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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STUPID

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Atom, 104:some respond so quickly, while others we call stupid. It is not really that one is more or lessAtom, 104:not really that one is more or less essentially stupid than another; it is simply due to the innerAutobiography, 10:life was a monotonous waste. Why was life so stupid? Why did she have to take it? Not knowing whatAutobiography, 14:I am not plain. I was always regarded as rather stupid when in the schoolroom and as the leastAutobiography, 122:they have such silly faces; they have such stupid habits; they are completely devoid ofAutobiography, 122:babies, one morose husband and several hundred stupid hens. We had no bathroom or indoor toilet.Autobiography, 231:a definite safeguard for the gullible and the stupid. Predictional astrology is, to my personalAutobiography, 234:are made so apparent that only the stupid and unintelligent can fail to see the necessity forDiscipleship1, 48:angle to their own - handling them in a weak or stupid way (from the angle of the disciple) andExternalisation, 427:and much selfishness, of no cruelty but of stupid thinking. These men - in the houses ofHercules, 128:parlance we symbolize wisdom by the rather stupid, blinking owl, and those who think themselvesIntellect, 239:agents; He needs men and women who are not more stupid than those chosen by the leaders of the raceIntellect, 239:by good sense and brains, leads to much stupid action and much unconsidered effort. God looks forProblems, 172:nationalism, capitalism, competition, blind stupid greed. It is an intense emotional nationalismPsychology1, 294:of today. The unthinking, the idle and the stupid will still be found, but evolution proceeds apacePsychology2, 500:easy to attach undue importance to the wild and stupid or jumbled vagaries of a restless brain, yetRays, 747:finding followers; another is the victim of the stupid lack of interest of its people; another isReappearance, 125:which they have not yet acknowledged. This stupid reaction was aided and helped by the inquisitive
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