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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Healing, 270:I should deal, so that you may proceed with your study under no misapprehension. This is anHealing, 270:that those of you who are interested in the study of disease and its healing should admit this andHealing, 279:angle of human evolutionary development - for a study of the etheric body, of the conditioning raysHealing, 281:- Chapter III - Our Karmic Liabilities The study of inherited disease indicates a faint recognitionHealing, 282:needed repetition. Medical science, through its study of the nervous system and its recognition ofHealing, 307:in the human body is still as yet an embryonic study? To say that congestion is congealed force isHealing, 331:pages 18-50, and you would find it of value to study the matter there outlined. The generalHealing, 337:and a teaching which will warrant careful study for the sake of the group, if for no other reason. Healing, 338:and the outer form, via the etheric body. The study of the glands has somewhat helped, but medicalHealing, 344:yet lives within the form of all that is." A study of these descriptive phrases may give you theHealing, 346:of disciples working under Them. Through a study of those people (and they are many) who have aHealing, 356:serve a real group purpose if all of you would study what is said by Rama Prasad in his book,Healing, 371:is aware, I am covering ground which a careful study of the Gita would aid you in comprehending.Healing, 374:man to the more subtle etheric and vital body. Study this Treatise on the new healing which willHealing, 374:in this Treatise - seek to cure and aid. The study of the art of dying is also to attract yourHealing, 376:that understanding of process will come from a study of the photographing of thought-forms. AHealing, 417:and the interest that is awakened by the study of rhythm. This is true, not only cosmically andHealing, 417:and macrocosmically, but likewise in the study of the human unit. Underlying all the physical senseHealing, 417:Being Who thus expresses Himself. Therefore the study of pralaya, or the withdrawal of the lifeHealing, 436:we proceed to that which is explanatory or new. Study it with care so that the theme of death canHealing, 443:of students who read this, and perhaps as they study and read and think, material of interest willHealing, 458:future and the lines along which future occult study will run. It will be found also that pressureHealing, 473:of death is well known and has received much study exoterically; much still remains to beHealing, 499:which we shall need to consider in our study of Part Three where we take up the Fundamental Laws ofHealing, 509:which every Member of the Hierarchy has passed. Study and meditation combined are the factors whichHealing, 509:produced by this integration. If aspirants would study their physical plane life with care, theyHealing, 519:humanity. Students would find it of value to study the three "appearances of the Christ" asHealing, 528:VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing In the study of these requirements there is no need forHealing, 528:there is no need for discouragement. Such a study will serve to set a needed goal for all healersHealing, 538:Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Let us now study Law One; it has no Rule attached or relatedHealing, 557:here given you all that you need for immediate study and reflection. I have shown you that theHealing, 557:medical profession calls for years of hard study and work. Many healers in the New Age will combineHealing, 557:healers in the New Age will combine orthodox study and knowledge with the art of spiritual healing.Healing, 557:of the race that this new and esoteric study will bring about. We have dealt with a number ofHealing, 566:upon first reading the statement, but a careful study will reveal its essential truthfulness. HowHealing, 575:with this law. It should be remembered, as we study these laws and rules, that the laws are imposedHealing, 585:for us, in the interests of our subject, to study them with the utmost care and so become aware ofHealing, 601:practice should be preceded by years of careful study anent the nature of energy, of the ray types,Healing, 634:of nature - particularly, from our point of study, the human kingdom. What is true in thisHealing, 642:Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Let us now study the rule which goes with Law VIII. Rule FiveHealing, 647:We might now take the sentences in this Rule and study their meaning, as there are moreHealing, 658:details; more can be inferred and given when we study the seven methods of healing with their rayHealing, 659:a great deal learnt if those interested read, study, meditate, carefully experiment, and thusHealing, 671:of Evil are concerned. A close but esoteric study of the three temptations of the Christ willHealing, 699:somewhat rare to find. People can, by careful study and the assembling of known analogousHealing, 701:for correct finding of the ray quality. A little study of himself and of the possible rays presentHealing, 705:his own technique and rules after a close study of these healing instructions, which contain enoughHercules, 3: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study Foreword The Purpose of this Study The intenseHercules, 3:of this Study Foreword The Purpose of this Study The intense interest evinced at this time in theHercules, 3:life is in itself the warrant for such a study as this series of articles purposes. In defiance ofHercules, 5: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study The Nature of Discipleship It might be of valueHercules, 6: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study Astrological Connotations A secondary object ofHercules, 6:Connotations A secondary object of this study is to present an aspect of astrology which willHercules, 7:as far as humanity is concerned, and a larger study of the times and seasons may bring to us aHercules, 8:(Esoteric Astrology). We will therefore in this study deal with an astrology which will beHercules, 8:of an unfolding divine self-realization. In the study therefore of Hercules the disciple, and ofHercules, 8:another book. (From Bethlehem to Calvary.) As we study the story of Hercules and go with himHercules, 9: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study The World Disciple Today The tests to whichHercules, 10: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study Key Thoughts Four key thoughts can be givenHercules, 12:divinity. Little by little, through the study of history, of philosophy and of comparativeHercules, 23:him from his purpose, and we shall see when we study the labors that he rushed headlong into them.Hercules, 28:King Eurystheus subjected him; and then we shall study [29] the significance of the sign in whichHercules, 47:in Pisces we find the King. The more closely we study this heavenly picture book, the more weHercules, 135:states that, "If students will make a careful study of these three: law, first aspect; relationHercules, 151:his personality does not seem to function. As we study Hercules, we see ourselves. Remember thatHercules, 162:analogies work out. That is why we are told to study the human being. It is through the symbolismHercules, 188:medium of them all. The wonderful thing, if you study the world intuitively, if you keep apace withHercules, 205: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of the Study of the Hercules Myth The Purpose of the Study ofHercules, 205:Study of the Hercules Myth The Purpose of the Study of the Hercules Myth (The following materialHercules, 205:life is, in itself, the warrant for such a study as the Labors of Hercules. Academic, dogmatic andHercules, 205: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of the Study of the Hercules Myth In days of darkness andHercules, 207:that meets the need of the modern student. A study of the Twelve Labors of Hercules, covering asHercules, 208: The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of the Study of the Hercules Myth This old tale leavesHercules, 208:development and destiny. We find, as we study this ancient myth that Hercules undertook certainHercules, 211:zodiacal signs is offered as a basis for further study and quick reference. Aries, the Ram Element:Hercules, 218:- The Path of the Soul through the Zodiac As we study this imaginary path two thoughts emerge. WeHercules, 221:our religious beliefs. One will be seen as we study the significance of the Twelve Sons of JacobHercules, 221:by their father, and the other emerges as we study the origin of the Cross. Hercules, 227:well as a transcendental one, as we find when we study the signs of Virgo and of Capricorn. InHercules, 227:the supreme test for humanity, and which, if we study the times and seasons, appears that to whichInitiation, 1:be made which seem essential for the judicious study and comprehension of the ideas submitted. ItInitiation, 4:and weigh certain ideas prior to taking up the study of Initiation. Due to the extern complexity ofInitiation, 5:and concerns our own evolution, and from the study of the human being in the three worlds seek toInitiation, 6:is not yet ready. Therefore, all we can do is to study and correlate with what wisdom andInitiation, 6:the rays, systems, and hierarchies, lies in the study of the law of correspondences or analogy. ItInitiation, 7:to avail themselves of that clue. In the study of this Law we need to remember that theInitiation, 7:overwhelm him. Nevertheless, in the scientific study of this law of analogy will come a gradualInitiation, 7:then awake to the realization that after all the study and toil he has at least a wide generalInitiation, 11:measure. For our present purpose (which is to study somewhat the Path of Holiness and its variousInitiation, 26:they themselves have done the necessary work and study. Investigation is desired, and the attitudeInitiation, 31:process would have been may be evidenced by the study of the bushmen of South Africa, the VeddhasInitiation, 55:in various languages find their way to his study in the Himalayas. He concerns himself largely withInitiation, 67:but a consideration of the diagram in "A Study in Consciousness," by Mrs. Besant, page 27, may beInitiation, 69:the occasion warrant it) in the Master's private study. The above applies to initiates inInitiation, 69:specific reason) may be called to the Master's study for a private interview. This occurs when aInitiation, 73:after dispassion is necessary. He has also to study the Kama-manasic body (desire-mind body). ThisInitiation, 75:Some practical advice might be of value here: Study with care the first three books of the BhagavadInitiation, 81:and their eventual synthesis. A careful study of the foregoing will lead to the realization thatInitiation, 90:the ceremony itself may be far ahead. By the study of the process and the purpose he may becomeInitiation, 163:the applicant for initiation to a more careful study of such a subject and to a more diligent
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