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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUDYING

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Astrology, 42:"Lords of Love," the flower of Atma-Buddhi. In studying these Hierarchies, one of the most valuableAstrology, 59:life of the planetary Logos. This involves the studying of the horoscope of the spirit of theAstrology, 75:Remarks It will be apparent to you after studying the foregoing that one of the results whichAstrology, 113:man, individualized man whose progress we are studying, plus his reactions to zodiacal andAstrology, 168:humanity is today preparing, as we saw when studying the last constellation. The astrologicalAstrology, 190:carry him through the portal of initiation. In studying Sagittarius, it becomes obvious that one ofAstrology, 199:do well to work with this line of fused forces, studying its implications and effects in the lifeAstrology, 292:to your attention because the sign we are now studying is one in which the theme ofAstrology, 302:related to the mental unit and, as we saw when studying the sign Libra, produces eventually aAstrology, 328:It is valuable also to remember that in the studying of the ray forces and their effects in Cancer,Astrology, 339:I would indicate at this point that in studying any of the signs it will be wise to study at theAstrology, 368:change. I dealt with much of this when we were studying the sign Sagittarius, and it is, therefore,Astrology, 419:humanity and our planetary life. Therefore, in studying these triangles, we will make (for ourAstrology, 448:This I have already told you when we were studying that sign. Upon the reversed wheel in the caseAstrology, 473:futile to accomplish their intended task. In studying the moments of crisis, it must be rememberedAstrology, 685:or merging. This should be borne in mind in studying both the macrocosmic and microcosmic centers,Atom, 24:three schools of thought earlier referred to, studying them as The stage of atomic energy. TheAtom, 37:objective which our scientists are definitely studying. Substance is the ether in one of its manyAtom, 147:second stage, that which the scientist has been studying in connection with the atom of the chemistAutobiography, 63:meetings, presiding at daily prayer meetings, studying my Bible assiduously and being very, veryAutobiography, 104:to Cincinnati, Ohio, where my husband was studying at the Lane Theological Seminary. I immediatelyBethlehem, 59:- Pagan Christ, by J. M. Robertson, p. 338. In studying these five initiations of the Gospel story,Bethlehem, 104:Then there are the five initiations which we are studying, each of which marks an increase of lightBethlehem, 145:which we call the "Mother aspect." We saw, when studying the Birth initiation, that the Virgin MaryDiscipleship1, 138:papers, the work undertaken did not go beyond studying them. Discipleship1, 198:fourth ray mind and your sixth ray astral body, studying and utilizing these lines of leastDiscipleship1, 207:that you will conclude - as I have done whilst studying you - that control of the time factor isDiscipleship1, 497:They will not matter, provided you learn by studying them and are willing to recognize with truthDiscipleship1, 567:on his devotion to me and he spent much time studying my words, and not enough time in servingDiscipleship1, 597:that as your textbook of guidance. Instead of studying my writings, will you serve your fellowDiscipleship2, 35:might prove of interest to you. A Master, when studying a group considers, first of all, theDiscipleship2, 58:whole process in these first three major stages, studying with care my interpretation. During theDiscipleship2, 319:of the world. Have you asked yourself (in studying this hint), Why the disciples? That human worldEducation, 18:piece of information for those students who are studying the science of the Ageless Wisdom, but itEducation, 46:salvaging the sick, feeding the hungry and studying conditions. The world today is very, very smallEducation, 69:of more adequate means of understanding and studying the human being. This will be made possible inEducation, 72:of the advantage of the above methods of studying and training children that national educationalEducation, 89:men in all lands and this they have done whilst studying the requirements for citizenship, whilstExternalisation, 160:He is. If this Great Invocation which we are studying can be rightly said, the three greatExternalisation, 539:coming large scale process of reorientation. In studying this, you must remember that these are notFire, xiv: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Foreword In studying this treatise the student is asked to bear inFire, 104:We will need to bear carefully in mind when studying this matter, that all the diseases of theFire, 160:with the point we set out to consider while studying our fifth division, motion in the sheaths. TheFire, 198:it must be remembered that we are definitely studying one aspect of this mysterious faculty ofFire, 334:synthesizes all groups. Therefore again, in studying this Fire of Mind, we must remember that it isFire, 346:mind something [346] more may be learned through studying the various methods of individualization.Fire, 360:Him, a greater reality. We must bear in mind in studying this matter that it will not be possibleFire, 375:or merging. This should be borne in mind in studying both the macrocosmic and the microcosmicFire, 381:of some particular Heavenly Man. The student in studying along these lines must endeavor to getFire, 393:and Human Factor d. Summation We have been studying the origin of manas, and we saw first, that itFire, 402:only just beginning in the majority of cases. In studying these subjects we have necessarily toFire, 418:of the human mind. Manas in the final rounds. In studying all these points the emphasis is, ofFire, 508:be carefully made. We must always remember in studying these difficult matters that we are dealingFire, 510:be increased or lessened, but for purposes of studying the aspects of mind, the above enumerationFire, 536:I would like to point out here that in studying the solar system as the physical manifestation of aFire, 538:b. The Causal Body - Monadic Heart Center In studying the egoic body it should be remembered thatFire, 546:in terms of consciousness or of fire. In studying the subject with due personal application, theFire, 550:Forms 1. Their Function It will be noted that in studying this matter we have not started with thatFire, 558:Logos; we can only become cognizant of this by studying His body of manifestation in its componentFire, 572:The Laws and the Planes We might, while studying the seven laws of the solar system, take themFire, 606:of psychology, even though as yet they are but studying the kama-manasic body, and have not reachedFire, 606:Fire Elementals c. Agni and the Three Fires In studying the manifestation of Agni in the solarFire, 611:and the laws of psychical unfoldment he is studying the nature of the vitality of the subjectiveFire, 611:man, and the laws of conscious being, thus studying Agni as He manifests as Light and CoolFire, 612:that students bear in mind here that we are studying the mystery of electricity and therefore mustFire, 635:correspondence is of interest, but in studying these groups of devas at present we will view themFire, 671:three lower kingdoms. This is simply one way of studying the evolution of the conscious Entity -Fire, 677:thought-form. These we will deal with later when studying thought-form construction. A mysteriousFire, 734:carefully followed, it will be obvious that in studying the question of pralaya, we are studyingFire, 734:that in studying the question of pralaya, we are studying the relation (in time and space) of theFire, 770:Again just as the Master can (by [770] studying the group or larger lotus of which He is a part),Fire, 797:was why H. P. B. sought to emphasize the need of studying the "astral family" and occult heredityFire, 815:This is the occult method. It is the method of studying the constitution of those entities who formFire, 891:borne [891] in mind by the occult student when studying the subhuman forms of existence. There is aFire, 923:dominating. Students will do well to remember in studying the solar system, the planes, theFire, 937:another point of view, we may be considered as studying the action of the solar Angel, or Lord,Fire, 962:remember that (from the angle from which we are studying) we are not considering the power of theFire, 983:via the etheric centers and the physical brain, studying somewhat the effect of sound as it isFire, 1062:one point within the "true form." 10 [1062] In studying the subject of radiatory activity, we areFire, 1200:"Lords of Love," the flower of Atma-buddhi. In studying these hierarchies, one of the most valuableFire, 1222:that as we consider them, we are really studying the twenty-one vibrations of the Law of AttractionFire, 1236:and handled; the occult student is engaged in studying the subjective side of life, and is occupiedFire, 1253:centers. This point must be borne in mind when studying this cosmic path. These adepts are alsoHealing, 34:streams of energy which must be considered in studying the factors leading to physical planeHealing, 52:Tumors. White Magic. [52] Please remember in studying this tabulation that it is a generalization,Healing, 118:environment, of reckoning with heredity, and of studying the effects of education - either academicHealing, 207:of the Centers We have been for some time studying the centers and their relation to the denseHealing, 241:to the intelligent investigators the task of studying effects, after accepting as a possibleHealing, 306:more patience and understood better what he was studying. Beginners need to await developments inHealing, 568:as a result of the friction engendered. In studying these ideas, it should be remembered that: TheHercules, 29:disciple and to that of humanity as a whole. In studying the twelve labors, we follow the career ofHercules, 73:and pass much time in the seance room studying over and over again the same old phenomena ofHercules, 83:intellect, intuition. The sign which we are now studying is predominantly the sign of instinct; butInitiation, 10:posits, in its widest sense, in the case we are studying, an entrance into the spiritual life, orIntellect, 185:of Meditation The Method in Tibetan Buddhism In studying the life of Milarepa, the Holy One ofIntellect, 245:one year, three "World Teachers," who have been studying meditation in some school or other, madeMagic, 56:Magic - Rule One - Some Basic Assumptions In studying Rule I we could summarize it simply yetMagic, 351:to experiment and tries various methods of studying the laws and in process of time arrives atMagic, 401:or America, China or Germany, or whether one is studying the history of Buddhism with its manyMagic, 579:force brings us back to the Rule we are studying, for it involves in itself the factor of true
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