be a better [94] judge than the student himself. Above all, the Master will know,Meditation, 94:I begin with the mental body as it is for the student of meditation the one that is the center ofMeditation, 94:one that controls the two lower bodies. The true student seeks to draw his consciousness away fromMeditation, 96:suggestions may be found useful and helpful: The student having withdrawn his consciousness on toMeditation, 101:be made public. If pondered on, it carries the student to a high plane and stimulates vibration.Meditation, 103:the lower and the Higher Self. In meditation the student seeks to contact the divine flame that isMeditation, 103:should follow, dependent upon the ray of the student and the key of the vibration of his higher
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