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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUPENDOUS

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Hercules, 135:and Saturn in this sign is the ruler of that "stupendous creative Hierarchy" which forms part ofHercules, 157:of Sagittarius. We have already dealt with the stupendous sign Scorpio, in which HerculesInitiation, 30:of their advent, millions of years ago, was stupendous, and its effects are still being felt. ThoseInitiation, 34:necessary discipline and to make the required stupendous effort, to enter the fifth or spiritualInitiation, 62:for when that time comes, through the stupendous strength of the vibration then brought to bearInitiation, 133:levels, which finally absorb it. This is the stupendous moment for the initiate, and brings to himInitiation, 150:in so far as the human initiations reflect their stupendous prototypes, but it is of interest toMagic, 205:of a garden full of weeds will produce a stupendous crop of them, and so crush out the weak andMagic, 222:and the sum total of forces present is stupendous. All play upon, around and through every humanMagic, 231:emotional body. He thinks the battle is stupendous but from the wider angle it is relatively smallMagic, 350:against apparently insuperable odds, against the stupendous power of the forces of evolution,Magic, 536:if the past few thousand years have seen such a stupendous growth, what shall we see in the nextMeditation, 304:and are really like the faculty of one stupendous university, the four schools being like the [305]Patanjali, 406:flow of thought currents emanating from one stupendous cosmic thinker. His mysterious ways, HisProblems, 146:living and human thinking; they will grasp the stupendous truth that sound economics, clearProblems, 158:and Evocation and the recognition of its stupendous potency; the objective of the coming Approach,Problems, 164:to approach nearer to God, who could doubt the stupendous results which eventually would be seen?Problems, 178:are apt to feel that the work to be done is so stupendous and the forces arrayed against them arePsychology1, 15:identification with the consciousness of that stupendous Creator Who is seeking expression throughPsychology1, 72:of the part an individual may play in a stupendous cosmic whole. [73] We begin with the universalPsychology2, 89:progress. The work, in space and time, and the stupendous march of living beings towards an atPsychology2, 99:esoteric manner, the [99] personality of a stupendous ray Life, Whose energy is that of the thirdPsychology2, 169:built around by stone, in the deep dark of that stupendous place, a mind and brain (embodied in aPsychology2, 229:therefore be inferred that we are dealing with a stupendous Personality which we call God, and doPsychology2, 241:and faintly does the outline of God's stupendous objective dawn on my mind. This Plan can only bePsychology2, 250:but instead there are flights of genius, stupendous achievement in the chosen line of art, and aPsychology2, 253:somewhat a new thought and its implications are stupendous. It is the secret of the entire shift atPsychology2, 262:They are sometimes dimly conscious of this stupendous task, but they are, in the majority of cases,Psychology2, 478:thralldom of astral sensitivity is unique and stupendous. The details of the method whereby it canPsychology2, 670:the realization that the work to be done is so stupendous that their little isolated efforts areRays, 16:point of tension, preparatory to bringing about stupendous changes in His life-expression, withinRays, 95:again come as the World Savior, but owing to the stupendous nature of the work ahead, He will beRays, 118:soul itself - must inevitably fade out in the stupendous glory and brilliance which emanate fromRays, 134:has characterized this day and generation; a stupendous destruction of all forms of divine life andRays, 319:must have lesser microcosmic effects. All these stupendous words with which we have been dealingRays, 414:and Sirius, and not between Shamballa and that stupendous Sun. The energy evoked in response toRays, 424:Master - faced at the sixth initiation with a stupendous decision to make - enter upon theRays, 542:initiatory process. Such a point of tension, of stupendous magnitude, is present in the worldRays, 593:Christ among the peoples of the world and by a stupendous inflow of love-wisdom. There is aRays, 658:they [658] produce world events, and those stupendous points of crisis which (up to date) haveRays, 687:Shamballa and the Hierarchy. I refer to that stupendous Source of our entire planetary life, theRays, 760:I will not deal. I have dealt with the last stupendous event in the book by that name; and in theReappearance, 11:great human-divine Messenger, because of His stupendous achievement - along the line ofReappearance, 37:in all men is standing on the verge of certain stupendous Recognitions. The great ApostolicReappearance, 40:will be accorded. Then the Christ will take that stupendous initiation of which we know nothingReappearance, 47:come as the result of some proclamation or some stupendous planetary event which will force humanReappearance, 56:of the mass of men. This presents Him with stupendous difficulties, for the intellects of men mustReappearance, 72:cannot be ignored, those steps which precede a stupendous hierarchical initiation in which theReappearance, 77:and its use by men everywhere. Owing to the stupendous task confronting Christ, the Avatar ofReappearance, 83:made but its implications are far-reaching and stupendous. At that time also, the Christ assumedReappearance, 170:of mankind to prepare the world stage for that stupendous event, to "prepare the Way of the Lord,
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