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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENT

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Meditation, 103:of the Master and consciously distributed by the student himself, following the specific oralMeditation, 103:aroused and spiral with correctness without the student knowing what is occurring on the physicalMeditation, 103:of risk and trouble that attack the unwary student. Meditation, 104:stages as numbness and fatigue, and if the student persists in meditation when these conditions areMeditation, 104:the result will be serious. At all times a student should guard against continuing his meditationMeditation, 105:to point out it is quite needless, provided the student adheres to the rules of common sense, thatMeditation, 106:race as a whole. The work, therefore, that the student has to do is twofold: He has to withdraw hisMeditation, 106:Meditation Dangers arising from the Karma of the Student July 29, 1920 These as you know may beMeditation, 107:Just what do you mean by the "karma of the student?" We use words lightly, and I presume that theMeditation, 107:that the thoughtless reply would be that the student's karma is the inevitable happenings of theMeditation, 108:of the mental capacity to meditate, the student misses the very thing he came into the physicalMeditation, 109:is to develop the mental capacity of the student; to teach him concrete facts and science and thusMeditation, 109:causal body is somewhat matured and where the student is in one of the final grades in the Hall ofMeditation, 118:Let me illustrate, for clarity is desired: A student is affiliated with a group that has anMeditation, 120:the risks that may be run when the karma of the student and his group affiliations are overlooked.Meditation, 120:in three ways: The ignorance of the average student as to the nature of those forces and as to theMeditation, 121:from a threefold condition of the bodies of the student which may be the result sometimes ofMeditation, 121:the permission of the Teacher, involves the student with certain groups of devas, bringing him intoMeditation, 121:In the first two, the remedy lies within the student himself and in the wise correction of the typeMeditation, 122:eliminate all thought and lower vibrations, the student makes the mistake of rendering his entireMeditation, 122:levels and even from the intuitional, the student permits reception from all sides. Only a pointMeditation, 123:1919 One of the activities ahead of the occult student is the study and the scientific observationMeditation, 130:now in use but spell disaster to the ambitious student. When a man starts out to follow the path ofMeditation, 131:that no danger need be feared by the average student from this source. It is only as discipleshipMeditation, 131:which are the ones which alone concern the student of these letters: Definite attack on theMeditation, 132:all stable vibration and plunges the bewildered student into a blackness of despair; be feels thatMeditation, 140:joint action and reaction therefore the occult student is trained by the occultist. In studying theMeditation, 145:something that is little realized by the average student. He is building a form, a definiteMeditation, 145:though not invariably, of two kinds: The student builds a form daily, with care and love andMeditation, 146:of love and devotion. In the second method the student pictures himself as the ideal man. HeMeditation, 148:is merged in the occultist for he has become a student of occult law; he has to work with matter,Meditation, 159:forms for healing may be given, yet the wise student will find that the forms that affect theMeditation, 163:not permitted to be [163] known by the ordinary student and are only orally imparted duringMeditation, 165:on those rays. The effect of sounding it by the student of meditation is threefold: It links himMeditation, 166:which is so vast a one that I caution the student from investigating much. It would but prove forMeditation, 166:- will be part of the ordinary curriculum of the student. He will start his meditation by the useMeditation, 168:is that the Great Ones so powerfully assist the student. Through meditation, adjusted to theMeditation, 168:meditation, adjusted to the desired line, the student can control step by step the variousMeditation, 169:is meditation, and the means whereby the student puts himself en rapport with the essential Life ofMeditation, 170:to point out that the effect in the life of the student of meditation on one of these three linesMeditation, 180:forms, mantric or otherwise, as used by the student of occult meditation. As may be imagined, theMeditation, 181:forms exist, and will be used and known when the student is ready, and the work requires it. SomeMeditation, 190:been communicated to arouse the interest of the student and to incite him to greater effort, closerMeditation, 190:physical plane in practical experience, can the student be in a position to point the way to otherMeditation, 202:and is full of helpfulness for the wise student. Aught that enlarges his horizon and increases theMeditation, 206:meditation will eventually yield up to the wise student. These four points lay the foundation forMeditation, 211:as a circle of sevenfold light. Too apt is the student to picture seven bands, striking downMeditation, 212:four other colors interweaving. Some day some student of color and of the Divine Wisdom shouldMeditation, 214:not be laid upon apparent information, and the student will wisely reserve his opinion. Yellow isMeditation, 220:red, and violet lies still another mystery. The student, who, by using his intuition, apprehendsMeditation, 221:importance in the macrocosm, and to the student of meditation. It is necessary to effect thisMeditation, 222:side of the mind, will come much of value to the student of meditation, provided always he doesMeditation, 228:fashion, leaving the detailed working out to the student of meditation. More at this juncture isMeditation, 231:gradually appear the thread that will lead the student out of his confusion into the clear light ofMeditation, 231:through the meditation which prepares the student for that initiation which opens to him the door.Meditation, 232:upon the effect of color: On the bodies of the student. On the groups with which he is affiliated.Meditation, 232:intelligence. To put it quite briefly, as the student builds a pure physical body and a refinedMeditation, 235:expressed. Here comes in the work of the student in meditation. Early in evolution these forcesMeditation, 235:forces and a facilitating of their action. The student of meditation ponders on those forces orMeditation, 236:it will be obvious at once to the careful student that the effect upon the environment will beMeditation, 237:done in the meditation of the past years by the student he will find the material of these lettersMeditation, 238:that are of immediate and practical use to the student. Color may be employed in contacting otherMeditation, 240:much hidden under the veil of words. The occult student, therefore, from the standpoint of colorMeditation, 240:into the Ego and so atrophy the lower self. The student begins by eliminating the colors that areMeditation, 249:With this as the basis of study the student may expect eventually to see the completeMeditation, 251:respects they attain greater results than many a student of meditation. All they need to do is toMeditation, 258:of the struggler. Therein lies the hope for the student of meditation; as he struggles, as heMeditation, 276:the meditation, according to the ability of the student to shut off the lower and contact theMeditation, 277:about certain effects. By the frequency of the student's ability to do this comes indication ofMeditation, 278:rapid, but with ever increasing frequency as the student of meditation comprehends more readily andMeditation, 280:What use is it to give facts of which the student cannot as yet make use? We waste not time inMeditation, 281:Others may not be so familiar to the general student... In these letters we have dealt with theMeditation, 281:In these letters we have dealt with the student himself and what he has to bring to the endeavor;Meditation, 281:which (brooded upon in silence) may lead to the student making some discoveries for himself. LastlyMeditation, 281:the Masters and Their reality nearer to the student, and thereby facilitate his approach to Them.Meditation, 281:that may be looked for with conviction by the student who has endeavored to conform his life to theMeditation, 281:lines laid down by me in these letters. If the student but provides the right conditions, if heMeditation, 285:is superseded. In this first method the occult student works from the periphery to the center, fromMeditation, 285:seek to point out that the love achieved by the student of meditation who follows this line is notMeditation, 286:Application Here the order is reversed and the student, being frequently polarized in his mentalMeditation, 286:call pride. Both have to be broken before the student who progresses through intellectualMeditation, 287:[287] by you, but the above hint holds for the student much of value. This is the line of the thirdMeditation, 287:display in the lower worlds. Only when the student, who progresses by intellectual application, hasMeditation, 287:in the three bodies in the lower worlds that the student of meditation will be conscious of if heMeditation, 288:in the physical brain consciousness of the student that he has done some of the necessary work andMeditation, 288:Masters and of some one particular Master by the student in his physical brain. This realization isMeditation, 288:the rules laid down, there comes a time when the student is suddenly conscious - right within theMeditation, 289:within the Cave of the Heart As you know, the student has often been told to visualize himself andMeditation, 290:case in point, - has been accomplished by the student. He has connected the heart with its headMeditation, 290:instance the method is not quite the same. The student becomes conscious during his moments ofMeditation, 290:contact with one of the Great Ones. The student at first is only conscious of a feeling ofMeditation, 291:at first, with some one Master. In time the student comes to recognize this vibration and toMeditation, 291:(out of many, forget not) whereby the earnest student may be conscious in his physical brain ofMeditation, 292:and the Lessons imparted there [292] As the student perseveres in his meditation, as he increasesMeditation, 294:later to be revealed. When, in meditation, a student hears this inner musical note, he shouldMeditation, 303:pupils. Danger lurks in the path of the occult student and the Himalayan adepts know adequately howMeditation, 312:ever employed. The whole aim is only to put the student in the way of finding out for himself theMeditation, 313:training the astral and mental equipping of the student will be one of the first considerations.Meditation, 314:whilst the mountains will imbue the advanced student with cosmic strength and will bold steadilyMeditation, 316:and the aptitude for correct meditation of the student. Along with all this will be the life of
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