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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDIED

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Psychology2, 682:in the world today can thus be synthesized and studied. To bring together the members of the NewRays, 148:begin. These remaining seven rules must be studied most carefully from that angle. They are notRays, 217:worlds. It is to this that the rule applies when studied in terms of the individual initiate,Rays, 225:to us. Step by step, in the eleven rules already studied, we have seen the initiate or discipleRays, 285:the potency of the significance. We have studied the rules and have penetrated deeply into theRays, 311:of this picture will be apparent if carefully studied. At the same time it must be borne in mindRays, 348:books are very useful and should be carefully studied by the man upon the Path of Probation, butRays, 444:New Age. That preliminary presentation should be studied before taking up the more advanced stageRays, 447:life and in the bodily mechanism is as carefully studied; and the will-to-live as a spiritual beingRays, 543:kingdom also. With this well-known and well-studied unfoldment I shall not deal, beyond saying thatSoul, 50:and psychical, are well recognized and much studied, and this study, largely of perversions andSoul, 71:to the vital body, with its centers of force, studied and understood. Hocking in this connection,Soul, 147:or proved false. The phenomena of death can be studied from the angle of the withdrawal of theSoul, 155:must simply be accepted as a mystery that may be studied in its practical effects, but that, in itsTelepathy, 34:that of supernormal subjective relations must be studied by them and expressed by them. In this wayTelepathy, 48:of Impression The Science of Impression - if studied by the disciples in the world and by the NewTelepathy, 56:this time; what has already been given should be studied and related to the teaching on the PointsTelepathy, 67:Mental telepathy is now being recognized and studied. This is the activity and rapport establishedTelepathy, 83:this interrelated and communicating system is studied from the angle of relationships, then theTelepathy, 145:is only in this area that the vital body can be studied with relative ease, once the emanatory
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