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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Fire, 1198:in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varying aspects of force which He isFire, 1203:The fifth Creative Hierarchy is, as we know from study of the Secret Doctrine, a most mysteriousFire, 1208:to comprehend the matter with accuracy, he must study each hierarchy in a threefold manner, andFire, 1209:and their relative importance assigned. Study of the matter in each kingdom will not as yet bringFire, 1215:group forms and work. It is for the student to study himself and that which surrounds him, and thusFire, 1232:its light. Needless it is, therefore, for us to study and consider that which the initiate of highFire, 1257:Schools in which this particular line of study is undertaken. There are, as has been already said,Fire, 1260:which is first given to the pledged disciple to study but which may, however, be described, is aFire, 1262:idea of the lower correspondence to this as they study the compass, its responsiveness to a certainFire, 1265:of the eye lies hid the secret and in its study may come some revelation of the mystery. A certainGlamour, xi:is to be brought about, can be by the study of symbols. I would ask you to note that generalitiesGlamour, xi:to say into three parts, and I plead for a close study of my words: I seek to define for you theGlamour, xi:deal with its mode of development through the study of symbology. [2] I shall close by giving someGlamour, 2:in mind that this indicates your need for this study and corroborates what I am telling you. If youGlamour, 6:and one of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols. Symbols are theGlamour, 6:and must "take their stand at the center." The study of symbols tends to bring this about and, whenGlamour, 7:can measure up to their full opportunity. In the study of symbols, I would urge upon you theGlamour, 7:You may have to arrive at this concept through a study of detail and through arriving at theGlamour, 7:in three ways: Exoterically. This involves study of its form as a whole, of its lines, andGlamour, 7:of its numerical significance, and also study of its sectional forms - by which I mean itsGlamour, 8:astral body, or perhaps only in your mind. This study, rightly undertaken, would lead to theGlamour, 8:In the first instance, the objective of the study of symbolism is to enable the student to senseGlamour, 8:symbol is composed. To some types of people this study is relatively easy; to the majority it isGlamour, 9:is to be brought into activity through the study of symbols, the student must feel with, or be inGlamour, 9:aspect of symbolic reading that you are asked to study. Students should ascertain, therefore, afterGlamour, 9:Students should ascertain, therefore, after due study of the form aspect, what the symbol is doingGlamour, 10:feeling nature to the symbol as a whole. Study a total of four symbols a year. First, approach theGlamour, 11:into activity the brain as well as the mind. The study of symbols viewed as a whole, involves threeGlamour, 11:First of all it is valuable to remember that the study of the symbol exoterically [12] involves theGlamour, 12:use of the brain and the memory. You endeavor to study line and form, number and general externalGlamour, 12:are symbols of an inner quality and life. The study of symbols conceptually carries you inward fromGlamour, 12:form has been brought into manifestation. Your study of number and of line has given you a richGlamour, 13:borne in mind. Can you not see how this power to study, to interpret and to penetrate to meaningGlamour, 13:should express. There is however a technique of study which may be of service to you as you attemptGlamour, 13:you as you attempt to arrive at an idea and thus study conceptually the many symbols by which weGlamour, 13:is mainly one of polarization and goal. In the study of symbols conceptually, the consciousness isGlamour, 14:of the nature of the motivating idea through the study of its form and its demonstrated activity,Glamour, 16:two or three years, therefore, to discuss and study this important matter growing out of the needGlamour, 16:We shall change the focus of attention to a deep study of glamor. Herein will lie your service, forGlamour, 19:from your main group objective, which is to study and understand the significance of glamor and theGlamour, 34:and mental release. I would ask you to study these instructions with peculiar care, for I am takingGlamour, 44:and follow on to light and harmony. Our study must be comparative also, and the reader must bear inGlamour, 54:clearly in your mind these distinctions, and to study with care the tabulation earlier given you.Glamour, 77:in order to draw forth a responsive affection. Study the word "affection," my brother, and see itsGlamour, 80:the Path. What are these glamors, my brothers ? Study the three temptations of Jesus, if you wouldGlamour, 80:Jesus, if you would know clearly what they are. Study the effect that the affirmation schools whichGlamour, 80:employed) have upon the thought of the world; study the failures of disciples through pride, theGlamour, 81:during the Aryan age, upon the necessity for the study of Raja Yoga, and the cultivation ofGlamour, 89:when we come to our third section and begin to study the modes of ending glamor, illusion and maya.Glamour, 89:of the tabulation to be found on page 41. Study it with care and memorize it if possible, for inGlamour, 92:more easily the causes of difficulty and to study more intelligently the effect you may have uponGlamour, 92:truth of what I shall later tell you, will you study yourselves with care during the next sixGlamour, 92:the case of accepted disciples. As you read and study, you would find it of value to reflect uponGlamour, 116:glamor and students would be well-advised so to study it. The individual glamors of which theGlamour, 118:soul and personality. Having done this through a study of the physical type, emotional reactionsGlamour, 119:of the Path of Life for an individual, through a study of his astrological indications. It isGlamour, 128:true understanding of the lower nature. We will study, therefore, the basic essential contrastsGlamour, 134:of true Being upon all men. If a dose study is made of the basic foundation of all the ideologiesGlamour, 149:so ineffectually. It is for this reason that the study and understanding of motives is of suchGlamour, 149:is of such value and importance, for such a study determines intellectually (if properlyGlamour, 150:like you to give them careful consideration and study. The Old Commentary, in speaking of the workGlamour, 159:I will ask you, my brother, to do two things: study the above ideas in the light of the presentGlamour, 173:through the medium of the intuition. In all study of illusion, the instrumental nature of the mindGlamour, 195:and the Five Commandments. I would ask you to study these. They, in their turn, produce the manyGlamour, 196:is well known to all aspirants whether they study the Raja Yoga teaching of India or the life ofGlamour, 197:most practical and useful and needed subject for study to be found today: it concerns the astralGlamour, 206:will to the divine will. We are now going to study the mode whereby these phases of work upon theGlamour, 229:task of dissipating the glamor will have made a study of it, its implications, its historicity andGlamour, 241:Technique of Indifference We come now to a brief study of the third aspect of illusion, to which weGlamour, 245:maya. The above remarks are preliminary to our study of the Technique of Indifference. It isGlamour, 248:is at the same time an intrinsic part of our study and which will be evocative of basic changes inHealing, 4:you must lay the emphasis, as you commence the study of this subject. Healing, 13:to disappear. This will become apparent as we study later the method of eradication. DiseaseHealing, 21:as I am anxious to have you set out on this study of the Laws of Healing with a free and open mindHealing, 28:textbooks, if you so choose, and these you can study, if you care to do so. I find it personallyHealing, 29:as well as one of the Rules for the Healer. Study these with care. Law II Disease is the productHealing, 41:place. Until they work with the etheric body and study the science of the centers, they can makeHealing, 56:the various sciences which have grown up from a study of the mechanism of the human being,Healing, 63:to this desire-satisfaction. A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constant insatiable physicalHealing, 80:to show how interesting and how important a study of the etheric body may be. The whole theme ofHealing, 84:is intended. There is much need today for the study of the following problems: The problem of theHealing, 87:necessary for us to have this ever in mind as we study the causes of the diseases arising in theHealing, 88:in the Mental Body I started this section of our study with the causes arising in the astral andHealing, 91:hopes, fall into three categories, and a study of these will show you that, in the last analysis,Healing, 99:in this section and it will warrant your careful study. In the next one we will take up theHealing, 99:I would ask you, in preparation for this, to study with attention, the teaching which I gaveHealing, 107:the dense physical body and moving towards the study of vitalization and circulation, for these twoHealing, 129:with the happenings of the day, to collect and study all that I have written about the seventh rayHealing, 135:incident to Soul Contact Today we begin a study of the difficulties, the diseases and theHealing, 135:of the disciples of the world. These we shall study definitely from the angle of the seven centers,Healing, 150:disciple or an initiate, he will be able also to study the life aspect. [151] Our study will,Healing, 151:be able also to study the life aspect. [151] Our study will, however, be somewhat different, for weHealing, 173:fact to those who are interested in the study of medicine from the esoteric angle; rightlyHealing, 178:triplicity of ideas which requires most careful study and which - if I might so express it - givesHealing, 190:are grasped by the student before he begins to study the exceptions and to deal with minutiae andHealing, 204:the influence of any particular center. From a study of the glands (a study so much in its infancyHealing, 204:particular center. From a study of the glands (a study so much in its infancy that it hardly meritsHealing, 206:the outlines of process clear; I would have you study the relation between the healer and theHealing, 241:hypothesis the suggestions I have made. A proper study of the ductless glands (and later of theHealing, 242:to consider, and as you ponder and think, as you study cases and types, as you watch the
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