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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDIED

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Magic, 333:principle, the builder of the forms is studied, recognized and in its turn investigated. This isMagic, 334:and units in the vegetable kingdom will be studied and the result of those studies will be theMagic, 334:of the outer forms, will be seen and noted and studied in all kingdoms of nature. This will breakMagic, 335:in all kingdoms of nature gives forth will be studied and known and changes will be brought aboutMagic, 339:Whom we live and move and have our being will be studied. The cosmic Christ can never be known byMagic, 388:which have been brought to our attention as we studied Rule X has brought us to a consideration of:Magic, 434:tabulate a number of statements which should be studied with care by the [435] average investigatorMagic, 548:I have thus lightly touched, must be closely studied by the aspirant and as he studies them andMagic, 576:any faith. The occult laying on of hands can be studied in four aspects: In healing. In this caseMagic, 581:out that these four aspects of energy can be studied by the aspirant in his own nature. On theMagic, 583:as easy of accomplishment, but if carefully studied it will become apparent why an adept is a "rareMagic, 596:brilliance of the light in the head has to be studied, for it indicates the measure of soul controlMagic, 629:The following table should be carefully studied by the student: Instinct Correspondence Mode 1.Meditation, 63:for certain specific ends. We have very briefly studied the Word as used by the individual whoMeditation, 67:experimentally applied, these effects will be studied. As the race becomes more clairvoyant, theyMeditation, 80:really becomes more abstruse, the longer it is studied. It is complicated by ray development, byMeditation, 101:as, for instance, seismic disturbance - can be studied with greater interest. Later, when more isMeditation, 105:disciplined the life more wisely, if they studied the food problem more carefully, if they took theMeditation, 119:more comprehended and the matter scientifically studied, students will prepare the necessary dataMeditation, 151:in Meditation The Occult Form August 10, 1920 We studied, two days ago, the method whereby theMeditation, 154:practically universal and fundamental, having studied briefly, Meditation as followed by theMeditation, 160:sex emotion which is now beginning to be studied by our psychologists to the unclean criminalMeditation, 162:is more completely understood and its effect studied, these mantrams will be adopted in theMeditation, 168:you will note (in continuation of that which we studied yesterday) there are three direct lines ofMeditation, 183:action, interaction and reaction will be closely studied and watched. It is hoped that the benefitMeditation, 194:being versed in the science of sound and having studied its destructive and creative effects, -Meditation, 199:effect on the three bodies will be clairvoyantly studied; the eliminative effect on the matter ofMeditation, 199:will be closely watched. The centers will be studied in their relation to the streams of forceMeditation, 244:magnetic action on other people? [244] Having studied the patient from all these angles, and not atMeditation, 245:is already beginning to be known and slightly studied. In the study of psychology and in theMeditation, 247:on the dense physical. It has been but little studied as yet. It will be found that certain colorsMeditation, 247:the burning out of corruption. All this must be studied. Experiments can be made along the line ofMeditation, 250:The laws of vibration are going to be widely studied and comprehended and the use of this knowledgeMeditation, 283:The laws governing the physical body will be studied and brooded over. This brooding will findMeditation, 283:The body of the emotions will be scientifically studied and the laws of water (occultly understood)Meditation, 284:of lower mind in the scheme of things will be studied, and the quality of discrimination developed.Meditation, 326:his comprehension of the facts earlier studied, of practicing that part of the occult loreMeditation, 331:the physical. [331] When these matters are duly studied and all acquired knowledge put intoPatanjali, 17:the transmitted knowledge. When the process is studied and followed, the man on the physical planePatanjali, 19:every atom, whether it is the atom of matter as studied in the laboratory of the scientist, whetherPatanjali, 21:is of the most profound significance; it is studied by high initiates who are learning the naturePatanjali, 43:becomes apparent if the path of Initiation is studied. Only an iron will, and a steady, strong,Patanjali, 46:may be found illuminating and should be studied with care. Aspect Quality Center Macrocosm SpiritPatanjali, 55:Sacred Word can therefore be made and should be studied with care: The AUM is the Word of glory,Patanjali, 153:of every kind, built of substance which must be studied as to its atomic and molecular constructionPatanjali, 156:These triplicities should be carefully studied as it is through them that consciousness in itsPatanjali, 268:and move and have [268] our being." They can be studied under the following names: The seven Rays,Patanjali, 352:is understood, and the Law of Vibration is studied and mastered, the adept can then turn to usefulPatanjali, 426:karma are overcome. The two verses we have just studied have carried the aspirant on from the stagePatanjali, ix:though not in its practices. When these are studied, it will become apparent why the day ofProblems, 58:and art and of religion will surely be studied from the angle of their effect and their influenceProblems, 59:and artistic world leaders down the ages will be studied and their lives subjected to research,Psychology1, 4:But as experiment is made, as people are studied in the laboratories of the psychologists and thePsychology1, 56:when viewed and considered spiritually. When studied from the form side, naught but differentiationPsychology1, 56:differentiation and separation can be seen. When studied from the consciousness or sentiencyPsychology1, 68:which evokes the form." If all these names are studied in connection with modern developments orPsychology1, 79:he has to overcome. These qualities should be studied from two angles: their divine aspect andPsychology1, 87:Certain Questions and their Answers Thus we have studied a little the work of the seven rays. ThePsychology1, 100:when the mechanism of the force centers is [100] studied, we shall make rapid progress towardsPsychology1, 119:into the minds of investigators, as they have studied man, it is the fact that he is essentiallyPsychology1, 136:Appearance is objective, and forms have been studied scientifically, analyzed and classified, forPsychology1, 194:of the phenomenal forms to be apprehended and studied, and all the many manifestations of the manyPsychology1, 221:will remember that these are the correspondences studied at the first initiation. They differ atPsychology1, See pa:seven ray vibrations, have been more deeply studied, it will be found that through a particularPsychology1, 271:the depths of man's ignorance, and they can be studied at any time by any student who has the timePsychology1, 297:work. When these three motives are carefully studied, and when men and women mould their physicalPsychology1, 332:of his appearance. This appearance must be studied in terms of the entire integrated personality,Psychology1, 333:As time progresses and the rays are more widely studied, man's relation to them will be subjectedPsychology1, 339:to vital speed can [339] be noted if history is studied, and the pace at which man now lives, andPsychology1, 370:It is many thousands of years since what are now studied as the Cosmic Rays (discovered byPsychology1, 375:in the physical body. This distinction must be studied. Soon, many will be conscious in the vitalPsychology2, 5:This will inevitably be clear to the man who has studied the theme of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Psychology2, 8:Symbolically speaking, this triplicity can be studied as: Man - the Angel - The Presence. The rootPsychology2, 21:a disciple or a person who has never thought or studied along these lines, and to whom ourPsychology2, 57:evolution (as we understand it and as it must be studied by the human intellect) is the story ofPsychology2, 74:and in the bodily mechanisms is as carefully studied; and the will-to-live as a spiritual being isPsychology2, 77:appropriation, the following phrases should be studied, as they throw a light upon the variousPsychology2, 86:which have not been scientifically studied. The qualities of goodness are so called because theyPsychology2, 89:only when group implications are more carefully studied, the meaning of sacrifice and of death comePsychology2, 97:desire, as desire is academically understood and studied today. What it really connotes is thePsychology2, 130:their study is not lacking. Much is also being studied along this same line in connection withPsychology2, 146:on all the five planes of human unfoldment, have studied minutely Their accepted disciples, thePsychology2, 172:too great to pay for that revelation. We have studied an interesting sequence of Laws. In Law One,Psychology2, 242:of Materialization. For man, it has to be studied, grasped, and wrought out through the right usePsychology2, 298:love. Many such charts could be drawn up and studied, and many such hypothetical cases couldPsychology2, 324:his goal remain largely unconsidered, and he is studied from the angle of this one short life, andPsychology2, 325:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which, if duly studied, will serve to elucidate the early problem ofPsychology2, 349:his own separative "parts" into one whole. Has studied and used his environment, or the whole ofPsychology2, 358:lack of balance will also emerge if the chart is studied and man can then arrive at anPsychology2, 402:cause and cure. I trust that by the time we have studied the problem (cursorily, I realize, forPsychology2, 408:history. The only field in which they can be studied is in those processes of recapitulatoryPsychology2, 408:apace and can be, and is being, most carefully studied. Today, modern education is occupied almostPsychology2, 428:are the signal evidence of divinity in man) are studied and scientifically developed and utilized,Psychology2, 435:Problems of Psychology If the above is carefully studied, it will become apparent that thePsychology2, 499:brain, via the mind. If these three methods are studied, you can arrive at an understanding as toPsychology2, 504:etc. These differences, when carefully studied, will be recognized by the psychologist of thePsychology2, 521:I have earlier given and it can be read and studied by those who are interested to do so. They canPsychology2, 614:major problems of the aspirant and should be studied and understood. They affect the three majorPsychology2, 614:so, if the problems of adolescence are studied, for they are the problems of the AtlanteanPsychology2, 616:of the mystics of the past. These can only be studied and investigated today by a consideration of
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