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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENTS

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Fire, 983:and emphasize the ideal towards which occult students should strive. We must also consider the workFire, 984:Magicians and White Much is said among occult students these days anent white and black magic, 94Fire, 989:that the whole subject of planetary evil (and students must distinguish carefully between planetaryFire, 990:forces of the Pleiades. (S. D., II, 579-581.) Students need here to remember that the "sevenFire, 990:equilibrized by force emanating from a third. Students will only apprehend the significance of thisFire, 991:produced the three worlds of human endeavor. Students should remember here the fact that the threeFire, 992:souls" spoken of in the Secret Doctrine. 1 If students will study these conditions, and will extendFire, 993:which is of eminently practical value. Unless students of magic enter upon this pursuit fortifiedFire, 999:of their united endeavor. It will be of value to students of meditation to ponder upon thisFire, 1006:can carry on their work. [1006] I would remind students at this juncture that any thought formFire, 1007:egoic petals is beginning slowly to unfold. If students will study the effect of the human eye onFire, 1019:contact, produce the Son. The difficulty which students have to surmount consists in the trueFire, 1023:and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023] Students need here to remember that we are nowFire, 1028:physical plane. It is apparent to all careful students of this Treatise on Fire that in thisFire, 1029:passage of force from one atom to another atom. Students need here to remember that we areFire, 1030:and repulsion. It would be advisable here if students would study that which was communicated inFire, 1036:of cycles, and this is a point oft overlooked. Students discuss the periods of the emergence of theFire, 1037:quarter of each century. What our more modern students are apt to forget in this connection is thatFire, 1038:viewed from two angles. It is at this point that students in one branch of our theosophicalFire, 1038:the energy of the seventh at this time. When students learn to blend the one hundred year cycles ofFire, 1038:second aspect is imminent. It is not safe for students with limited vision to dogmatize anent thisFire, 1040:strong progressive impulse of the form activity. Students can work this out in connection with: TheFire, 1042:them under the second "Law of Monadic Return." Students should here remember that we are dealingFire, 1044:Through the study of these significant words students may learn somewhat concerning "polarFire, 1050:seeks to indicate, leaving to later individual students the expansion of the imparted ideas. ThreeFire, 1051:misleads more than it helps, and astrological students are as yet learning but the a-b-c of thisFire, 1055:this capacity in an earlier solar system. Students should here bear in mind that these centers ofFire, 1056:essences of the planet. Scientific occult students will learn much anent the planetary scheme whenFire, 1058:and significant interest. I would conjure students here to refrain from attempting (in years toFire, 1061:that it becomes apparent even to the scientist. Students should here remember two things: First,Fire, 1064:recognize this that has led so many alchemical students and scientific investigators to lose theirFire, 1066:writing the result of their investigations. If students will study the laws of transmutation, 11 asFire, 1067:all the elements has, as we have seen, occupied students down the ages. The alchemists of theFire, 1067:committed to the pledged disciple; if chance students stumble upon the law, and theoretically knowFire, 1071:the solar fires, pranic force, pure and simple. Students will eventually ascertain how to group theFire, 1075:is but the consummation of the fourth stage. Students will find it of interest to work out theFire, 1078:of the cyclic nature of this phenomenon, and students should bear in mind that in all whichFire, 1091:until the entering in of a new mahamanvantara. Students should bear carefully in mind the words ofFire, 1091:in mind the words of H. P. B. where he tells students of the Secret Doctrine that the stanzas andFire, 1091:Logos. This is oft forgotten. It may interest students to know that there are certain colors,Fire, 1091:consciousness is merging in that of the divine. Students will, therefore, note that the monadicFire, 1094:It will be apparent [1094] to all conscientious students that the founders of the symbolical methodFire, 1098:esoteric parlance "the fourth solar cavity." If students will meditate upon the nature of the humanFire, 1099:human beings. It will be apparent to all careful students that on all the planes, the fourthFire, 1101:all atomic sheaths, and one of the things which students of the occult sciences will eventually doFire, 1103:astral body." Thus separation is negated. Students will note, therefore, that the goal for theFire, 1104:mental sheath might be enumerated, and as the students consider them it will again become apparentFire, 1105:process. It should be borne in mind by students that all egoic groups come under the Law of Karma,Fire, 1118:NAUGHT MAY BE SAID." It is not possible to give students an adequate idea of the beauty of theFire, 1129:this is a most important subject for students of meditation, and for those who tread the Path ofFire, 1141:triumphant conclusion. In connection with this, students may get much light on this difficultFire, 1152:to the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, and students will find it interesting to work it out. Fire, 1155:its relation to the physical. The attention of students must be called to certain fundamental factsFire, 1156:vision, the gain will be very real if occult students have at least a theoretical concept of theFire, 1161:forces will here be apparent to all discerning students. We have seen the close connection betweenFire, 1164:enumeration of these solar lotuses that occult students go astray. It is, for instance, correct toFire, 1164:color, and nine of a tertiary nature. (To students with intuition the hint here conveyed may revealFire, 1165:of alignment, for it must never be forgotten by students that all that manifests is a sphere, andFire, 1165:seven globes which are the chain centers, but students would do well not to study the globes fromFire, 1171:of Color. To get any comprehension of this law students should remember that color serves a twofoldFire, 1172:or are antipathetic to each other, and students who study along these lines can find out the law,Fire, 1175:It is not possible at this stage to convey to students the information as to the nature of eachFire, 1176:planetary Lord. The circle of the planetoids. Students of the Ageless Wisdom are apt to forget thatFire, 1179:planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of students in the cosmic sense than is our planetaryFire, 1180:Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction Students of the Law of Attraction must be carefulFire, 1182:three vary during vast and incalculable cycles. Students may find it of use to remember that, TheFire, 1186:construction of a form around a central nucleus. Students would find it useful to study andFire, 1191:fundamental of the Secret Doctrine so that later students will have the three as they are now foundFire, 1196:or another. 31 The Twelve Creative Hierarchies. Students are often puzzled in trying to account forFire, 1202:They cannot fall into physical generation. Students must bear in mind that from the standpoint ofFire, 1206:This is a point requiring careful emphasis; students have for too long regarded the form as beingFire, 1206:This is a most important esoteric fact, and all students of meditation upon the laws of at-one-mentFire, 1229:their "Father in Heaven," the Monad. Esoteric students, disciples and the initiates of lower degreeFire, 1231:be mastered. It must also be borne in mind that students who approach the subject of SPIRIT need toFire, 1244:with ardor on the search for its secret. 35 Students must be careful to distinguish in their mindsFire, 1247:Path of Magnetic Work In considering this Path students must bear in mind that they are dealingFire, 1255:progress onward, and Their places must be taken. Students may be surprised to know that the sourceFire, 1262:source of the synthetic ray can touch them. Students can get some idea of the lower correspondenceFire, 1264:Himself is on It will be apparent to all those students who have studied with care the worldGlamour, 9:of symbolic reading that you are asked to study. Students should ascertain, therefore, after dueGlamour, 12:and the aspirant. The great need for most students is to arrive at meaning and to work with ideasGlamour, 36:past six months, four members of this group of students have been fighting glamor in their ownGlamour, 74:the more real and the negation of the essential. Students, however, need to remember that thatGlamour, 75:be gone. It is the first destined to disappear. Students would do well to remember that all formsGlamour, 83:brought to bear on all conditions of glamor, and students would do well to bear this thoughtGlamour, 89:and the effort to induce increased soul control. Students would do well to bear this in mind and toGlamour, 100:and aspirants such as are found in this group of students need no instruction from me as to theGlamour, 116:of the disciple's combat with glamor and students would be well-advised so to study it. TheGlamour, 135:mental plane and which can be tapped and used by students and aspirants through the free play ofGlamour, 166: Glamor - A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Students need to remember that all manifestationsGlamour, 194:for us in His life on Earth. When, therefore, students and aspirants have made progress in soulGlamour, 260:within its radius. There is a tendency among students to identify the centers with the physicalHealing, 6:work can synchronize internally. Aspirants and students as they work along these lines must trainHealing, 16:the undesirable effects with greater facility. Students of the Art of Healing should likewiseHealing, 48:regarded as due to the following causes, and students would do well to have this most carefully inHealing, 111:right timing by the soul. It must be realized by students that the physical form is an aggregate ofHealing, 129:the past. This is of interest to remember, and students would find it helpful at this time, if theyHealing, 132:to sound forth the Word in its three aspects. Students would do well to ponder on the distinctionHealing, 178:of a personality. I throw out these ideas to students, hoping that some research may follow whichHealing, 178:in producing greatness. For those of you who are students of The Secret Doctrine, there is much to
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