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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENTS

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Discipleship2, 75:and different from that of the rest of the students? The spiritual enterprise into which I hoped toDiscipleship2, 79:be used also by the Arcane School for the senior students. Discipleship2, 84:used in the Disciples Degree - I appealed to the students for cooperation in some matter. ForgetDiscipleship2, 84:and after consultation with one or two senior students living in or around New York or in Europe.Discipleship2, 84:has necessarily been questioning among senior students and in this group as to what will happenDiscipleship2, 90:you can assimilate; of the original group of students only a few are left; of the more than fiftyDiscipleship2, 92:were I.S.G-L. and D.E.I.) 4. Several of the students did not spiritually appreciate the opportunityDiscipleship2, 92:of these types was B.S.D.) 5. Certain other students regarded "occult obedience" as an infringementDiscipleship2, 109:establish their superiority over non-esoteric students, and in so doing (again incidentally)Discipleship2, 166:an appearance of an intuitive response by occult students and many of the intelligentsia throughoutDiscipleship2, 204:an aspect of the world antahkarana and it gives students of the antahkarana a sound example of theDiscipleship2, 228:order), prior to following the outline. Esoteric students need the heart approach, as well as theDiscipleship2, 260:to the greater center of life - Shamballa. Students are apt to believe that the orientation of theDiscipleship2, 310:Later on, as the years slip away and as students come and go, a clearer grasp of the techniques ofDiscipleship2, 312:work. I wanted to make this clear because students almost inevitably think in terms of sequence.Discipleship2, 328:greater can always include the lesser. I wish students would consider this fact with greatDiscipleship2, 330:of the Ashrams can make available at need. Students are apt to think that an Ashram has only oneDiscipleship2, 341:VII On Hints There is one mistake which esoteric students are prone to make; they are apt toDiscipleship2, 348:a somewhat new thought to you as aspiring occult students that there is a major revelation -Discipleship2, 395:which has a stabilizing and sound effect. Students [396] would do well to take the words "directionDiscipleship2, 457:expression. Aspirants everywhere, Arcane School students the world over, and my group of specialDiscipleship2, 467:has not been realized, even by advanced students. The thousand-petalled lotus remains a secret, orDiscipleship2, 488:the assumption of responsibility. One of the students in this group asked me a question some timeDiscipleship2, 499:to lay your plans. Write letters. Locate your students. Establish contact, and step by step, theDiscipleship2, 503:to present fresh and vital information to their students, or they must take what I have conveyed toDiscipleship2, 506:have the capacity to reawaken contact with your students in Spain or hold steady those alreadyDiscipleship2, 526:soul and which you seek to impose upon your students everywhere. My rating is true, and you willDiscipleship2, 527:- your knowledge of psychology, your groups of students, your friends and your brothers in theDiscipleship2, 542:and many of your group brothers and fellow students will look to you for aid and comprehension. SayDiscipleship2, 594:will pay you good dividends if your fellow students welcome your leadership. They are prepared toDiscipleship2, 613:the fact of your relation to these aspirants and students, bring them en rapport with hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 618:notice. Your work lies in training the senior students and for this you are well equipped and needDiscipleship2, 678:countries) much is being accomplished by students and others, always under instruction from NewDiscipleship2, 740:study and much teaching and helping of occult students. Your work for another year should beDiscipleship2, 740:another year should be primarily with the senior students, and you should endeavor to have a largerDiscipleship2, 749:your major effort upon the work of the senior students. Have in mind always that it is spiritualDiscipleship2, 749:esotericism that is required; teaching the students to create a line of light between themselvesEducation, xi:Studies is primarily a service department to the students and faculty members carrying on theirEducation, xi:seeking answers to these questions and providing students with the stimuli and data necessary toEducation, xii:as experts in integration. Along with interested students, the faculty members will be seekersEducation, xii:three so-called departments of study. Thus the students and faculty will be encouraged to searchEducation, 7:three questions on education asked by one of the students. I can but indicate the ideal, and in soEducation, 18:is a technical piece of information for those students who are studying the science of the AgelessEducation, 26:during the past thirty years, is preparing us. Students should train themselves to distinguishEducation, 34:of the indicated processes. Some aspirants and students have the mystical consciousness highlyEducation, 59:of the general average intelligence of esoteric students and their point in evolution. I wouldEducation, 60:to grasp esotericism, or to teach esoteric students, is to lay the emphasis upon the world ofEducation, 62:is not called upon to deal. The task is to train students in the recognition of energy and force;Education, 62:Esotericism There is a tendency among esoteric students, particularly those in the older PisceanEducation, 64:lie outside the territory usually called nature. Students are apt to forget that every level ofEducation, 67:scientifically to awaken the centers, as many students think. Esotericism really is training in theEducation, 67:was an esoteric activity of a worldwide group of students which resulted in the giving out of theEducation, 88:his major task is to evoke out of his class of students a real sense of responsibility; no matterEducation, 109:may not prove of immediate application, but students are asked to ponder and to think along theEducation, 143:of the Antahkarana As a preparation for what students need to master, I would like to emphasizeEducation, 143:These emphasized points must be accepted by students as a working hypothesis prior to all attemptedExternalisation, 4:of all the world religions and by esoteric students everywhere, that certain members of theExternalisation, 9:and those who are engaged with the training of students and aspirants. How shall we train ourExternalisation, 16:spiritual life and understanding among the many students gathered into the many outerExternalisation, 16:groups. Instead, they should recognize that all students in analogous schools and working under theExternalisation, 17:cooperate with the plan of the Hierarchy. Such students thereby lay themselves open to dangers andExternalisation, 17:offered and the experience of the older students. The emphasis in all esoteric schools isExternalisation, 19:of "aliveness." I cannot too strongly advise students against the following of intensive meditationExternalisation, 19:balance and often do irretrievable harm. Let the students in esoteric schools settle down toExternalisation, 19:increases and their consciousness expands. Students need to remember that devotion to the Path orExternalisation, 69:to comprehend the end I have in view. Sincere students and disciples must hold ever before them theExternalisation, 73:Whom we live and move and [73] have our being. Students can relate these three centers to the threeExternalisation, 93:the center at the base of the spine. Esoteric students must always remember that no correspondencesExternalisation, 113:uppermost in the minds of the unthinking, occult students today: Why could not the Hierarchy haveExternalisation, 123:The Secret Doctrine will prove enlightening to students, if they will study with particular careExternalisation, 144:and meanings. These may enable the occult students in the world today to use it with greater fervorExternalisation, 144:formulas and Words of Power in use by such students but they fail to accomplish very much becauseExternalisation, 144:they automatically become dynamically effective. Students all the world over have for years usedExternalisation, 146:and constant use of the Sacred Word by occult students and aspirants in their daily meditation.Externalisation, 151:every hand the process going forward. Esoteric students are apt to over-estimate the effectivenessExternalisation, 151:that very reason, potent. Esoteric and occult students demonstrate almost unavoidably a dividedExternalisation, 156:implications will, therefore, be obvious to real students. In considering these great Energies,Externalisation, 198:I believe it can. Everywhere there are deep students of human nature, scientific investigators withExternalisation, 252:up some of the confused thinking of many students. Natural law is the inevitable working out uponExternalisation, 273:conflict [273] is outstandingly an aerial one. Students and those using this Invocation would beExternalisation, 276:Love I can say but little to you. To esoteric students, these words are so familiar as to beExternalisation, 359:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process Students need to remember that all manifestations andExternalisation, 418:ritual have laid the foundation) will train its students to present, at certain stated periodsExternalisation, 497:will engross the attention of educators and students everywhere. A second discovery will grow outExternalisation, 503:esoteric sense of the word) and the religious students of the world must be graduated into a higherExternalisation, 512:is one. These inner groups consist of occult students and of those who are in direct or occasionalExternalisation, 512:status. When the few who are the true esoteric students of the world know the difference betweenExternalisation, 512:That is why it is necessary to work with the students at this time and train them in the nature ofExternalisation, 523:We can begin on our first point, but only those students who are an integral part of the HierarchyExternalisation, 547:I isolated for the new generation of esoteric students the "truths" which were true, extractingExternalisation, 560:endures. You will have noted (if you are true students of what I have given out to the world) thatExternalisation, 561:level of consciousness. It is essential that students endeavor to grasp this, and so develop withinExternalisation, 575:Externalization Approach, via Certain Ashrams Students must not proceed on the assumption that inExternalisation, 604:of the inner groups. Esotericists, occult students, Rosicrucians and Theosophists have alwaysExternalisation, 610:their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realities stand unitdely behind theExternalisation, 628:will if correctly approached. There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appealExternalisation, 654:the neophyte upon the occult way. It is occult students for whom search is now being made, and notExternalisation, 656:nature of this energy contact because esoteric students have very frequently [657] the erroneousFire, VII:to establish a new era of mental freedom for the students of the progressively unfolding revelationFire, xviii:Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky (S.D., I, 42-44). Students are recommended to study them carefully; in
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