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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDY

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Psychology2, 130:understanding of social relations and their study is not lacking. Much is also being studied alongPsychology2, 138:This recognition will lead to a careful study of times and seasons, thus there will be no wastePsychology2, 142:ray personalities and they can learn much by the study of the work of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 151:second basic postulate in connection with our study of this Law of Repulse, the first postulatePsychology2, 153:the basis of all true esoteric psychological study. [154] Psychology2, 164:Complete spiritual detachement A close study of these relationships will be found suggestive to thePsychology2, 166:which broke his will to wander or to desire. A study of this story will be found revealing. In noPsychology2, 166:beautifully treated. Seek out your Bibles, and study this tale, and read for yourselves thePsychology2, 178:for mutual benefit, for mutual interest and study, for mutual strengthening. This has been [179]Psychology2, 191:work. They will make a deeper and different study than has heretofore been undertaken on the Law ofPsychology2, 195:integration and activity. When we come to study the astrological implications in connection withPsychology2, 201:III. The Five Groups of Souls We now begin our study of the five groups of souls. For purposes ofPsychology2, 208:of the race, at this time, we can now study the types, the qualities of these souls, the apparatusPsychology2, 218:and widens and expands the consciousness, as we study the great volume of the planetary life,Psychology2, 228:shifts its attention away from the minute study of the psyche of the individual man (and usually anPsychology2, 228:us bear these thoughts in mind as we read and study. These rules express themselves with equalPsychology2, 229:here be touched upon before we proceed with our study of the seven psychological tendencies ofPsychology2, 234:Principle of Coherence. Later, we shall see much study done along these relations. This series ofPsychology2, 235:measure [235] of light which is in him. Let him study what is going on around him in the light ofPsychology2, 236:moment a man's responsibility begins. Let us study, therefore, the tendencies in the world today,Psychology2, 243:psychological. For that reason, they warrant our study. On its own plane, the soul knows noPsychology2, 244:of life, must produce the new world. As we study these rules of soul control, it should not bePsychology2, 259:Introduction As we start this new part of our study, we can proceed to consider man as he is uponPsychology2, 271:pours forth. It would be of use to us all to study these three soul approaches - individual orPsychology2, 272:Hierarchy - The Kingdom of God. A comparative study of these stages and phases will reveal how thePsychology2, 289:therefore, and its conditioning rays we will study: The appropriation of the bodies: Their buildingPsychology2, 289:Mental education. We have before us in this study much food for thought. The subjects touched uponPsychology2, 294:of a human being and can distinguish (from study and investigation, plus an understanding of thePsychology2, 298:occult investigation, for diagram, and for the study of the Law of Correspondences. Students wouldPsychology2, 298:Students would find it of interest to study themselves in this way, and, in the light of thePsychology2, 298:Rays, they could formulate their own charts, study what they think may be their own rays and thePsychology2, 300:charts or these life patterns. He is asked to study them with care, all four of them, and then toPsychology2, 300:dossier of the disciple, and the latter can then study: The chart of his condition at the time hePsychology2, 313:these preliminary remarks, we can come now to a study of the previous tabulation in connection withPsychology2, 316:and racial inherited characteristics. As we study, let us bear clearly in mind that it is the soulPsychology2, 316:teachings have emphasized. Annie Besant in her Study in Consciousness sought to avoid the error ofPsychology2, 330:should find it of interest to make a comparative study of the approaches which have previously beenPsychology2, 333:ground, as we are now proposing to do, for the study of integration in connection with the humanPsychology2, 335:of the person concerned, and also through a study of the type of a man's group affiliations as theyPsychology2, 335:fifth ray soul impression. We shall, therefore, study the process of coordination and the methodsPsychology2, 335:This will lead us to confine ourselves to the study of the more advanced or pronounced types, whichPsychology2, 351:with which we shall primarily deal as we study the seven Techniques of Integration is that of thePsychology2, 358:at an understanding of what he has to do. A study of the two formulas of the first and second raysPsychology2, 358:and supplements the work of the first ray. A study of the activities and the cooperative endeavorsPsychology2, 361:thou hast learnt the art of standing still. Study the spider, brother, entangled not in its ownPsychology2, 371:five words for disciples upon the five rays to study: Ray One - Inclusion. Ray Two -Psychology2, 378:to deal very simply. The point which we are to study is the Technique of Fusion, leading, as itPsychology2, 378:of the Ray of the Personality. After a brief study of this we will refer briefly to the TechniquePsychology2, 378:really comprehend the things whereof I speak. A study of the Technique of Duality would serve toPsychology2, 378:these abstruse subjects in the simplest way. Our study of the Techniques of Integration wasPsychology2, 384:- The Coordination of the Personality If we study this triplicity with care, we shall see that thePsychology2, 384:thoughts which we will have in our minds as we study this Technique of Fusion. First, that it is aPsychology2, 413:When to this acceptance can be added a study of the seven major types, the science of psychologyPsychology2, 413:They will be greatly helped also by a study of astrology from the angle of energy contacts, of thePsychology2, 421:types of difficulty lies in prenatal care and study of hereditary taints; syphilis and the otherPsychology2, 433:behavior and conduct, psychologists will have to study the following subjects, [434] beginning withPsychology2, 448:the most interesting part of our psychological study, for we will take up and consider the resultsPsychology2, 460:it would be wise for students of psychology to study these types with care, for there is going toPsychology2, 463:to which we shall refer in this part of our study relates to a mental focusing and attitude whichPsychology2, 479:to the psychologist or the mental healer are: Study with care the nature of the rays whichPsychology2, 487:Therefore, it is of real value to us to study the sources from which much of this so-calledPsychology2, 493:for the psychological purposes of our present study, the above will suffice. We will now touch uponPsychology2, 493:case two thoughts emerge from an understanding study of these derivations. [494] The first is thatPsychology2, 511:it is an unnecessary tax upon the human mind to study the technical foundation for a belief inPsychology2, 513:of the most valuable and practical parts of our study upon the effects of the seven rays of energyPsychology2, 515:of the world disciples and aspirants should study the matter with care; they should attempt toPsychology2, 517:consciousness. Psychologists would do well to study their patients from the angle of these twoPsychology2, 517:towards the well-being of his fellows is the study of the [518] effects of the new incoming forcesPsychology2, 527:two points to be borne in mind as we study the mystic and his difficulties; first of all, thePsychology2, 542:and spiritual - are better understood, through study and experiment, we shall arrive at a morePsychology2, 559:may be of service at this point if careful study is made of the inferred relationships: AnimalPsychology2, 563:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics A close study of the above will bring to the open-mindedPsychology2, 565:can, I think, be well illustrated by a study of the uses of the word telepathy. As generally usedPsychology2, 600:physical body suffers grievously through this. A study of the lives of the saints and mystics willPsychology2, 611:the germ or seed of thought from which future study can grow and the future investigation arise.Psychology2, 613:is pouring into and through them all the time. A study, therefore, of the three types ofPsychology2, 616:look at these problems. We shall have to study the first from the angle of the one most affected byPsychology2, 625:love and a livelier faith, remembering, as we study the future, that Faith is one of our majorPsychology2, 650:are well known, for many have made a careful study of this group for two or three years and manyPsychology2, 682:religious distinctions and class wars. A study will be made of their techniques and modes of work.Psychology2, 709:and the potency of the effects can be noted. A study of the egoic ray, when rightly understood,Psychology2, 709:be stated that, in the initial stage of this study, the theme should be approached as follows: APsychology2, 710:of the men and the women under observation. Some study of the psychology of the mystics (mostlyPsychology2, 711:simply interesting, a fascinating side line of study; perhaps it is something which it pleases youRays, 5:thus lay the foundation for later work. A close study of the needed transmutation of astral andRays, 5:astral sheath owing to its undivided nature. A study of the purpose of the solar plexus, and theRays, 13:as they work out in the subhuman kingdoms. A study of the above in terms of forces and energy willRays, 25:For Group Initiation Rule One We now begin our study of the fourteen rules for those who areRays, 25:of the fourteen Rules which we are now going to study. I would remind you that only the initiateRays, 30:of "the Way into Shamballa" requires reflective study and esoteric understanding. In this conceptRays, 38:Rules For Group Initiation Before proceeding to study the final phrases of [39] Rule One, I wouldRays, 47:Rules For Group Initiation Rule Two In our study of Rule One on Initiation, we gained (or perhapsRays, 48:are indicated. We will, as is our usual custom, study each separate part sequentially and as far asRays, 65:of divine expression as we well know from our study of the three fires - fire by friction, solarRays, 71:in evoking response. Prior to taking up the study, phrase by phrase, of Rule III, I would call yourRays, 77:to render to humanity. As we continue our study of Rule III, I am myself struck with theRays, 95:will throw much light upon this problem. A study of Rule IV as given to disciples and initiatesRays, 97:have been considering. Bear this in mind as we study significances, interpretations and carry ourRays, 105:Father, the Monad, the One. In concluding our study of Rule IV, we are to consider two things: TheRays, 110:such deep significance that it requires careful study, sentence by sentence, and even so it is very
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