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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDIED

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Astrology, 28:the individual must be regarded and should be studied in terms of consciousness and of theAstrology, 40:from a certain angle. From another angle, when studied as the "flower of the earlier Eight, "TheyAstrology, 46:up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefully studied, and due application made to the lives ofAstrology, 49:of man must (in this particular place) be studied as going on within the physical, logoic vehicle.Astrology, 57:To sum up: Man will, therefore, have to be studied as a threefold entity, a composite individual,Astrology, 58:the signs of the zodiac according to the mode studied by the esoteric astrologer. This is the PathAstrology, 60:reorganized inner life will be noted and studied, and in the other the outer life and itsAstrology, 77:more ancient astrological science have now to be studied upon a higher turn of the spiral. Up tillAstrology, 79:constellations. These planetary centers will be studied from two angles: From the orthodox angle.Astrology, 104:Masonry when its astrological implications are studied and understood. Much also will be revealedAstrology, 115:the third degree. This duality of Pisces must be studied in relation to its three keynotes whichAstrology, 171:Aquarius, falls in this sign. This fall must be studied from two angles, for Jupiter in its lowestAstrology, 175:frequently referred to as the signs which - when studied - will reveal divine intent in man, willAstrology, 266:of the Zodiacal Constellations As we have studied these various constellations, it will have becomeAstrology, 278:of the nine constellations with their signs is studied. Aries - Beginning - Cardinal Cross. GeminiAstrology, 294:word "sensitivity," and this sensitivity can be studied in four stages: Sensitivity to conditioningAstrology, 341:of world service. [341] As these results are studied, you will eventually arrive at an insight intoAstrology, 346:borne out if the significance of Masonry is studied. This worldwide institution was - as I haveAstrology, 348:the triangle of Gemini and two opposing signs is studied. Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, theAstrology, 418:pattern can be gained by those students who have studied somewhat the various triangles to be foundAstrology, 420:meaning and truths. [420] All triangles studied will be regarded as expressing: A majorAstrology, 422:clearer to you if the following tabulation is studied with care. NOTE: The seven stars of the GreatAstrology, 430:stanzas from the Old Commentary which - if studied carefully - will throw much light upon the themeAstrology, 482:an analysis of them as this was covered when we studied each of them earlier and separately. IAstrology, 489:facts emerge if this tabulation is carefully studied. Let me list some of them for you, leaving youAstrology, 527:and effects upon each other. This science can be studied in various ways: From the angle ofAstrology, 529:and personality qualities of nations will be studied, the centers within each nation which focusAstrology, 529:atmosphere and the intellectual appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soulAstrology, 583:Christ's life expression has never been properly studied, yet even a little grasp and understandingAstrology, 594:as expressions of this threefold will. We have studied them in some detail in my other books fromAstrology, 621:energies and their inflow must be carefully studied in connection with the diagrams given earlierAstrology, 636:(S.D. Vol. II, 667) Those philosophers alone who studied astrology... knew that the last word ofAstrology, 640:that triangle many lesser triangles have to be studied. Any one of the seven Rishis with one of theAstrology, 640:form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be studied." (C.F. 801) 7. "A further factor inAtom, 35:this definition of the atom is contemplated and studied an entirely new concept of substance comesAtom, 49:and the methods of transmitting force will be studied and followed. We shall then be trulyAtom, 55:meaning of the word 'manifestation' is carefully studied. It comes from two Latin words, meaningAtom, 80:we took up another phase of manifestation. We studied the atom itself, and considered it as itAtom, 97:V The Evolution of Consciousness Last week we studied, very inadequately, the evolution of man, theAtom, 97:incorporated in a vehicle of some kind. Then we studied the building of forms by means of the greatAtom, 98:force which holds [98] the form unified. Then we studied the human being, or man, and noted how inAtom, 122:We noted, too, that the atom is now being studied along a newer line, that of radioactivity, and itAtom, 143:entire solar system under the term "atom." We studied first, along general lines, the atom ofAtom, 143:general lines, the atom of substance, then we studied the human atom, and later we applied what weAtom, 143:a position within a still greater whole. We studied three methods of evolution, or development, inAutobiography, 80:and kept threatening [80] to commit suicide. I studied him for awhile and got fed up with hisAutobiography, 84:I made up my mind to find out more about it. I studied the subject for a month and I particularlyAutobiography, 120:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III As I have studied and thought and asked questions, certain thingsAutobiography, 130:of packing. I watched the other [130] packers. I studied every movement so that there would be noAutobiography, 137:or they will after I am gone. So I read and studied and thought. My mind woke up as I struggledAutobiography, 137:H. P. Blavatsky. They had trained with her and studied with her. I had just made the acquaintanceAutobiography, 143:to find application. I watched my own life. I studied the three girls in this connection and IAutobiography, 214:modern generation. But those of us who really studied it and arrived at some understanding of itsAutobiography, 276:humanity and the kingdoms in nature are studied and the whole Science of Relations (as it isAutobiography, 276:the centers in the vital body, is also studied; the emphasis, however, is upon the psychologicalAutobiography, 277:result of self-directed integrations, is also studied. 3. The Nature of the Hierarchy. He learnsAutobiography, 277:work of the Christ, as Head of the Hierarchy, is studied. Thus the disciple has a clear picture ofAutobiography, 277:of God. 5. The Laws of the Spiritual World are studied and the disciple learns to apply the laws toAutobiography, 278:humanity to its present point of development, is studied; the happenings of the present areAutobiography, 278:world. The seven major types of people are studied; their characteristics are investigated, plusBethlehem, 114:life." - Ibid., pp. 284, 285. If these words are studied in connection with Christ's temptations,Bethlehem, 117:the world. When the processes of translation are studied this becomes glaringly apparent. ChristBethlehem, 280:the Christ in His stupendous task, and we have studied the task in its uniqueness. He did somethingDestiny, 19:life of nations is something which remains to be studied scientifically and is a phase which leadsDestiny, 23:and move and have our being." Students who have studied as you have can relate if they so choose,Destiny, 57:or thought patterns are being charted and studied. So it is with the nations and races also. EveryDestiny, 101:and effects upon each other. This science can be studied in various ways: [102] From the angle ofDestiny, 103:and personality qualities of nations will be studied, the centers within each nation which focusDestiny, 103:atmosphere and the intellectual appeal will be studied, effort will be made to discover the soulDestiny, 110:understood and the newer influence must then be studied, the newer methods investigated andDestiny, 116:ray may [116] be considered. It can be studied, first of all, from the angle of energy which isDestiny, 121:Ray of Organization and Relationship. When we studied the sixth ray, we considered first of all theDestiny, 124:will be better understood and scientifically studied and the lines of related energiesDestiny, 133:if the Law of Attraction and Repulsion is studied in connection with its eventful past. The use andDestiny, 133:of vitality; the function of the glands is being studied and before long their major function asDiscipleship1, 41:centers which these ten groups will use must be studied. The right use of these centers will takeDiscipleship1, 46:of the massed group qualities emerge and can be studied; weaknesses can then be offset and rightDiscipleship1, 54:be possible. Peculiar powers [54] could be studied and focused, intensified light and power couldDiscipleship1, 93:by the giving of a hint. If you have read and studied the ancient writings of India (and who todayDiscipleship1, 132:be mastered and much earlier instruction to be studied. If you will do this, then you will be ableDiscipleship1, 149:with yourself that I can indicate, for you have studied your problems deeply and I - for severalDiscipleship1, 331:correcting last year when I suggested that you studied more and did more mental work. Did you doDiscipleship1, 379:Intelligence. You would profit much if you studied carefully the rays [380] which are, at thisDiscipleship1, 412:1937 MY BROTHER: It has seemed to me (as I have studied you) that you might again begin to meditateDiscipleship1, 422:of your group brothers must be also deeply studied by you and applied; but the Technique of theDiscipleship1, 424:Disciples - D.H.B. March 1937 MY BROTHER: I have studied with care the replies sent in by thisDiscipleship1, 424:sent in by this group of aspirants. I have studied yours with special care for a reason which youDiscipleship1, 433:no need for me to elaborate the theme. You have studied them in the light of your soul and haveDiscipleship1, 447:path of discipleship, these same forces must be studied in relation to those with whom destiny,Discipleship1, 586:aspects. It might be of interest if you studied with me for a moment how these first ray vehiclesDiscipleship1, 647:brief word of encouragement and cheer, must be studied and assimilated. They will thus form part ofDiscipleship1, 725:interplay is one which should be most carefully studied. All groups of disciples, working in or outDiscipleship2, 9:Remarks August 1940 Some of you have really studied my previous instructions; others have givenDiscipleship2, 39:of esoteric relationships. They can be read and studied by all of you. However, I also deal withDiscipleship2, 128:on Meditation - Part IV Part IV As I have studied the meditation work of each of you (and both youDiscipleship2, 169:You will already have noted - as you have studied the Invocation - that the three major centers inDiscipleship2, 213:Trace these concepts which you, who have studied the Science of Meditation, know to constitute itsDiscipleship2, 274:of revelation." These formulas, when rightly studied and eventually somewhat apprehended, at leastDiscipleship2, 305:This formula, if carefully considered and studied for a number of years, will become a key form byDiscipleship2, 322:leads normally to another. You will (having studied the three revelations indicated on pages
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