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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Externalisation, 318:words and deeds. I would ask you also to study carefully the indications I have given in the pastExternalisation, 318:which must be done, and I would ask you also to study carefully the Eight Points outlined on theExternalisation, 330:forming of a small available library, and the study and accumulation of pamphlets on the subject.Externalisation, 331:along similar lines. 10. Make a close individual study of the Four Freedoms and the Eight Points ofExternalisation, 337:merges into occultism which is the intelligent study of that which is hidden. It is because allExternalisation, 354:which is rooted in world glamor, and will study the possibility of relief and cure. ThisExternalisation, 365:fellowmen. There are those who will consider the study of the coming reconstruction period asExternalisation, 382:impose upon himself this suggested program: 1. Study and reflect upon the many proposals which areExternalisation, 383:on goodwill and on what you, as a result of study, feel should be done. Then discuss the ideas inExternalisation, 383:possible, gather people together to discuss and study the coming world order, or cooperate withExternalisation, 384:will have aided and helped. 6. Find out and study the methods, techniques and objectives of theExternalisation, 387:we can reach. It will demand the intelligent study and consideration of methods with which to meetExternalisation, 415:inner assurances man must take his stand, and a study of them will reveal that the majority of theExternalisation, 421:will be arrived at and determined by a close study of the nature of a particular [422]Externalisation, 447:is a point which you should bear in mind as you study and read reports of these variousExternalisation, 485:of this opportunity are surely apparent as we study what is here written and consider these aspectsExternalisation, 497:occultists call magic. It will grow out of the study of sound and the effect of sound, and will putExternalisation, 521:aiding and to do it together. I asked them to study the relation which exists between a Master andExternalisation, 534:of the ancient Archives which constitute the study of the Masters; they relate to the nature ofExternalisation, 568:with our consideration of our theme, after our study of these basic premises. Externalisation, 587:requirements enumerated in this section of our study, he will not be one of the workers in thisExternalisation, 589:men will be brought to its recognition through a study of the evolution of the human family,Externalisation, 682:October 1949 We now come to another point in our study of this subject: This concerns one of theExternalisation, 687:with the impending activity of the Hierarchy to study with care the seventeenth chapter of theExternalisation, 693:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization The study of this Science of Applied Purification isFire, xiii:of science, of medicine and of chemistry. The study of medicine, for instance, will eventually beFire, xviii:(S.D., I, 42-44). Students are recommended to study them carefully; in this way their understandingFire, 49:567, 569; II, 258, 390, 547, 551, 552. 15 In the Study of Consciousness Mrs. Besant says (page 37):Fire, 78:1. Its Purpose and Description First. In the study of the etheric body lies hid (for scientists andFire, 78:of all manifested nature. Second. In the study of the etheric body and prana lies the revelation ofFire, 79:in the activity of matter. Finally, in the study of the etheric body and prana comes comprehensionFire, 80:plane stands to His system. As we continue the study we will work out the correspondence in theFire, 89:the cause. Medical men are beginning to study (blindly as yet) the question of vitality, the effectFire, 89:the spleen functions hitherto not recognized, to study the effect of the action of the glands, andFire, 89:and if investigators wisely, sanely and broadly study this important matter. As the nature andFire, 101:facts need emphasis and consideration as we study this static ring and its circulating fires. LetFire, 104:4. Disorders of the Etheric Body We will now study the etheric body, and its ills and also itsFire, 107:be found. More cannot be said, but in the wise study of solar radiation upon the surface of theFire, 110:at the subject from a third angle and therefore study: 47 The Keys to the Secret Doctrine, by H. P.Fire, 122:and come down to practical evolution, and to the study of the matter of man's etheric body, and ofFire, 128:and the interest that is awakened by the study of rhythm. This is true, not only cosmically andFire, 128:and macrocosmically, but likewise in the study of the human unit. Underlying all the physical senseFire, 128:Being Who thus expresses Himself. Therefore, the study of pralaya, or the withdrawal of the lifeFire, 138:this division we are confining ourselves to the study of matter and fire, and must not digress, orFire, 151:deal with this angle of the subject, but will study the rotary action of the spheres of the system,Fire, 155:that I seek to convey may be grasped by a study of the atom as portrayed in Babbitt's "PrinciplesFire, 162:and to give a new angle of vision to [162] the study of these abstruse matters. I do not in any wayFire, 178:of the process of manifestation. When we study, therefore, the sets of triangles earlier referredFire, 183:names of the seven sacred planets, making the study of the Law of Correspondences easier;Fire, 188:action. They are the avenues outwards. - Study in Consciousness, pp. 166-167. Sensation is latentFire, 196:much value if duly considered. It is of value to study the extensions of physical plane touch onFire, 197:to serve the plan of evolution. We should study likewise in this connection the value of touch asFire, 200:inadequate one of realization. Let the student study carefully the lowest and highest demonstrationFire, 207:so the manifestation differs likewise, and the study which opens up is of vast and abstruseFire, 224:as yet, inchoate. The questions we might ask and study are the following: What is the relationshipFire, 279:and is God Consciousness. - S. D., II, 740 note. Study also S. D., I, 300, 301, 183, 221, 623. S.Fire, 309:other words, what we are endeavoring to do is to study Mind in a solar Logos, a planetary Logos andFire, 318:is apparent that, no matter from what angle we study, the threefold Logos (or His reflection, theFire, 329:by those lesser intelligences who - by the study of the physical ethers - will eventually hold theFire, 336:the extreme complexity of the subject." - From A Study in Consciousness, by Annie Besant. Fire, 376:by an initiate, for it involves ability to study the cycles of the earlier solar system, but itFire, 380:as stated by the English poet Pope, "The proper study of mankind, is man," is embodied in theFire, 380:vast cycles. The cosmic angle. This involves the study of the place of the solar Logos within HisFire, 380:the solar Logos within His greater sphere, the study of extra-systemic psychology and astronomy,Fire, 380:of the planets with each other; it concerns the study of their individual polarization, and theirFire, 380:into regions of logical speculation, into the study of cosmic electricity, and the universal Law ofFire, 381:recipient of logoic force. It necessitates the study of the solar system as a unit, of theFire, 382:in time, with their mutual interplay; he has for study the part each one may be playing in theFire, 396:and then only - will the sons of men be able to study with profit the place of manas in theFire, 397:clarity, let us take the microcosm for momentary study. It should be realized by all students thatFire, 406:that some correspondences can be traced as we study this fifth principle during the present round,Fire, 410:of this in future years will lead to the study of the different polarities of the different spheresFire, 418:Ordered activity. Adaptability. Let us study these a little and note wherein in days and cycles toFire, 424:force, or these four planetary influences, and study them separately, bearing ever in mind that:Fire, 428:be seen in the discovery of radium, and the study of radioactive substances and of electronicFire, 429:and Human Factor Religious students will study the side of manifestation we call the "life side"Fire, 440:the emphasis laid in all occult books on the study of cycles, and on the differentiation of the oneFire, 453:along new lines, whose purpose will be to study the etheric body, its relation to the denseFire, 457:and the Rays We will now take up two points and study the effect of the incoming force on the humanFire, 481:the thoughts of men should be lifted from the study of the ways of physical existence to broaderFire, 485:the atomic form. It will be seen from a close study of these subdivisions, how close is theFire, 493:will come to be understood through the study of the fire devas and elementals, who are fire, andFire, 498:suggest to all occult investigators the close study and scrutiny of the following manifestations inFire, 509:what has been called the etheric web, and study how the fires of initiation produce somethingFire, 515:matter of the three sheaths. Let us therefore study two things: The composition of the permanentFire, 520:life. Let us briefly take these planes and study the life or force manifestation on each, layingFire, 523:the permanent atoms. Students should therefore study with care: The Planes. The manifestation ofFire, 537:reach the clarity of vision desirable if we study the subject of monadic development from the angleFire, 543:expansion, and would prove a fruitful source of study to the occult investigator. Second. That thisFire, 544:here been indicated to open up various lines of study. These, if followed, will lead the student toFire, 548:adequate solution of group problems. [548] The study of occult psychology involves a trueFire, 548:though this is little realized) through the study of vocational education, business efficiency, andFire, 549:but I have here outlined the trend of the future study, as in the formulation of possibility liesFire, 550:division we shall briefly give an outline of the study which we will undertake upon this vast andFire, 552:idea To carry out specific purpose. Let us first study the logoic thought form and then turn ourFire, 552:the cosmic physical plane (the only one we can study). It is not yet adequate, and does not fullyFire, 560:or feeling," and thus brought into our study of the building process the second aspect logoic, thatFire, 562:these cases it will be apparent that only in the study of the development of the quality of theFire, 567:with a high or a low order of entity? Do I study the laws of construction? Do I realize the powerFire, 567:group? Many such thoughts will arise, and in the study of thought man learns the laws of being.
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