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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Discipleship1, 643:given were long and full and will warrant fresh study and consideration. Please give attention toDiscipleship1, 643:much in what I say which will provide full time study; there is a new meditation to be grasped,Discipleship1, 644:my brother, let two things take first place: The study of the rays and, secondly, their applicationDiscipleship1, 646:so, to take this summer for careful and serious study of all the instructions that the group haveDiscipleship1, 650:and power of Rest, for that is what you need. Study the keynotes of your life. They should and canDiscipleship1, 658:must change and can change, if you so desire. A study of your personality rays may serve to throwDiscipleship1, 659:You should, however, feel encouraged as you study your ray combinations, because second ray energyDiscipleship1, 659:a whole at all times. I am going to ask you to study for six months the words "a trainedDiscipleship1, 667:communication. I would ask you to continue to study them and to go on pondering on theirDiscipleship1, 700:within the realm of energy and forces. The study of occultism is the study of forces and of theirDiscipleship1, 700:energy and forces. The study of occultism is the study of forces and of their origin and effects.Discipleship1, 700:and effects. An Ashram is a place wherein this study enters the laboratory or experimental stage.Discipleship1, 703:a Master has to do is to teach his disciples to study and register truthfully their usual point ofDiscipleship1, 709:Stages of Discipleship - Part IV PART IV As we study the various stages in discipleship throughDiscipleship1, 709:discipleship. The first stage which we must study is that of "Little Chelaship." In dealing withDiscipleship1, 719:the conditioning life of Shamballa if you will study the present era of human living. In it, peopleDiscipleship1, 736:the translation of his words is faulty at times. Study those passages in the New Testament in whichDiscipleship1, 740:to choose the six stages of discipleship as our study theme. To be a disciple does not mean thatDiscipleship1, 742:In your thoughts as you endeavor very briefly to study this stage, there must exist a correlationDiscipleship1, 756:points of transmission. You will note from a study of the above how abstruse and difficult it is toDiscipleship1, 766:and perfection. A close concentration upon and study of the spirally and atoms would beDiscipleship1, 766:or the aspirant upon the Probationary Path could study such matters with relative impunity becauseDiscipleship1, 778:to The Secret Doctrine and is intended to offer study to disciples and initiates at the close ofDiscipleship1, 781:and which would - whilst assigning meditation, study and giving esoteric teaching - leave people toDiscipleship1, 782:on White Magic, been adopted as a course of study and that at the very earnest request of manyDiscipleship1, 782:meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort to teach the students toDiscipleship2, 19:You will understand, therefore, why the study of the Science of the Antahkarana forms part of myDiscipleship2, 20:It is the new world which we shall start to study, the new opportunities and the new complexities,Discipleship2, 21:energy through a process of appropriation. A study of these things will bring to our attention theDiscipleship2, 21:disciples are not yet ready for this particular study. VI. I shall, once a year, give to each ofDiscipleship2, 24:of the awakened aspirant. I would ask you to study time in relation to your own souls, having inDiscipleship2, 27:advancing slowly up the long room (which is his study and work room) and then standing before him.Discipleship2, 31:as we proceed with the various phases of our study which I have earlier outlined, my use of thisDiscipleship2, 32:Other goals will emerge as you strive, study and serve; the simplicity, however, of the aboveDiscipleship2, 37:outlined and you enter upon a fresh period of study, of effort, and of training. May I, in order toDiscipleship2, 58:the months of January and February, please study what I have said, reading and rereading it untilDiscipleship2, 95:know yourself to be a part. I would ask you to study what I have just said with care. Do you like,Discipleship2, 98:month, formulate your reply. Question 1 From a study of the instructions given by me on your fiveDiscipleship2, 98:by me on your five conditioning rays and from a study of yourself in connection with theDiscipleship2, 109:and co-workers, I leave you to work, serve and study; by that last word, I mean reflect and think.Discipleship2, 126:the ancient rules. Will you also, at this point, study anew the teaching I gave in the earlierDiscipleship2, 126:by you for so long - the process of entering my study and there contacting me. I will give youDiscipleship2, 138:the work, asking you to do it after close study of all that I have written above: [139] I. TheDiscipleship2, 140:Shamballa as in the first part. This involves: A study of the nature of the hierarchical effort, asDiscipleship2, 145:always remain related to the monthly theme. Then study the idea in connection with yourself, theDiscipleship2, 147:the Ashrams, and from them to the world. If you study the above statement you will see theDiscipleship2, 153:alignments - listed above. I would ask you to study the above tabulation with care. The fourthDiscipleship2, 154:techniques. Have these thoughts in mind as you study this résumé of the meditations already given,Discipleship2, 193:reaches out on all sides. Also, if you will study and think for a while, it will be apparent to youDiscipleship2, 237:The Principle of Essential Divinity. If you will study the many books which I have written, youDiscipleship2, 247:or consciously achieved inclusiveness? A study of the formulas and their correct use will revealDiscipleship2, 253:and how, therefore, I expect from you a careful study of my words. Here are these key thoughts:Discipleship2, 270:one. More anent this will be indicated as you study the teaching upon the antahkarana. One of theDiscipleship2, 276:on Initiation - Part IV Part IV As you together study this subject of initiation, I would ask youDiscipleship2, 296:powers of the human being. This will involve a study of the constitution of man and the relation ofDiscipleship2, 299:More light on this subject will come as we study the Science of Impression. The point, however, IDiscipleship2, 320:with the idea of direction in time and space. Study these and see what is their relationship andDiscipleship2, 322:disaster in his physical plane life. A study of the three revelations indicated in the earlierDiscipleship2, 344:two exceptions - omitted to give much thought or study to these important creative processes. ToDiscipleship2, 354:now have will prove adequate for many years of study. Each of them, in fact, could provide theDiscipleship2, 357:do. Two thoughts, therefore, emerge from a study of the two versions of this hint: That the Law ofDiscipleship2, 357:is the way the Hierarchy works. You who read and study the ways of the Ashrams at this time areDiscipleship2, 366:[366] Two major ideas emerge from a careful study of these three tabulations: Pattern andDiscipleship2, 366:but not more than you can begin slowly to study and eventually to comprehend by directDiscipleship2, 382:unfolded by the individual aspirant and - if you study them with care - you will realize that theyDiscipleship2, 388:our purposes we will confine ourselves to the study of them from the angle of acceptedDiscipleship2, 389:mind - placed there through meditation, study and experimental critical living. Having done that, IDiscipleship2, 389:- Teachings on Initiation - Part IX Let us now study the remaining hints: Hint Three. "Disciples inDiscipleship2, 390:to do this. You would find it of interest to study again the stages of discipleship as outlined inDiscipleship2, 396:of consciousness. The disciple then begins to study himself in relation to this "all-envelopingDiscipleship2, 400:initiates) remains very mysterious. However, a study of the use of the third eye at the thirdDiscipleship2, 401:leave you to work out for yourselves after due study of the teaching. Passing on to the fourthDiscipleship2, 410:capable of this dual life. I would ask you to study carefully the background [411] of this presentDiscipleship2, 411:now proceed with the subsidiary themes of our study. Discipleship2, 418:initiation; you can see, therefore, that a close study and a vital comprehension of Hint VI mustDiscipleship2, 423:matter. Revelation will, however, come if you study what is said about these three major laws in ADiscipleship2, 430:moment." I would suggest therefore that we study this problem of the initiatory process from theDiscipleship2, 449:know what I mean when I say this? II. Tension Study for the next year whether you know the trueDiscipleship2, 454:and planned abstraction. [454] If you will study your ray combinations, you will note that you haveDiscipleship2, 478:for fuller service in the next life. A study of these three phrases will carry you into the realmDiscipleship2, 485:analysis are employed - presents a most useful study, particularly to people like you. Finally, IDiscipleship2, 489:these words with care and would ask you to study them with equal care. I would like also toDiscipleship2, 490:kama-manasic plane, and the kingdom of the soul. Study these planes of possible and unavoidableDiscipleship2, 490:contact (for the aspiring disciple) and study them from the angle of things as they are. When youDiscipleship2, 490:now must engross your attention. You begin to study the general tenor and the outstanding lessonsDiscipleship2, 492:and not as a personality and would ask you to study the implications of that attitude which I holdDiscipleship2, 508:life; give more time to quiet reflection and study than to the technicalities of the task; letDiscipleship2, 514:impediments upon the Way but am assured, through study of your soul contact, that you will not beDiscipleship2, 518:This is a point which all disciples should study and upon which they can count as they workDiscipleship2, 518:together in united effort in any Ashram. As I study you, my brother and my friend, and as I lookDiscipleship2, 528:(you can later resume it and with power) and study the handling of energy for yourself - free fromDiscipleship2, 538:and which evoke questioning; he begins to study the quality of his radiation as a karmic agent, andDiscipleship2, 538:manage to achieve, and to make a real effort to study the Law of Consequence and Compensation. YouDiscipleship2, 548:profit each member of the group also to read and study and apply the teaching from the group angle.Discipleship2, 564:incarnation. To do this I would suggest that you study the instructions of I.S.G-L., given by me toDiscipleship2, 566:of the fifth degree. You have needed much to study the nature of the will. A disciple's ideas onDiscipleship2, 574:your soul has to function) make a much closer study of the seventh ray. It is also the incoming rayDiscipleship2, 579:is why it is essential that all of you read and study each other's papers and instructions, so asDiscipleship2, 582:the Ashram. You would find it useful to make a study of the relation of the second ray to theDiscipleship2, 583:itself when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of group service, and
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