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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Autobiography, 283:you have grasped the teaching by writing your study papers; learn to meditate and so make a contactAutobiography, 289:between men. In the Arcane School, we study the basis of this belief and the inclusiveness of theAutobiography, 293:We ask our students in every nation to study the effective implementation of the spiritual plan andAutobiography, 293:to the processes of meditation and of occult study. The man whose fixed mental belief is that "theAutobiography, 295:evolutionary process. This process we seek to study and to recognize the myriad of developingAutobiography, 295:teachings which the student is asked to study but which he again accepts or not as he likes. SuchAutobiography, 296:work of the Arcane School. Students are asked to study them and accept them as long as they workBethlehem, 8:sufficiently to affect our lives. In our myopic study of the letter we have lost the significanceBethlehem, 33:essential divinity as a son of the Father. The study of the relationships of these differentBethlehem, 34:from the standpoint of the individual, and study those episodes related in the Gospel story whichBethlehem, 47:be approached from two major angles. We shall study these five initiations of Jesus from the angle,Bethlehem, 47:One of the interesting things which appear as we study the life of Christ and note how the divineBethlehem, 52:hear, let him hear," (St. Matt., XI, 15.) and a study of the words spoken to the seven Churches inBethlehem, 59:This has always been so, and a very interesting study of the initiatory process and of the newBethlehem, 65:in Galilee to Bethlehem. Sometimes, through a study of the significances of the names we meet inBethlehem, 65:and unveil some of its hidden meaning. In the study of the Bible story, I have used only the BibleBethlehem, 73:presents - gold, frankincense and myrrh. Let us study for a minute the specific importance of theseBethlehem, 73:and through difficulty surmounted. As we study the meaning of these three gifts brought by theBethlehem, 78:as they attempt to lead the spiritual life, to study, read and think. The reason can usually beBethlehem, 79:and the possibilities which confront us? If a study of these five developments in the life ofBethlehem, 89:stood thus equipped. It may be of value if we study here for a few minutes the purpose for which HeBethlehem, 89:to our environing responsibilities when we study anew the message of love which Christ gave. [90]Bethlehem, 98:to the ancient mystery teaching. A close study of this symbolic rendering of a basic truth wouldBethlehem, 108:human beings, a needed lesson; let us therefore study the story from the angle of Christ'sBethlehem, 111:Him from the power of His human nature. As we study the life of Jesus this solitariness emergesBethlehem, 113:is comprehensive is of God. We shall see, in our study of these three temptations, how clearly theBethlehem, 130:technique of at-one-ment which all who would study His life and react to His spirit could follow.Bethlehem, 135:of revelation which it may profit us to study before we consider the detail of the stupendousBethlehem, 138:the "subliminal self" is emerging through a study of the reaction of the outer active self to theBethlehem, 144:as a whole must set upon its actions. Careful study will reveal that all these laws concern theBethlehem, 148:and the truth of this can be realized if we study the Christian concept of the Virgin MaryBethlehem, 152:- The Transfiguration It is important here to study briefly the place of the disciples in the storyBethlehem, 153:circumstances in which they played their part? A study of their names and the interpretation ofBethlehem, 153:stand revealed. The same is the case when we study the names of Daniel's three friends. AbednegoBethlehem, 163:Christ upon the Cross, as will appear when we study the next great crisis, showed us love andBethlehem, 168:new civilization and the new order, and a close study of [169] the ideals and ideas which today,Bethlehem, 169:salvation in terms of the individual, and to study it from the angle of individual salvation. ThisBethlehem, 170:gift that each of us can make to the world as we study the life of Christ and travel with Him inBethlehem, 204:everywhere. Herein lies our major problem. Our study in connection with sin and evil will, as Dr.Bethlehem, 241:than the individual may deem. We are too apt to study these problems either from the scientificBethlehem, 258:values upon which our modern world is based. A study of the teachings earlier given will show thatBethlehem, 274:in love and because of the love of God. A close study of the Gospel story and a spirited attentionDestiny, 5:This statement is definitely encouraging, if you study its implications. You have, therefore, inDestiny, 7:to make. These it is essential that you should study and comprehend for upon their right acceptanceDestiny, 11:for the accomplishment of its designs. A closer study of the [12] forces which are producing theDestiny, 12:is ever the will-to-good. Steadily - if you study human history intelligently - you will see thatDestiny, 12:is known of Shamballa. More will be known as you study this text and note how world affairs areDestiny, 17:blending in the later and final results. If you study the nations of the world today from thisDestiny, 32:long that time is entirely a brain event; a study of the sense of speed as registered by the brain,Destiny, 36:is potently expressing itself. If you will study what I have earlier given anent certain of theDestiny, 44:naturally clairaudient and clairvoyant and would study their disclosures, their words, theirDestiny, 46:their destruction. Bear this in mind as you study the world situation. The lower forms of theDestiny, 49:energies governing each nation, and leave you to study and note their effect and to comprehendDestiny, 59:the Nations - The Nations and the Rays A close study of that for which each nation stands will beDestiny, 63:It might be of interest here if we continued our study by a consideration of some of the countriesDestiny, 69:age, crystallization and materialism; a little study of conditions and the present point inDestiny, 77:by the following energies and forces, and a study of the consequent interrelations should proveDestiny, 83:leading to a definite link with Germany (as a study of the earlier tabulation will show). ItDestiny, 85:the first ray energies of the British Empire. A study of the interplay of these energies and forcesDestiny, 92:life which is a good augury for the future. A study of what I have said and a consideration of theDestiny, 93:2nd ray 5th ray Scorpio. If students will study this information in connection with that givenDestiny, 96:had a most potent effect upon that country and a study of these effects will demonstrate futureDestiny, 101:a minor ray on to a major, if destiny decrees. A study of the above tabulation will give much lightDestiny, 104:in connection with the British Empire, a study will be made of London, Sydney, Johannesburg,Destiny, 105:of Certain Cities Beginning as ever with the study of the microcosm as the clue to the macrocosm,Destiny, 116:the theory and processes of evolution accept and study the ray procedure, definite changes inDestiny, 125:In this comparative, even if inadequate, study of the old and of the new types of discipleship, oneDestiny, 131:the embryonic use of Words of Power, and from a study of their tonal values, their numerologicalDestiny, 134:The correct distribution, through scientific study, of vital energy. We are entering a scientificDestiny, 144:and related perception is his. I would have you study the tabulation which I gave you inDiscipleship1, XIV:condition them and students will learn much by a study of what he says. In the cases where I happenDiscipleship1, 6:force as I attempt to reach each of you and to study each of you at certain intervals. There is theDiscipleship1, 15:the hearing of the note of all beings. A close study of the third part of The Light of the SoulDiscipleship1, 48:relation between impersonality and detachment. Study this. Many cherished ideas, many hard wonDiscipleship1, 51:the psychic powers. I listed six of them. Please study them and then make a clear, conciseDiscipleship1, 63:intelligently to the need. Have I not had to study all of you this way? Think this out and ponderDiscipleship1, 67:service must not be forgotten by you, as you study and work in a Master's group. The objective isDiscipleship1, 84:and of the Master. The subject of initiation. A study of this subject will lead to a considerationDiscipleship1, 89:This, of course, everyone interested in occult study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasksDiscipleship1, 99:one focused active service. I would ask you to study the above phrasing, using it as a light ofDiscipleship1, 114:until I give you your next instruction; study with care the hints given to you and to yourDiscipleship1, 116:of ancient experience and deep thought and study in this life. That knowledge must, however, beDiscipleship1, 118:are productive of real benefit to others as they study them and watch the reactions called forth.Discipleship1, 133:second and your personality ray is the fourth. A study of these five rays and those of your fellowDiscipleship1, 136:work as yet. There is much to do and much to study and explain before the work can come toDiscipleship1, 147:the work that the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Study these words, for they give you the clue toDiscipleship1, 171:pressure of personality reactions. Some day a study will be made of the fact that practically allDiscipleship1, 174:Will you write them all down and then, after due study of them, will you write a paper on theDiscipleship1, 175:I am pointing this out to you as I feel (while I study your general condition) that thisDiscipleship1, 177:word balance to be much in your minds as you study the work of the Ashram and the groupDiscipleship1, 178:automatically two techniques which later we can study in greater detail: the technique ofDiscipleship1, 178:and we shall deal with it as we proceed with our study. One of the things which I seek to do todayDiscipleship1, 181:for you your personality goal. You have so much study, and life today is so intense and full that aDiscipleship1, 192:will you learn to work and understand. [192] Study again with care what I said to you a few monthsDiscipleship1, 194:for the period of one year... I would ask you to study your last instructions with exceeding care.Discipleship1, 196:This, I believe, you already know, and a study of your soul and personality rays should make clearDiscipleship1, 199:and changes be? What basis can I find in my study work which would indicate that I could beDiscipleship1, 203:should become clearer and more helpful as you study them and bring to them a growing inspiration. IDiscipleship1, 203:them a growing inspiration. I would ask you to study them in the light of your gained experienceDiscipleship1, 203:education. This will make our chosen theme for study to have much significance and interest for
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