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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENT

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Meditation, 321:and the occult understanding of the student, upon the quality of the tone of his life as it soundsMeditation, 322:world. One rule only will be laid down - each student must of necessity have his own separatedMeditation, 322:distinct. One division will be given up to the student's life and study; another to the bath andMeditation, 322:will contain little save the mat on which the student sits, a couch on which he will repose hisMeditation, 325:things that will be seen in the scheme of the student's work and to show the method whereby he isPatanjali, 8:triplicities may be found of value to the student, especially if he remembers that it is thePatanjali, 9:body, and therefore of lower manas or mind. The student should remember that uncontrolled desirePatanjali, 9:Master therefore directs the attention of the student (at the beginning of his instruction) to thePatanjali, 10:or atmic logoic to the head of the aspirant The student is therefore given the WORD of restraint orPatanjali, 12:quieted, and their restlessness stilled. The student is urged to bear in mind the nature of thisPatanjali, 13:caused by the pairs of opposites. The student must remember that in this sutra it is the chitta orPatanjali, 16:not directly perceived. This is, for the occult student, the use of the Law of Correspondences orPatanjali, 16:revolutionary realizations to which the occult student has to adjust himself is the appreciationPatanjali, 17:has to be superseded by a different method. The student of Raja Yoga has to realize that the mindPatanjali, 20:fall primarily into three groups, which the student would do well to consider. Those thought formsPatanjali, 22:the achievement of one-pointedness such as the student of yoga aspires to, but which is a form ofPatanjali, 28:intermission, then the time will come when the student will know consciously and increasingly whatPatanjali, 28:you, the hope of glory!" (Col., I, 27.) If the student will also study the fish Avatar of Vishnu hePatanjali, 30:[30] The word "traditional" carries the student's thought away from that which is usually regardedPatanjali, 30:nirvanic realization. It may be of value to the student to remember that heaven, the object ofPatanjali, 31:Certain points should be remembered by the student when considering this sutra: That the spiritualPatanjali, 32:significance of this becomes apparent as the student remembers the oneness of spirit and matterPatanjali, 34:participation", and through it the student arrives at that knowledge of energy in himself which isPatanjali, 35:body, and an illuminating study for the earnest student. Meditation upon the soul, upon the One whoPatanjali, 35:This makes it somewhat difficult for the average student when studying the various commentaries.Patanjali, 37:It is of value here to note that the student begins by aspiring to that which lies beyond his kenPatanjali, 52:them to make more rapid progress. The occult student must remember that this process has gone on inPatanjali, 54:It will be apparent therefore to the careful student how interdependent all are and how thePatanjali, 55:certain facts about the AUM, and leave the student to extend the concept and grasp the significancePatanjali, 57:and at other times further information as the student - through study and self initiated effort -Patanjali, 70:By the study of these types of perception, the student will arrive at a just appreciation of thePatanjali, 72:the inner turmoil. These life currents (for the student of occultism) are two in number: a. ThePatanjali, 72:be called mentally polarized. The clue for the student of occultism who aspires to liberation isPatanjali, 80:exclusion - where desired - of the others. The student is warned not to imagine that this "graciousPatanjali, 81:be reached and thus peace can be achieved. The student should here note that each of the methodsPatanjali, 82:and the law involved can be considered by the student. It should be remembered also that all thesePatanjali, 87:the Ancient of Days, our Planetary Logos. The student can only arrive at a very dim understandingPatanjali, 87:of an old possession fully satisfies. Let the student therefore study and ascertain whether thatPatanjali, 91:the whole range of form is found. The occult student has to realize that forms are diverse andPatanjali, 93:of the teaching of the sutras, and enable the student to apply these thoughts in practical fashionPatanjali, 98:been gained, and by an act of the will, the student can meditate on the subtle subjective nature ofPatanjali, 99:of pure spiritual being called Pradhana. Let the student remember here the following degrees orPatanjali, 120:with the various "yogas" so as to give to the student a clear concept as to their distinctions andPatanjali, 124:that the word Master connotes (to the occult student) one of the adepts, we have chosen toPatanjali, 133:is the commentary upon the previous one. The student should remember that the knower, the spiritualPatanjali, 137:secondary meanings are given by the ordinary student to the words attachment, desire, and theirPatanjali, 137:out. They are interpreted in terms of the student's [138] small advancement. They are but EnglishPatanjali, 143:of rebirth and be condemned to form-taking. The student should carefully note that these fivePatanjali, 144:or pain. The predominant work of the occult student is the manipulation of force, and the enteringPatanjali, 147:and inertia, and are inherent in all forms. The student needs to remember that every form on everyPatanjali, 150:is sometimes translated - apprehensions. If the student will study this term he will note that itPatanjali, 153:and qualities. For purposes of study the student will do well to remember that he must investigatePatanjali, 166:Perceiver. In this sutra the attention of the student is drawn to the primary quality which he mustPatanjali, 185:that this expression is regarded by the occult student as only one form which the out goingPatanjali, 193:delusion. There are three words which the occult student associates ever with the three worlds:Patanjali, 201:a somewhat freer translation. The Eastern student, more versed in the symbolic presentation ofPatanjali, 209:rather eliminating effect therein. With this the student has as yet nothing to do, beyond seeing toPatanjali, 222:be given which will enable the true occult student to gain that information which, if correctlyPatanjali, 227:of egoic life and energy. It may help the student if he realizes that the right control of pranaPatanjali, 248:the early stages of the meditation process, the student becomes aware of the nature of the form andPatanjali, 251:meditation process and is only possible to that student who has learnt and mastered the threePatanjali, 255:and specific dangers. These are avoided when the student realizes that the path is long and that anPatanjali, 258:perceiving consciousness has full sway. If the student will look at any of the translations of thePatanjali, 286:Some understanding of this will come if the student will compare this sutra with one in the [287]Patanjali, 297:terms used here serve frequently to confuse the student and it might be wise if we used only twoPatanjali, 301:basic statements which should be noted by the student. He says: "This whole well-foundedPatanjali, 302:aspirant the nature and purpose of form." If the student will remember that the moon is the symbolPatanjali, 303:sutra is of small significance to the ordinary student, but is of profound use to the initiate orPatanjali, 307:general view is given so as to present to the student the vision of what lies ahead. It is,Patanjali, 309:are to be found up the spine, but it aids the student considerably if he can grasp the idea of thePatanjali, 310:be given. In the process of transmutation the student should remember that: The energy at the basePatanjali, 311:the lower siddhis or powers and with these the student of Raja Yoga is not concerned, regardingPatanjali, 323:five planes, and for further information, the student is referred to that Treatise pages 186-202.Patanjali, 327:must be carefully borne in mind by the student of Raja Yoga in the initial stage of his work. LaterPatanjali, 329:or shadows of the more vital plexi. The student will not go far astray if he regards the sum totalPatanjali, 331:illusion is dissipated. It is of value to the student to trace the analogy between the three partsPatanjali, 334:The following tabulation may prove useful if the student will bear in mind that the firstPatanjali, 337:Word of Glory, the Macrocosmic Word. With the student of Raja Yoga, however, there are three mainPatanjali, 350:nose to smell. In considering the senses, the student studies them, therefore, in five connectionsPatanjali, 361:of illumination. See Book II., Sutra 27. If the student will here study Book III. Sutra 26, and thePatanjali, 365:be remembered that according to the occult student "space is an entity" (Secret Doctrine I, 583),Patanjali, 366:is experienced, is of small avail to the average student. To say that there is a time when sight isPatanjali, 381:astralism pure and simple and with this the true student of Raja Yoga has naught to do. It is partPatanjali, 387:the One is responsible for the many. This the student can appreciate more intelligently if hePatanjali, 389:oriental manner as to confuse the western student considerably. An analysis of the significance ofPatanjali, 405:is therefore of immediate practical value to the student of Raja Yoga. It involves certainPatanjali, 406:(for the thought is identical to the occult student) do I function? Do I identify myself with thePatanjali, 416:The appended list of synonyms is of value to the student, for it gives him a broader vision and anPatanjali, x:books which should be in the hands of every student, the Bhagavad Gita, the New Testament, and thePatanjali, xiv:that non-elastic and unimaginative tongue. The student may find it of use in the study of theseProblems, 59:be done in such a manner that the content of the student's mind will not only be enriched withProblems, 62:that this integration is not possible for every student passing through the hands of our teachers.Psychology1, xviii:and self-initiated effort of the individual student. Psychology1, xix:the teaching which I have sought to impart. Any student who thinks clearly and applies the teachingPsychology1, xxi:its entirety is beyond the grasp of the advanced student. At the same time, it is a most valuablePsychology1, xxii:make the information of practical value to the student and to the intelligent reader. I shallPsychology1, xxiv:of the entire symbolic picture is of value. Each student, as he takes up the study of the rays,Psychology1, xxv:the imparted instruction should be that of the student who is seeking truth that can be verifiedPsychology1, 10:or meditate. Extend the idea, then, from the student in a group to the group itself, regarding itPsychology1, 12:profitless until there is developed within each student that apparatus of response and that
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