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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Initiation, 165:be apparent why so much stress is laid upon the study of symbols, and why students are urged toInitiation, 166:signs of the Zodiac, hence the need for the study of astrology. The cup, or the holy grail. AllInitiation, 169:to the initiate, and he then is in a position to study the microcosm under the law ofInitiation, 171:the progress which the initiate has made in the study of the law of analogy, he can comprehend theInitiation, 189:of the eye lies hid the secret and in its study may come some revelation of the mystery. [190] AInitiation, 192:which the applicant for initiation needs to study and obey. There is a great distinction betweenInitiation, 195:all applicants need to do two things, first, to study their origin, to realize their own trueInitiation, 195:degree their essential value. Secondly, to study the constitution of man, to understand the methodInitiation, 200:and regulated. The whole question of the study of sound and of words, sacred or otherwise, has toInitiation, 201:thinking, meditation, and service. Through deep study of all there is to be known concerning energyInitiation, 201:the life of the spirit may flow through it. This study can only be safely undertaken at present inInitiation, 203:This involves, therefore, the organized study, by all applicants, of: The purpose of sound. TheInitiation, 206:may be learnt by occidental students from the study of the life of Christ, and a consideration ofInitiation, 206:the Messenger of the Gods, and who also will study with care information which astrological [207]Initiation, 208:that it may form a subject for meditation, for study, and for group discussion. Intellect, 10:open." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, pages 23, 117, 130. Intellect, 14:clue." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 81. Down the ages they haveIntellect, 16:could know God. It is this science which we will study in this book, [17] and this technique whichIntellect, 17:and in deep philosophical and metaphysical study, but the masses of the people, not capable ofIntellect, 67:for divine realization. It will be seen from a study of these four types of prayer that all haveIntellect, 69:which is contrasted with the slow and fallible study of outward appearance by a science relyingIntellect, 70:without." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 192. This thoughtIntellect, 98:another. We will take these various stages and study each of them separately, for in their masteryIntellect, 99:For the majority of those who take up the study of meditation, the stage which should engross theirIntellect, 101:structure... capable of strict scientific study and liable to its own disorders." Some look upon itIntellect, 101:the concept we shall hold in our thoughts as we study [102] the technique of meditation. Dr. LloydIntellect, 103:its correlation with other incidents, and a study of cause and effect. The "mind-stuff," as theIntellect, 124:page 361. We have reached the stage in our study of the process of mind control when we mustIntellect, 136:thine'." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 62. He speaks later on inIntellect, 179:consideration of the mental processes and the study of mind reactions, their causes and objectives,Intellect, 184:realized becomes apparent when we note the wide study of comparative religion, and the interplayIntellect, 199:can do. Otherwise the entire objective of our study of meditation will be lost, and we shall onlyIntellect, 203:the realm of energy and of pure metaphysics. The study of matter has landed us in the realm ofIntellect, 203:to work with perseverance, can approach the study of meditation with good courage. He can begin toIntellect, 208:minutes each day for meditation or an hour for study presents insuperable difficulties. They are soIntellect, 208:considerations. It would appear from the study of conditions that the modern western aspirant hasIntellect, 257:meditation work with some course of reading and study, so as to preserve the balance of theirIntellect, 260:causing a good deal of concern among those who study our falling birth rate. Transmutation is notMagicIntroductory Remarks INTRODUCTORY REMARKS In the study of the ideas outlined in this book and theirMagic, 5:basis and a preliminary step for most scientific study, but in this book we will center ourMagic, 5:truth to the daily life of the aspirant. Let us study how we can become practical magicians, and inMagic, 6:Aspirants and disciples. They will study this treatise in order to understand themselves better andMagic, 20:the symbol of the greater whole, and by a close study of these, and a comprehension of theirMagic, 25:the nature of the physical body through a study and right use of the desire nature. It is a form ofMagic, 25:and its basic cosmic differentiations are the study of initiates above the third degree and theMagic, 26:of their investigations. They [26] bring to that study a fully developed intuition, plus thatMagic, 27:of the divine consciousness in man is to study the relation of the mind and the brain and note whatMagic, 27:the intelligent instrument of the mind; then study the relation of the soul to the mind and whatMagic, 40:in the threefold body mechanism. By a close study of the above it becomes apparent in what way theMagic, 46:and of which astrology is as yet the immature study. Certain cosmic forces which, it will beMagic, 51:Assumptions We are entering upon a course of study wherein the entire tendency will be to throw theMagic, 54:the daily avocations, is the best way to make study and meditation periods fruitful and bring aboutMagic, 58:is given and that the student is started in his study of magic with a brief understanding of theMagic, 64:energizes and drives into activity. Upon careful study, it becomes apparent that we have, for aeonsMagic, 65:can be reached. The law of vibration and the study of atomic substance are closely [66]Magic, 71:Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study RULE TWO When the shadow hath responded, inMagic, 71:of the four proceedeth. The Hindrances to Occult Study This rule is one of the most difficult inMagic, 74:Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study The life of meditation proceeds and the rapportMagic, 76:Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study Our consideration of this rule will fall into twoMagic, 77:be consummated is my earnest wish. Occult study is of profound importance, and students of theseMagic, 77:steady working out of the truths learnt. Occult study, as understood in the Occident, isMagic, 77:lies the hindrance? It may be of value if we study three things: [78] The Occidental hindrances toMagic, 78:[78] The Occidental hindrances to correct occult study. How these hindrances may be surmounted.Magic, 79:Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study The climax of the disturbed condition has beenMagic, 82:Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study Every change, in human life, is subject toMagic, 82:by the many who are interested is by a close study of the vicissitudes of daily existence, asMagic, 83:mystic temperament, and by those who are able to study the subjective history of men and races, butMagic, 86:a positive and a negative vibration, and the study of these relations carries much information toMagic, 101:in ourselves of Harmlessness. Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conductMagic, 101:Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as toMagic, 101:positive, and hence harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effect on others so that by noMagic, 127:issue where the magical work is concerned, and study their aptitude in meditation and theirMagic, 128:any who are deeply concerned in the work should study and answer the following questions in theMagic, 128:along the Path of Return than the aspirants who study these instructions, know somewhat theMagic, 136:you who earnestly desire to hear these words to study the Introduction to the book, Light on theMagic, 151:forth to do its work and fulfil its mission. Study this idea with care, for it holds the secret ofMagic, 152:this Rule warrants the closest consideration and study. Rightly understood and rightly studied itMagic, 164:cooperation with the Plan. We will now study for a while the words "heart, throat, and eye," forMagic, 165:to those words, and request their careful study. A mechanism in the natural body comes into use inMagic, 166:they would be well advised to train their minds, study the [167] laws governing manifestation, andMagic, 167:to all aspirants that they most carefully study the meaning and significance of the intuition. WhenMagic, 169:so, but no tangible assurance is given; from a study of himself and of the requirements he arrivesMagic, 185:the Path and there remains then for the man to study and understand the technique whereby the lightMagic, 186:is but a short matter and soon gone and that by study, intelligent activity, loving service, andMagic, 200:Right motive. Service. Meditation. A technical study of the science of the centers. BreathingMagic, 204:immersed in the great Will. 3. Service. A study of right motive leads naturally to right service,Magic, 205:- Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers 5. Study of the centers. This we are now beginning. ItMagic, 205:the centers. This we are now beginning. It is a study as yet in its infancy in the West, and littleMagic, 211:found in the preceding one. Let us therefore study that word with care and seek its accurateMagic, 216:by the energizing, directed intelligent will. Study these points, for in them you will find theMagic, 219:of the Astral Plane We must start our study and consideration of the seventh Rule for Magic. WeMagic, 225:of opposites, and an interesting line of occult study concerns itself with the effects of racialMagic, 236:this rule into several parts, the more easily to study it and take them up step by step, so as toMagic, 236:- Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force We will study now the first point which is summed up for us inMagic, 242:creation. Incidentally also we gain poise as we study our own life impulses, for they also haveMagic, 243:the major cycles of any individual soul, and a study of the types of pralaya dealt with in TheMagic, 244:quite extreme in [244] their expression. A study of the racial ebb and flow will make this clearer.Magic, 245:a cycle of intense mental activity. Constant study, much thought, keen investigation and a steadyMagic, 245:To this may succeed a cycle wherein all study is distasteful, and the mind seems to lie entirelyMagic, 266:our meditation work and our application to study, to work on mental levels. We are creating forms
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