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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDENTS

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Magic, 145:embodied ideas of a cosmic or a human creator. Students would find it of value to take these threeMagic, 153:stages upon the Path of Initiation. Therefore, students are urged to go forward during their periodMagic, 166:of, and within, the form. May I say therefore to students that their main objective is to becomeMagic, 197:be touched upon. [197] I am anxious for the students simply to grasp the general idea and theMagic, 205:and clairaudient person. All the work done by students must be done entirely in the head and fromMagic, 206:the body of prana, the vital or etheric body. Students should remember that subtle effects are moreMagic, 207:nature be strengthened. Hence the need for students to hold their meditation steady in the head andMagic, 212:function. As I have pointed out elsewhere, students must not confound the pineal gland with theMagic, 214:the correspondences to the three aspects, and students would find it of interest to work these out.Magic, 216:the nadis and centers, and all advanced students know well how these are controlled by the focusedMagic, 220:resulting in a clear vision of the Plan. Students would do well to consider these relationships,Magic, 228:highly evolved and the liberated sons of God. Students are therefore begged to deal drastically andMagic, 232:tread it. Such is the opportunity offered to all students who have made their choice withMagic, 261:and should receive the attention of workers and students in all groups. It would be of value ifMagic, 266:and weak thought, but rapid action. The goal for students should at this time be rapid concentratedMagic, 277:these waters are stirred to the very depths. Students of modern history and of social order areMagic, 279:White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building Students would do well to study these cycles ofMagic, 291:down for transmission differentiate into forces. Students must not get confused by the complexityMagic, 296:the incarnated Logos. I would like to suggest to students that they procure if possible The ScienceMagic, 302:to this subject can rest in the minds of the students who read this and perhaps as they study andMagic, 334:will engross the attention of educators and students everywhere. A second discovery will grow outMagic, 340:introspective thinkers, the mystics and occult students will be carried forward to the point whereMagic, 345:This leads to my third suggestion that students in the group should cure the fear habit by - 3. AMagic, 378:of the race was to proceed according to plan. Students of these mysteries need to remember thatMagic, 384:at best only a theoretical significance to students in this group. When I say to you that the willMagic, 384:Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy Students must always remember that allMagic, 466:which I at times convey and which some of the students seem to regard as of vital importance are ofMagic, 483:But with these high souls I deal not, but with students of the Ageless Wisdom who are learning notMagic, 492:standpoint of the inability of the majority of students to think with clarity. Clear thinkingMagic, 503:simple rules that link up with much that all students are now doing: Learn to keep focused in theMagic, 506:science of dying is held in custody, as many students know, in Tibet.) Pressure on the jugular veinMagic, 517:Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles Students of occultism who have demonstrated theirMagic, 528:and with such an adequate inner alignment that students such as those who read these InstructionsMagic, 543:a white magician? I would say one thing: - all students realize that certain requirements must beMagic, 554:the attention of the scientists. Occult students would do well to give the subject careful thought.Magic, 558:Singleness of purpose. Lack of impediments. Students would be amazed if they could see theirMagic, 559:is in touch with the divine Purpose. As all true students know, however, the number of impedimentsMagic, 560:the need to develop detachment. May I beg all students in the urgency of the present situation toMagic, 568:and to convey the teaching needed to those students who can read between the lines and who areMagic, 579:more of the magnetic aspect than the type has. Students can arrive at the quality of the force theyMagic, 595:a long time, a liability and oft a hindrance. Students over-estimate themselves quite often, evenMagic, 595:from books and printed scriptures of the world. Students must attend to the immediate duty andMagic, 601:lesser lines of instruction into the shade. Students would do well to remember that in the readingMagic, 601:that, he can successfully deal with the details. Students therefore would find it of interest toMagic, 604:attachment. They are also, secondly, those students of world affairs in one or other of the sevenMagic, 618:do two things: Indicate the immediate goal for students in this century, and summarize the stepsMagic, 620:which are appearing among us at this time. Students are urged to consider the plan as it is thusMagic, 620:White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service Students should therefore ponder on these wordsMagic, 629:to the problem of progress in full awareness. Students need to realize more deeply that the wholeMagic, 638:deeds, words and conditions, and the sooner students grasp this and put out of their minds any hopeMagic, 638:the work may go intelligently forward. Let all students make up their minds in this day ofMagic, 638:very least of you. I assure you that groups of students, working in [640] unison and with deep andMeditation, 34:These facts are already half apprehended among students but by a slight elaboration I may make itMeditation, 88:cannot be made or given in writing to students for three reasons: Some instructions are alwaysMeditation, 89:it is possible for Him to gather around Him His students, thus affording them the protection of HisMeditation, 97:most frequently met with, and I advise all students of occultism [98] to remember that all theMeditation, 104:This evil has often been seen in earnest students who persist in unwise pressure or seekMeditation, 105:raison d'ętre of instituted action. If occult students disciplined the life more wisely, if theyMeditation, 110:to point out for the guidance of future students and as a prophetic statement, that in days to comeMeditation, 111:will be continuous. With most of the advanced students at present all that is felt is occasionalMeditation, 112:is one of very real importance to all earnest students at this time. The orient is to the evolvingMeditation, 119:and the matter scientifically studied, students will prepare the necessary data and treatisesMeditation, 140:is duly planned out for the coming generation of students, this series of letters having its placeMeditation, 153:among men He may find ready apprehension among students everywhere. Forms used in work on the threeMeditation, 162:that will some day be in common use among the students of occult meditation. We have touched uponMeditation, 163:mantrams in Sanskrit that are employed by students in meditation to call the attention of some oneMeditation, 170:first fundamental formulas) will be given to students deemed ready and who have done the necessaryMeditation, 180:exoteric scientists, or your would-be occult students. ...approached the study of occultism. fromMeditation, 195:and its higher counterpart, the intuition. Students of meditation must learn to imagine more. TheMeditation, 202:way the stimulation of the mental bodies of the students, and the strengthening of the channelMeditation, 220:alliance here. I have opened up for all true students vast realms of thought. In the relationshipMeditation, 224:would I urge you who are the teachers and students of the coming generation to ponder upon theMeditation, 225:be imparted to the general public, [225] though students and accepted chelas, whose discriminationMeditation, 235:time progresses - yes, again I prophesy - occult students will be given certain facts anent theMeditation, 247:the exoteric) largely in the hands of the occult students of the world, working in organized groupsMeditation, 251:their achievement will then outrun that of other students. They will approach a point of synthesis,Meditation, 263:this activity will be realized by all thoughtful students, for meditation is the one means wherebyMeditation, 277:definite work that [277] needs His attention. Students of meditation would be astounded and perhapsMeditation, 302:should control the work and output of the occult students in the West. It brooks no rival norMeditation, 307:next five years the seeds of it may be laid if students rightly apprehend the work to be done.Meditation, 315:to act as a medium of communication between the students and the Master and as a focal point forMeditation, 315:brain, for part of his work will be with students on the astral plane, guiding them to the Master'sMeditation, 315:information as to the auric development of the students; he must be able to gauge the colors andMeditation, 315:be able to gauge the colors and expansion of the students' vehicles, and cooperate with the Head inMeditation, 316:touch they will bring to the lives of the students. To these ten teachers will be entrusted theMeditation, 316:will be entrusted the work of grounding the students in the important essentials, in superintendingMeditation, 316:the higher psychism. These ten must be profound students of meditation, and able to superintend andMeditation, 317:take up the rules governing the admission of students and the personnel of the more advancedMeditation, 318:of their own rooms than in class room with the students [319] themselves. The pupils are - it willMeditation, 322:The resident teachers will reside with the students, the women taking charge of the women students,Meditation, 322:students, the women taking charge of the women students, and the men residing with the maleMeditation, 322:students, and the men residing with the male students. The Head of the school will reside alone inPatanjali, 15:Kumaras. Herein lies a hint to the more advanced students of this science as to the esotericPatanjali, 22:yoga but is excessively dangerous in many cases. Students will do well to remember that rightPatanjali, 38:science of yoga is a real science and only as students approach it by the correct stages and employPatanjali, 40:this is produced by the following five stages. Students should bear in mind that these stagesPatanjali, 43:the path of attainment for the Atlanteans. If students would follow these tabulations with carePatanjali, 44:and buddhi (or the Christ) stands revealed. Students should differentiate clearly between these twoPatanjali, 50:and passed on to inner halls of learning." Students would do well in studying these few [51] sutrasPatanjali, 54:OM). This is the Pranava. (See Book I Sutra 1.) Students should remember that there are three basic
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