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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENTS

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Autobiography, 198:and not exclusive and that oriented its students toward a life of service as the road of approachAutobiography, 198:those businesslike methods that would insure our students being promptly serviced. We have kept theAutobiography, 198:we are under no obligation, financially, to the students and I feel free to drop a student any timeAutobiography, 198:school papers go out in many languages and the students in these countries are handled byAutobiography, 213:Company. Beginning with a small handful of students we now have a number of spiritual projects allAutobiography, 213:and world wide, and all made possible by the students in the Arcane School. [214] Autobiography, 217:and open to esoteric thinkers and occult students of all groups in Europe and elsewhere. She hadAutobiography, 218:by Cornell University to go there and meet the students and speak to them on the modern spiritualAutobiography, 218:to truth and to talk to little groups of students. This was also cancelled because I had no collegeAutobiography, 227:well and we already had several hundred Spanish students, most of them men. The work in GreatAutobiography, 227:Britain was also going ahead. Little groups of students scattered throughout the world wereAutobiography, 228:years this most interesting group of old Hindu students worked with us. All these men were old andAutobiography, 229:Increasingly we find ourselves rejecting students who are strictly on the emotional level andAutobiography, 241:that we seek to lay the emphasis. Some of the students have been with us twenty years or more. TheyAutobiography, 242:he himself handled a large and earnest body of students. The work in Holland and the work in SpainAutobiography, 246:the work if she wrote certain books, useful to students, apart from transcribing [247] my writingsAutobiography, 247:it went out, chapter by chapter, to the senior students of the Arcane School as reading matterAutobiography, 249:school in 1923 with the aid of F.B. and certain students of vision and spiritual understanding. SheAutobiography, 250:and that at the very earnest request of many students. Also, some of the teaching upon theAutobiography, 250:or asked, either to the school or to A.A.B. Students can work in any of the occult, esoteric,Autobiography, 250:by study and by the effort to teach the students to serve. Autobiography, 253:and pamphlets have been made available to school students along with the rest of the generalAutobiography, 263:of much faithful though uninspired service. Students must recognize that the schools with whichAutobiography, 267:forming, convey very different ideas to their students and very different techniques of training.Autobiography, 269:group. The obedience developed in his group of students is that of recognizing jointAutobiography, 270:never has been. It is attempting to train its students to make the preliminary contacts and to workAutobiography, 272:in him and supervises the training given to the students. The more advanced the disciple, the lessAutobiography, 278:purpose, is brought to the attention of the students; its working in the past, bringing humanity toAutobiography, 281:to which all the Arcane School workers and students are asked to conform. A study of these willAutobiography, 284:process) a series of integrations. Many of the students in the Arcane School are working at theAutobiography, 284:exacted from any student, at any stage. As the students have voluntarily entered the school, weAutobiography, 285:School imposes no physical disciplines upon the students; we do not require that a man should be aAutobiography, 285:We therefore set no standard of living for the students, nor do we interfere in their privateAutobiography, 286:of the modern aspirant. [286] We also leave our students free to serve as they like and where theyAutobiography, 286:the Arcane School is the reason why we have students with so many loyalties actively associatedAutobiography, 286:so many loyalties actively associated with us as students, but at the same time as actively workingAutobiography, 286:free and they are free. Again, Arcane School students can form their own groups and give expressionAutobiography, 286:in adult education is unique in that the senior students can become school workers, teachers, andAutobiography, 286:as secretaries supervise the work of the younger students. This they can do if they show a grasp ofAutobiography, 286:are of every nationality. The work of the students in the most advanced degrees is handled by twoAutobiography, 288:eventually reveal the fact of God Immanent. Students are under no compulsion to apply these rulesAutobiography, 289:the international aspect of the Arcane School. Students belong to every nation and every religion.Autobiography, 289:secretaries belong to every nationality and the students are assigned frequently to the supervisionAutobiography, 289:The new Invocation which is used by all the students daily has been translated into sixteenAutobiography, 290:meetings in the many cities in the world where students are to be found. It has no desire to be aAutobiography, 290:and local leaders. As we said above, our students are free to work in other organizations and areAutobiography, 290:allegiance to anyone in the Arcane School. Its students are taught to realize that the souls of menAutobiography, 291:false prophets are deliberately exploiting. Our students are taught the truth (as given by Christ)Autobiography, 292:of this attitude in the Arcane School, our students today express every kind of political beliefAutobiography, 292:into political or religious arguments with the students they supervise. We seek only to indicateAutobiography, 292:was according to the will of the majority of the students. There are esotericists, however, whoAutobiography, 292:aloof from mundane affairs and that esoteric students should [293] take no part in the affairs ofAutobiography, 293:twentieth century humanity has had to face. The students of the Arcane School are encouraged toAutobiography, 293:upon the physical level of existence. We ask our students in every nation to study the effectiveAutobiography, 294:disciples and spiritual workers, and one which students in the Arcane School are asked to consider;Autobiography, 294:basis. A yearly statement is sent out and the students know exactly what it costs to finance theAutobiography, 294:to finance the School. When need arises, the students are informed and asked to meet the need ifAutobiography, 296:factors in the work of the Arcane School. Students are asked to study them and accept them as longAutobiography, 302:time, with a great many of her friends and students. Those who are sensitive sometimes registerAutobiography, 303:in contact with the Arcane School and of the students scattered throughout the world who mightAutobiography, 304:in this larger group life. (Talk to the Students at the Annual Conference Banquet of the ArcaneBethlehem, 75:of God was upon Him." (St. Luke, II, 39, 40.) Students would do well to remember that the numberDestiny, 4:through demand. This is an interesting point for students to remember. The work done through theDestiny, 23:in Whom we live and move and have our being." Students who have studied as you have can relate ifDestiny, 76:look at one or two other countries, so enabling students to make comparisons and understandDestiny, 93:ray Leo. Darjeeling 2nd ray 5th ray Scorpio. If students will study this information in connectionDestiny, 104:subjectively related in a manner unforeseen by students at present. Under the plan, and contingentDestiny, 137:earlier hinted) will take the first initiation. Students are apt to forget that the firstDestiny, 144:your unpreparedness for true esoteric teaching. Students need a greater sense of the real governingDiscipleship1, XII:in Christ." Some of these people have worked as students in the Arcane School; others have neverDiscipleship1, XII:the Tibetan) worked in it in order to help the students. Their names will not be divulged. TheDiscipleship1, XIV:of his group which five rays condition them and students will learn much by a study of what heDiscipleship1, 37:The group idea must always be remembered by the students as they work; they must not work asDiscipleship1, 225:I am glad to welcome you into this group of students. The personal touch is wise with you for youDiscipleship1, 278:call your attention to this. I am taking earnest students into my group, not with the sole intentDiscipleship1, 280:your chosen field of work and with your fellow students. A first ray personality can cause the soulDiscipleship1, 292:of future inner development. To your group of students you bring what mental power you have, andDiscipleship1, 301:FRIEND: I am asking you to work in this group of students and aspirants for two reasons: First ofDiscipleship1, 302:authoritatively to impose restrictions on the students and their work, and all can cease from theDiscipleship1, 306:family and friends, and finally for the group of students which you are training for me. RealizeDiscipleship1, 317:in my books. It would be a profitable thing if students would gather together all the informationDiscipleship1, 351:seventh Ray of Order or Magic. It is of value to students to study what rays are not represented inDiscipleship1, 359:and presented ideas can be of service to other students? You have much to convey of occultDiscipleship1, 421:b.To your co-disciples. c.To your group of students. d.To the outer world. e.To me, your TibetanDiscipleship1, 446:of value at times to reiterate. In the case of students such as those of you in this group, it isDiscipleship1, 549:plane, and the sixth ray all closely related. Students would do well to bear these relationships inDiscipleship1, 645:this group, composed of certain of my chosen students. You have been asked to join for threeDiscipleship1, 742:of tension. There has been much given to students upon the theme of the thread, the sutratma andDiscipleship1, 779:that she could write books (useful to students) apart from transcribing my writings and taking downDiscipleship1, 779:it went out, chapter by chapter, to the senior students of the Arcane School as reading matterDiscipleship1, 782:Bailey with the aid of Foster Bailey and certain students of vision and spiritual understanding.Discipleship1, 782:and that at the very earnest request of many students. Also, some of the teaching upon theDiscipleship1, 782:or asked, either to the school or to A. A. B. Students can work in any of the occult, esoteric,Discipleship1, 782:by study and by the effort to teach the students to serve. [783] Discipleship1, 785:and pamphlets have been made available to school students along with the rest of the generalDiscipleship2, 8:can become a source of inspiration to his fellow students; if he is thinking with clarity along theDiscipleship2, 11:which embodies the lesson I desire the students to learn. All this necessitates an expenditure ofDiscipleship2, 11:on my part which I feel is well warranted if the students - on their side - will prepare theirDiscipleship2, 25:amount of facts in the possession of esoteric students, and the piling up of knowledge anent theDiscipleship2, 55:and made possible certain revelations. To students such as you, the symbolism should be apparent
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